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Flipbooks have always been fun, but they can mean business too! Online flipbooks have transformed the way businesses today create their product catalogs, magazines, newsletters, etc.

In fact, creating online or digital flipbooks has become easier, quicker, and simpler with online flipbook maker software. Let’s understand what exactly a flipbook maker is and how it works.

Also, check out the 7 best online flipbook maker software that can help you in creating your next digital flipbook.

What Is a Flipbook Maker?

Flipbook maker is a software tool that allows businesses, designers, agencies, and creators to design engaging and interactive graphic documents. These business documents include product catalogues, magazines, newsletters, brochures, etc.

Flipbook maker software creates interactive and responsive flipbooks, which act as great alternatives to boring PDFs, documents, and attachments. You can add audio effects, page-flipping transitions, products and blog links to digital flipbooks.

List of 7 Best Flipbook Maker Online in 2024

We have brought to you flipbook makers that can help you in creating your own interactive digital flipbooks. You can also revamp and transform your existing PDFs into engaging flipbooks with online PDF to flipbook converters.

  • FlippingBook

FlippingBook boosts your sales and marketing efforts by engaging your audiences. This flipbook maker software allows you to share interactive documents with your clients with elements such as videos, audio, images, outbound links, etc.

flipping book

Features of FlippingBook

  • Access content analytics to measure the performance of your digital flipbooks
  • Embed flipbooks in your website or share via emails or social media
  • Increase interactivity with pop up images, video tutorials, and external links
  • Protect your flipbook content by restricting its access with passwords
  • Create direct links that can be accessed on any device or browser
  • Brand flipbooks according to your design guidelines

Pricing of FlippingBook: FlippingBook offers four paid packages Lite, Starter, Optimal, and Advance that range from ₹1,085.61 to ₹13,880.29. However, you can opt for a 14-trial pack where you’ll not be able to access a custom domain and only create up to 10 flipbooks and trackable links.

  • Heyzine PDF to Flipbook

Heyzine PDF to Flipbook is a free flipbook maker and online converter with no ads and watermarks. This flipbook creator allows you to convert PDFs into interactive flipbooks with a simple drag and drop feature.

Heyzine PDF

Features of Heyzine PDF to Flipbook

  • Choose from five different page turn effects
  • Resize any PDF file to fit Android, iOS, tablets, and laptops
  • Embed maps, payment gateways, calendars, etc., with web iFrames
  • Protect flipbook content with username and passwords
  • Download and view flipbook for offline use and host it on your own website
  • Integrate its fast and reliable API with any system

Pricing of Heyzine PDF to Flipbook: Heyzine free flipbook maker offers a free and two paid plans, Standard and Professional priced at ₹3,799.63 and ₹6,901.37. Its paid versions offer unlimited conversions, white branding, reader statistics, offline downloading, and more.

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  • Publuu

Publuu is an online free flipbook creator and converter that converts PDFs into stunning digital flipbooks. The interactive flipbook maker saves your clients from boring, long, and static PDFs, and helps increase conversions and drive more sales.

Features of Publuu

  • Embed digital flipbook on your website
  • Share HTML5 flipbook as direct links via email or post on social media
  • Access Publuu statistics to analyze your flipbook’s performance and identify top-performing pages
  • Create animated hotspots to highlight videos, links, audio, etc.
  • Use tracking links to understand your client’s interest
  • Easily update new flipbooks and all other links will update accordingly

Pricing of Publuu: Publuu flipbook maker online offers a 14-day trial and four paid packages, Basic, Optimum, Professional, and Premium ranging from ₹346.15 to ₹10,912 per month. However, only the premium plan offers mobile applications, push messages, and offline access.

  • FlowPaper

FlowPaper online flipbook maker brings your boring PDFs to life by converting them into realistic and fun digital flipbooks. The flipbook maker software offers a responsive user interface to increase reader engagement.


Features of FlowPaper

  • Make your flipbook content SEO-friendly with machine learning
  • Take full ownership of your flipbook content and control where and when they are published
  • Stylize your flipbook by changing panel colors, icons, backgrounds, etc.
  • Split & optimize large PDFs to reduce your visitor’s download waiting time
  • Integrate FlowPaper within minutes with PHP and ASP.NET start-up scripts
  • Operate flipbooks with hand gestures on touch screens

Pricing of FlowPaper: FlowPaper offers a free version and three paid versions, Zine, Creative, and Pro, staring at ₹7,366.63. The paid versions of FlowPaper provide unlimited publications, no FlowPaper watermark, self-hosting, and more.

  • FlipBook PDF

FlipBook PDF is an online flipbook maker that enables its users to convert PDFs into online flipbooks within a single click. After the conversion, you can choose to publish the converted flipbook on your website, social media, or download the file.

Features of FlipBook PDF

  • Enable interactive reading with realistic page turn effects, zoom in, and out, etc.
  • Download HTML5 converted flipbook on your system
  • Create responsive flipbooks that are supported on all devices
  • Access ADMIN area to customize your flipbook

Pricing of FlipBook PDF: FlipBook PDF is a free flipbook maker that also offers two paid plans, PRO and BIZ prices at ₹3,869.42 and ₹6,195.73 per annum. Although the paid packages allow customized branding, no watermarks, free hosting without any ads, unlimited HTML5/ZIP download, and much more.

  • FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 is a flipbook maker app for publishing catalogs, magazines, etc. The free flipbook maker online allows its users to add multimedia like video, audio, external links, etc., online without installing the software on the desktop.


Features of FlipHTML5

  • Access 10+ completely customizable templates and themes
  • Choose free online hosting service or self-hosting
  • Access FlipHTML5 statistics including reads, homepage visits, book share, etc.
  • Supports user interface in 17 languages
  • Offer utmost reliability and security with cloud hosting
  • Add signatures, highlights, photos, etc., and it will be updated to the reader in real-time.

Pricing of FlipHTML5: The FlipHTML5 provides a free and three paid versions, PRO, Platinum, and Enterprise ranging between ₹969.29 and ₹6,474.88 per month. However, the paid versions provide unlimited daily upload limit, no watermarks, no ads, Google analytics tracking, and more.

  • Flipsnack

Flipsnack is a flipbook maker app that allows you to convert PDFs into stunning flipbooks or design your own flipbooks from scratch. The flipbook creator allows teams to collaborate in the same workspace and work together to create business collaterals.

Features of Flipsnack

  • Update your flipbook publishing strategy with insights of flipbook tracking
  • Control visibility settings to keep your flipbooks secure
  • Create multiple user accounts to assign roles and give permissions to your team members
  • Use Single Sign-on Systems (SSO) to keep your log in credentials secure
  • Automate product catalog flipbooks by uploading XLSX and CSV files

Pricing of Flipsnack: Flipsnack provides a free flipbook maker plan and three paid plans, Starter, Professional, and Business plan ranging from ₹1,085.61 to ₹6,125.94 per month. The premium plan offers additional features such as SEO, teammate activity logs, managing user permissions, product tags, and a lot more.

Also, if you are a student, check out Flipsnack’s education plans that help students to create, present, and learn online flipbook maker.

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Flipbooks are one of the most engaging ways to present your organization, its products, and services to your clients and prospects. It offers interactivity and engagement which ensures that your reader is not bored of long PDFs and attachments yet receives the complete information.

You can also choose to make your flipbooks more interesting by using other interactive tools like audio, videos, and external links.


  1. What is the best flipbook app?

    The best flipbook apps are Flippingbook, FlowPaper, and Flipsnack. The flipbook maker software allows you to create interactive digital flipbooks to showcase your products, magazines, and newsletters to your clients.

  2. How do I create a flipbook for free?

    To create a flipbook for free, simply go to a flipbook maker website like Heyzine PDF to Flipbook and upload the PDF you want to convert into an interactive flipbook. After conversion, you can download the converted file.

  3. How do I make my own flipbook?

    To create your own flipbook, go to a free online flipbook maker website and upload your PDF. The flipbook creator will convert your PDF into an engaging flipbook. Now, you can download and customize the flipbook according to your branding.

  4. How do I turn a PDF into a flip book?

    To turn a PDF into a flip book, use an online flipbook maker app and just upload your PDF. The flipbook converter will create an interactive flipbook for you to download. You can also choose to add engaging elements such as audio, video, external link, and more.

  5. How do I make a PDF flip like a book for free?

    To make your PDF flip like a book for free you can add page turn transitions. Check out flipbook maker websites like Publuu, FlipHTML5, FlipBook PDF, etc., to find different page turn transitions.

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