Office Birthday Celebration Ideas to Make Your Employee Feel Special (Quick and Inexpensive)

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January 16, 2023 6 Min read

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated with your loved and dear ones. But when coming to office birthday celebrations, you need to be creative and put a little thought into it and you can organize a decent office birthday party on a budget with some beautiful office birthday celebration ideas at work.

office birthday celebration ideas

Office birthday celebrations are the perfect way to shower love on your employees and make them feel special. In fact, office birthday parties don’t even need hefty budget approval from your HR teams.

Unique 13 Office Birthday Celebration Ideas for Work

So, here we have listed some of the unique office birthday celebration ideas for work.

  • Attractive Gift Vouchers

attractive gift vouchers

Everyone loves surprises on their birthdays but letting the birthday person choose their gift is even better. You can give a valuable gift voucher that can be redeemed on any eCommerce platform to purchase an item. So, giving a gift voucher for a working birthday will remove the confusion of the person liking or not liking the gift.

  • Wellness Kit

There’s absolutely nothing better than gifting health with aging. So, a wellness kit makes a perfect office birthday idea where you can add a mix of health-related items. These may include a fitness smartwatch, a few healthy snacking options, access or membership to a fitness class, protein supplements, etc. HR teams can even gift a new and updated insurance policy to secure their employees’ health.

  • Recognizing their contribution

recognizing their contribution

A few words of recognition and appreciation from mentors and managers can make them feel really special and recognized at their office birthday parties. They can prepare a speech to present at the office birthday party in which they can talk about the birthday employee’s contribution and dedication to the organization. Also, being recognized in front of their peers will be a great office birthday gift to boost their confidence on their special day.

  • Birthday Bonus

birthday bonus

Everyone loves getting some extra money out of the blue. So, if your budget allows, you can surprise your birthday employee with a birthday bonus at their birthday party. This is one of the best office birthday celebration ideas that will instantly lighten up the employee’s special day. The work birthday idea of giving a bonus shows that your organization takes financial care of their employees.

  • Gift a Plant

gift a plant

Monthly birthday celebrations and gifts come and go, but receiving something that might stay forever makes you feel even more special. This thought makes giving or planting a plant in the birthday employee’s name one of the most perfect office birthday ideas. A plant would always stay with them even when they part ways from the organization. As a bonus point, with time the plant will always remind them of growth.

  • A Video to Make Birthday Employee Special

a video to make birthday employee special

Organizing office birthday parties for remote employees can be a bit challenging for the HR teams. Well, you can get a little creative and create a video or slideshow to celebrate their work birthday. The birthday video can be used to narrate their journey and share their accomplishments so far in the organization. You can also add some funny clips and sound effects to the video. Additionally, a few words of appreciation from the birthday employee’s manager can work like icing on the cake.

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  • Personalized Goodies

The HR teams from your organization can create a nice bucket of personalized goodies to give on birthdays at work. You can add stuff like personalized key chains, mugs, t-shirts, pens, etc. Use their names, pictures from work, team photos, handmade portraits, or doodles to add a personal touch. This can be one of the best birthday ideas for work, which will make employees feel valued and they’ll always remember the moment.

  • Game Time

game time

Game time is among the most fun ways to organize an office-themed birthday party. You can dedicate a day or few hours to a fun game time for the birthday employee and their team. Organize outdoor matches, puzzle games, quizzes, and more to celebrate a working birthday. It will not only make birthday employees feel valued but will also rejuvenate the whole team. This can be a great employee birthday celebration method to take some break from work.

  • Celebrate a happy hour

When you don’t want to spend your whole day at the office for birthday parties you can make it a custom to take one hour off work. In this dedicated one hour, you can take the birthday employee’s team out for office birthday celebration. You can have a cake cutting ceremony, lunch, or even play a game. This will relax your employees and give them an hour to rejuvenate.

  • Scavenger Hunt to Find Birthday Gift

If you want to do something different, you can organize a scavenger hunt office-themed birthday party. While usually the birthday employee is given all the importance and others just sit and clap, in this office birthday idea, you can involve everyone.

Different employees can have small notes and chits that will lead the employee’s birthday to the next note and destination and then finally the gift. This way you can make an office birthday party fun for all your employees.

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  • Decorate their Desk or Cabin

decorate their desk or cabin

Birthdays are special and they should even look so. Your organization’s HR teams can surprise birthday employees with a nicely decorated desk or cabin where they usually spend their work day. Use some fresh flowers, balloons, sticky notes, lights, chocolates, snacks, and more to lighten up the space. This will make your employees feel valued and special throughout their working day.

  • Handwritten Greeting Cards

One of the most touching ways to celebrate work birthdays is to do something handwritten. You can take a large birthday card and fill it with handwritten messages and wishes from the employees’ birthday team members. In fact, you can also ask other employees to bring a special handmade gift for the employee’s birthday like a card, photo frame, little pen holder, etc. This is one of the best work birthday ideas that can be implemented on a less budget.

  • Entertainment Activities, movie day, karaoke, etc.

HR teams can plan out a day filled with entertaining activities for the birthday employee and their team. You can go out after office hours to catch up on a movie, karaoke, club, dinner, etc., to celebrate work birthdays. It is a perfect way to celebrate office birthdays in a different location and connect to others outside of the office.


  1. How can you make your employee’s birthday special?

    You can make your employee’s birthday celebration special by gifting them a wellness kit, giving them a generous birthday bonus, gifting personalized goodies, etc.

  2. How to celebrate a coworker’s birthday?

    To celebrate a coworker’s birthday, you can decorate their workspace, organize a scavenger hunt for them, make handmade gifts for them, and do more to make them feel special.

  3. What are the best ways to celebrate office birthdays?

    Some of the best ways to celebrate office birthdays is to go out for a team outing or a fun night at the movie or an event. You can also choose to play some games to make work birthdays fun.

  4. How can you celebrate staff’s birthday remotely?

    You can celebrate your staff’s birthday remotely by sending them a gift voucher that they can redeem by purchasing a gift of their choice. You can also prepare a short video about their time spent in the organization.

  5. How to celebrate your boss’ birthday virtually?

    To celebrate your boss’ birthday virtually you can wish them through video conferencing software or create a nice fun and emotional video to share with them. You can highlight their journey as a leader so far and also some funny video clips to make the video candid.

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