Expert Interview with Abhishek Gupta, Founder of Meshink Technologies

Expert Interview with Abhishek Gupta, Founder of Meshink Technologies-feature image
September 16, 2022 6 Min read

Techjockey has come together with Meshink to help SMBs benefit from software technology and operate smoothly from the remote setup! Here’s an exclusive interview with Abhishek Gupta, Founder of Meshink Software, who is committed towards helping small businesses survive the lockdown scare.

  1. Tell us something about the diverse range of software by Meshink?

Meshink Technologies are one of the leading software providers. We design creative software solutions that can help manage business operations and workflows and ensure higher accuracy.

Meshink provides a diverse range of software like Restaurant POS, Inventory Management Software, Recipe Management Software, Kiosk Systems, HR Management and many more. 

We are working in the direction to provide SMEs, start-ups, and enterprises the IT assistance and consulting in the best possible way, to help their business flourish. Our aim is the enable the clients to achieve digital transformation in their business setup smoothly.

  1. How your software range is helping businesses grow in the current COVID-19 situation?

This is undoubtedly a difficult situation for the world! While every possible country is busy combating the battle with COVID 19, at the same time businesses are at stake. Meshink is inclined in the direction to help business owners overcome the quarantine time with the best software options that help:

  •  Businesses communicate in real-time
  •  Create workflows for project accomplishment and process completion
  •  Create structure and procedures for process improvement
  •  Monitor and track the work status report

At the same time, we are helping businesses create generic marketing strategies to increase the outreach and sales. There are economic uncertainties, social distancing is to be followed to avoid the ill effect of this situation.

But we make sure to have a conversation with our clients on how they can mitigate the risk and challenges in hard times to have good relations and services ahead.

We are offering the software services to our clients even during this time and addressing all their IT assistance requirements. Customer satisfaction is our priority!

  1. What are the unique features of Meshink WhatsApp marketing software to increase customer reach?

Meshink offers WhatsApp marketing software for customers, which enables them to send bulk SMS, video, doc, and audio. This way, you can grow your business with ease by simply using WhatsApp.

This software can help expand the outreach of your business services, products in a convenient and impressive manner. You can share your plans, offers, new arrivals and use WhatsApp for your business.

You can stay informed and updated about any business growth prospects with Meshink WhatsApp marketing software.

  1. In the time of lockdown, how your company is ensuring continued business support for its customers?

During the time of lockdown, every company needs to ensure uninterrupted services to its customers remotely. This is critical for a company to hold its customers and increase brand reliability

Meshink is also working for their customers by:

  • Handling their queries and offering the required assistance through technology services.
  • Making a system through which the documents, reports, tasks and processes are accessible and trackable.
  • Looking at the CRM modules, its insights and creating an effective marketing strategy for the customers that can be beneficial for them in the long run.
  • Fixing any issues that come while operating the software and resolving them without any delay.
  • Conducting online training sessions and informative slides that make customers even more aware of the business prospects and growth.
  • Conducting online meetings and telephonic conversation to help customers meet the business requirement with the required IT assistance.
  • Providing software solutions for the start-ups and helping them deploy those for their business, remotely.
  • Helping new clients run their software without any hassle and managing their services efficiently.
  1. What’s your expert opinion on the changing demand for software technologies now that businesses are operating mostly from the remote setup.

The demand of software technology for business changes with time. During this time of lockdown, setting up an office work process remotely is possible only because of the updated software technologies that are helping them proceed with the day-to-day tasks without any hassle.

Now, you can easily deploy software for getting data recovered, having a backup of documents, better management and scheduling of tasks. Your business can run smoothly even in the time of Pandemic with the right technology support.

My opinion on this is, that every business should be updated with suitable software technology to make the processes run efficiently at any time. Remote setup of a business with the help of software technology is important in any case so that you don’t miss any update and can generate higher ROI. 

  1. How is Meshink going to play an important role in making MSMEs tech-enabled in the days to come?

Meshink is working in the direction to create something innovative for MSMEs to make them tech-enabled in the coming days. As the global economy is going under the fundamental transformation, IT plays an important role in increasing the profit level of an organization.

Meshink offers the software as a service to MSMEs for managing employees who are working from home, monitoring services, fulfilling HR roles, managing the work process and many more.

Meshink is also dedicated towards understanding the budget of MSMEs and formulating the best IT services for them. Through forums and webinars, we can make MSMEs aware about upcoming technologies that can help them grow their business.

Some Glimpse of the of the work we are doing is:

Making MSMEs understand the importance of deploying IT assistance in their business, which can create new ways for them to accomplish their business goals.

  • Managing IT inventory and IT budget and plans for MSME’s
  • Aligning IT services with business priorities 
  • Helping MSMEs understand how they can manage their business with ease
  • Elaborating a detailed structure and functions of IT in MSME organizations
  • Managing HR & Payrolls through IT Assistance 
  • Data analysis of MSMEs and database management
  • Network management & data recovery and security  
  • Automating CRM, production & manufacture planning 
  • Material or inventory management and utilization
  • Workforce and HR planning and management
  • Managing finance, accounting, asset management, and expenses through software developed for MSME to view insights, reports and take informed business decisions
  • Providing website integration and application integration for MSMEs
  • Tally ERP and customized software integration 
  • Data analysis, accuracy, quick access to information for streamlining the process 
  • Conducting sessions of IT Training for MSMEs that help them analyze their business functioning with IT service assistance.

Written by Kalpana Arya

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