Advantages of Restaurant Management System

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December 14, 2022 5 Min read

Technology is a vital ingredient for all restaurants. From getting online orders to fastening operations – there’s so much you can incorporate in a restaurant management system using technology. This works as an advantage for restaurants as they get more time to focus on the things that matter – the food and the customer experience.

Still wondering if this is helpful for you? We’ll help you in decoding the power of technology and find a process to get your team onboard with change, right in this post.

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Restaurant Management System: Analysis of Features, Benefits

  • Opening New Revenue Streams

There’s incredible growth in the number of people who order food online. This brings a new opportunity for restaurants to derive sales. If you’re not adapting to this trend, you might be leaving a lot of potential earnings on the table.

A restaurant’s own website or mobile app and third-party ordering apps provide customers with easier access and comfort of ordering food from wherever they want. Food ordering apps also help restaurants reach out to a larger audience.

In fact, customers now look at the availability of online ordering as one of the deciding elements in where to get food from. Online ordering also helps in collecting crucial customer data that can further be used for engagement (we’ll talk about it in detail further!)

  • Simplifying Operations

Gone are the days of pen and paper management. The restaurant industry has gone digital even with its operational functions. The POS software today offers so much more than punching orders and billing.

It acts as a central system, one that complements the entire functioning of your restaurant. Features like conducting sale transactions to activities like inventory management and customer engagement – all of these can be supported by a robust restaurant POS system.

Digital inventory management systems are another popular choice for restaurant owners who want to leave the mess of 100 excel sheets behind and adopt a more accountable, simple and strong stock management process. Technology has not only simplified the operations for restaurants but has also made them quick and more accurate.

  • Getting Repeat Customers

Ultimately all restaurants want their customers to keep coming back for more. Here, technology plays an important role with various solutions coming up to engage and retain your customers.

Be it CRM campaigns or loyalty programs, each restaurant has to find a combination of customer engagement activities that get the results. The best part is, with technology you not only get to run these campaigns efficiently but also have the robust data to see what’s working for your restaurant.

This brings us to the importance of collecting customer feedback to get a picture of your restaurant’s overall performance.

CRM software, membership management software, and other billing software for restaurant, when used together can help you in retaining loyal customers, who are crucial for your business growth.

  • Data Utilisation

Adopting data management technologies and trends in your restaurant management system gives you access to all the necessary information and useful statistics. Based on data, you can make the right decision for your restaurant.

It’s important to use the data recorded to gain insights into trends and business performance and match them with your goals. For owners with multiple outlets, these reports are even more helpful to have remote access to the working of business across every outlet.

A few important metrics include:

* Sales over a period (by day, week, month, etc.)

* Staff activities (which server handled how many orders, which delivery boys delivered which orders)

* Food usage reports (to see what’s selling and what’s not)

* Performance of your CRM campaigns, loyalty adoption rate, etc.

Effectively Adopt Technology in Your Restaurant Management System

Adopting newer things in your restaurant management system can get tricky but is worth the effort because of the impact it has. You just have to plan this process right and win the confidence of your team. Here are some tips to begin with:

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  • Train Your Team

Whenever you get any new system in your restaurant, it’s important to have dedicated training for your employees. Set some time aside from their daily work plan and provide them with a hands-on experience of the new technology. You can even provide some incentives to encourage better adoption within your team.

  • Identify Your Best Adopters

During your training, identify the best technology adopters from your employees. These will be your helping hands in ensuring restaurant-wide adoption of the particular technology and can also act as the doubt-solvers for other team members.

  • Implement a Feedback Process

Communication is very important for any new action plan. Once your team has started using the new technology, you should be implementing a feedback loop by documenting their progress, any problems they’re facing, what they’re liking or disliking. This will help in preventing any big issue and give you an overview of the new system.

  • Offer Additional Support

Provide your team with additional support like online tutorials or access to the customer care number of the restaurant management system vendor. Technology can get tricky especially

when someone is using it for the first time, the tech support will help them understand the workflow better.

Over to you:

We hope this post helped you in understanding the technological advances in restaurant management systems. Remember, the most important part of technology adoption starts with your team members. Getting them on the same page and excited about the new changes is your key to a smooth transition process. Let us know how it goes for you.

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