List of 10 Websites for Free OTP Bypass Generator

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You can now bypass OTP verification and refrain from sharing your personal information by using some websites and apps. In this article, we have listed down 10 websites for OTP bypass generator and a step-by-step manual to use these options.

What Is OTP Bypass?

Let’s begin by understanding what an OTP is.

Often, websites and apps ask for an OTP when you try to access them. This OTP is a One Time Password that you receive on your phone number through an SMS or call.

This numerical password is used to verify your phone number and identity. However, the process of bypassing this OTP verification step to access any website or app quickly is known as OTP bypass.

OTP bypass is about using the fake OTP verification process while visiting any application or website. OTP bypass allows users to protect their original contact details and avoid spam emails. With OTP bypass, you can browse any website without worrying about the unwanted emails that usually follow next.

With OTP bypassing, you are not required to reveal your actual number or identity, and you can browse freely.

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What Is the Need for Free OTP Bypass Generator?

We are all aware of the importance of OTP verification, especially in the case of financial transactions. So, why would someone feel the need for an OTP bypass generator?

generate otp

Check out some of the most popular reasons why you would need an OTP bypass generator:

  • Escape unwanted promotional messages and calls
  • Enjoy your privacy while surfing the internet
  • Have additional social media accounts

OTP bypass generator allows you to have a temporary phone number for OTP verification and enjoy the services of any website or application in a stress-free manner. This is quite useful in avoiding unwanted emails and other communications from any website or app.

How to Bypass OTP Verification on a Website or App?

So, now let’s get straight to the business, and understand how you can bypass OTP verification to access a website or app.

Let’s be clear on the fact that bypassing OTP verification doesn’t mean that you won’t have to complete the OTP verification step. The trick is that you won’t be using your own number for the verification process. Instead, you can use a disposable, temporary, or rental number to receive the OTP.

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Several websites offer temporary and rental phone numbers that can work on any website or app, irrespective of the country you are in. Many of these websites provide free phone numbers for OTP bypass that can be used to register on social networking sites such as WhatsApp.

These websites allow you to choose numbers from different countries with 24×7 support and assistance.

Steps to Bypass OTP Verification

Now, let’s walk you through a step-by-step process on how you can bypass OTP verification and access any social networking site, website, or app. It is an uncomplicated process that will allow you to skip OTP verification and browse freely without sharing your personal information.

Steps to Bypass OTP Verification
  • To start, search and open any disposable number website on your browser.

  • There you will see a lot of options for numbers from different countries with their respective country flags.

  • Now, pick the number from the country of your choice.

  • Next, copy the selected number and enter it on the website or app you wish to bypass OTP from.

  • Once done, the website or app will send an OTP to your selected disposable number.

  • Again, switch back to the disposable number website and click on your selected number.

  • Check the unread SMS available on the disposable number, you will find your OTP there.

  • Now, copy your received OTP and paste it on the required website or app.

  • Hit submit and you will successfully be able to bypass OTP verification.

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How to Get a Free Indian Number for OTP Bypass?

To get a fake Indian number for OTP bypass, just go to any disposable number provider website like Receive Free SMS, Felix Merchant, or Text Magic for Indian OTP bypass.

Once you are on the OTP bypass generator website, you’ll be able to see a lot of numbers from different countries, with their flags. Here, you can select an Indian number to skip OTP verification, starting with +91. Now, you can enter this India disposable number on any website or app and bypass OTP verification.

Top 10 Websites for OTP Bypass Generator

top websites for generating bypass one time password

Although there are many websites available on the internet that can provide you with disposable numbers for free, they do not work well. So, we have tried and tested a few of them to bring you a list of the top 10 websites for OTP bypass generators that will make things simpler.

  • Receive Free SMS: The website provides multiple free disposable numbers from countries like Canada, UK, USA. You can even access its app on Google Play Store.

  • Felix Merchant: Felix Merchant offers a paid app and website-specific phone verification services. You can select any platform like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, etc., add the number to your cart and proceed with the payment to buy a temporary number. The pricing of numbers starts from ₹153.18 and differs from app to app.

  • Text Magic: Text Magic enables you to select local temporary numbers from 25 countries across the world like Australia, Denmark, Finland, etc. You only need to pay for outbound messages; however, receiving inbound messages is absolutely free. The pricing of this OTP generator India differs from country to country. For instance, to send messages to the US, you will be charged ₹3.06/- per text.

  • Receive SMS Online: This website provides both, public and private virtual numbers from 20+ countries. To buy private virtual numbers, you can email, WhatsApp, or Skype them. They accept multiple payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoin, WestUnion, etc.

  • Free Receive SMS Online: This temporary number provider website allows you to select a free public number from 200+ countries to bypass OTP verification. You can also contact them to buy a private number, starting from ₹536.11/- per month, depending on the country.

  • Proovl: Proovl allows you to try receiving SMS for OTP verification for free with their public temporary numbers available on their homepage. But you can also request the pricing to avail SMS receiving and sending services powered by 1017 networks that cover about 212 countries around the world.

  • SMS-Online: SMS Online provides you with free fake numbers for OTP bypass from different countries. The website constantly refreshes the number list and provides new numbers. You can subscribe to their newsletter for free and get notified whenever new numbers are added.

  • Receive Online SMS: The website offers free disposable numbers to bypass OTP verification from different apps like WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook, Uber, etc. To access these fake numbers, no registration is required.

  • It is a special website that is currently only providing Indian numbers for OTP bypass. It offers private fake numbers in one free, and two paid packages, starting from ₹499/- per year with a 7-day trial period.

  • The temporary number provider website currently supports 24 countries, including India. You can choose a free public number or rent a private number and pay as per your usage.

  • The fake number provider website enables you to use a completely free SMS receiving and sending service. However, you can access your received messages for the next 7 days, after that they will disappear.

Android Apps for OTP Bypass Generator

Top OTP bypass generators will work for your android phones as well, but you still have an option of downloading temporary number-providing apps on your phone. Let’s have a look at them and understand what they offer.

  • Next+: Next+ provides a free temporary number that can be used to bypass OTP verification. The OTP bypass android app also offers free unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and SMS to any phone number. It is completely free, with no contracts, commitments, or hidden charges.

  • Vippie: Vippie, formerly known as Voopee offers you virtual mobile numbers from 60+ countries. The app allows free audio and video calling to other Vippie numbers. But to connect with other phone numbers, you can buy minute-based plans or pay as you use the app.

  • textPlus: textPlus provides you only US numbers that can be used to escape OTP verification on any website or app. Additionally, it offers unlimited messages, inbound, and app-to-app calls for free.

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What are the Different Methods for OTP Bypass?

There are two different methods you can use to bypass OTP verification. You can access any website or app by following any of the following methods. Let’s understand them in detail.

  • Method 1: Use a Disposable Number: You can pick a number from disposable number-providing websites. This will help you bypass OTP verification and access any website or app without revealing your personal phone number. After submitting the selected number of any country, check for OTP on the disposable number website, and you are good to go.

  • Method 2: Use a VPN Number: In this method, you just need to download a VPN (Virtual Private Network) of your choice and select a country. Now, similarly, as you did in the first method, go to a disposable number-providing website, and use it for receiving OTP from any website or app. You will successfully be able to bypass OTP verification.

In Short,

If you want to protect your privacy while accessing any website or app, you can bypass OTP verification without revealing your real contact details. This will save you from unwanted promotional messages and provide an extra contact number. Just in a few simple steps, you can now bypass OTP verification and surf privately.


  1. Can I bypass OTP?

    Yes, by using free disposable numbers, you can bypass OTP verification. Without sharing your actual contact details, you can access any website or app.

  2. How can I bypass OTP for free?

    By entering a disposable number on a website or app, you can bypass OTP verification for free. You just need to paste the disposable number on the website or app, and you will receive OTP on that number.

  3. What is the best OTP bypass generator for Indian numbers?

    The best OTP bypass generator websites for Indian numbers are:
    1. Receive Free SMS
    2. Felix Merchant
    3. textMagic

  4. Indian number OTP bypass APK

    Below are the websites that can provide OTP bypass APK:
    1. Proovl
    2. TextLocal
    3. Esendex

  5. Which are the best OTP bypass credit card generators?

    The best OTP bypass credit card generators are CCardGenerator and GetCreditCardInfo.

  6. Which websites to get fake number for OTP bypass in India?

    Websites like Free SMS Online, Felix Merchant, and SMS-Online provide fake OTP bypass Indian number to bypass OTP verification in India.

  7. Which are the websites to get free OTP bypass India number?

    You can search for websites like or to get free temporary OTP bypass numbers to bypass OTP verification in India.

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