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Modernizing the Application Landscape with Hybrid Approach – Hitachi-feature image
July 4, 2023 4 Min read

Organizations have been increasingly adopting a cloud-first strategy to achieve higher flexibility, agility and efficiency. ITProPortal 2020 report also highlighted the inclination of modern businesses towards the hybrid cloud infrastructure with a combination of public & private cloud and on-premise data storage.

However, this cloud journey has its own share of disadvantages. Maintaining sovereignty and security can be challenging, especially in regulated industries where businesses have to deal with legacy data.

Next comes the budgetary challenges, as you have to constantly move your IT spending from Capex to Opex (capital to operating expense). The costs of governance and IT procurement also need to be revisited frequently.

In this article, you can read about overcoming these challenges and achieving successful digital transformation on the cloud.

Modernizing Application Landscape

A successful cloud implementation would be incomplete without cloud adopters working towards modernizing their existing applications.

Merely shifting the legacy data wouldn’t be of much help. Adopting the cloud strategy and selecting the right applications for migrating to the cloud go hand in hand.

Modernizing the Application Landscape

The right way to start with application modernization would be to do a complete application overhaul for assessing which application offers the best returns.

Then, you can categorize applications based on business priorities and the associated benefits before refactoring or rewriting them in a cloud-native environment.

While some applications might require simple migration, others would call for a complete rewrite. These processes are quite expensive and require informed decision-making.

Hitachi Vantara’s team can help organizations select the applications for modernization and ensure the most suitable cloud journey. Even your cloud storage needs can be fulfilled with Hitachi Vantara virtual storage platforms, making application data management on the cloud much easier.

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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E Series (VSP E590, VSP E790 and VSP E990) are high-end technology systems built upon innovative solutions for guaranteeing agile storage, automated data centre management, performance and data security.

In addition, VSP E Series NVMe architecture optimizes storage resources, decreases the costs of legacy data applications and lowers the microsecond latency.

Containerization of Applications Is the New Normal

Containerized applications within the data centres have recently become a part of companies moving towards application landscape modernization. These are even adopted to complement the development of cloud-native applications. All efforts put together point towards one direction- replacing the current technology with public cloud services.

This is challenging, but Hitachi Vantara supports its customers via Kubernetes for managing the containerization of applications. The company plays a strategic role in eliminating the possibility of complications associated with Kubernetes when deployed for mainstream applications or legacy static.

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Patience is the Key

Don’t lose patience, as application modernization isn’t a short term process. It may take years to completely revamp the apps as part of your digital transformation initiative.

As an organization, you need to trust your journey, be patient and realize that as applications landscape modernize, some or most of these would still be running in their traditional forms.

Prioritizing your applications for modernization is the key, based on which app will ensure a quick return on investment. The mixed approach with cloud-native applications and traditional parallel apps will help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals.

Wrapping Up

The best advice for your application modernization would be to categorize applications according to the actions to be taken. While some applications might be outdated, others can be refreshed, refactored or written off on-premises.

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