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April 27, 2023 2 Min read

Like any other business, a jewellery store also has different departments and managing each department manually is extremely strenuous and time taking.

Automating these processes will not just help in saving time but will also help in managing every department in a much better way. Deploying a good and comprehensive jewellery management software will help manage the various facets of a jewellery store.

What is a Jewellery Store Management Software?

Jewellery software helps jewelry shops owners to efficiently manage and optimize their everyday store operations and maximize profits. Its key functionalities help jewellery shop owners with inventory management, invoice generation, real-time order tracker, customer data management, multi-store operations management, data analysis, etc.

The software is also used by jewellery manufacturing businesses to simplify various tasks. It helps with stock audits, creating catalogues with images, updating items along with their prices, labeling jewellery items, and more.

jewellery store management software

What Does a Jewellery Management Software Do?

  1. Helps tracking inventory movements
  2. Helps automate SKU handling and integrates RFID tracking
  3. Helps tracking sales
  4. Helps automate product pricing
  5. Helps manage both customers & vendors
  6. Helps in billing and invoicing

Must-Have Features of Jewellery Store Management Software

  1. Jewellery specification
  2. Serialized inventory management
  3. Inventory management
  4. Point of sale
  5. Accounting
  6. Barcode Management
  7. Bank synchronization
  8. Billing & Invoicing
  9. Customer & Vendor Management
  10. Purchase & Sales Management

Benefits of Jewellery Store Management Software

  • Offers features specifically to manage jewellery store operations.
  • Stores and manages customer and shop’s data.
  • Automatically generates and sends invoices to customers.
  • Have Point of Sale (POS) system for smooth checkout process.
  • Tracks and manages all the sales and store expenses.
  • Tags different jewellery pieces with price and specifications.
  • Offers various payment options to customers.
  • Tracks the catalogue stock with images.

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