Poly Sync 20 Vs Jabra Speak 750 Speakerphone: Which One to Buy

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August 22, 2022 6 Min read

It’s been just a few months to the launch of the Poly Sync family, and their Poly Sync 20 speakerphone version has already created a lot of admirers! With various connectivity options and innovative microphone technology, Poly Sync 20 has become the preferred option among remote conferencing devices.

Backed by technologies like bass reflex system and dual-passive radiators, Poly Sync 20 ensures high-quality, natural voice during conference calls. Poly Sync speakerphone is not just suitable for conference rooms and remote work environment but is also best for those jamming sessions with your friends after a hectic work schedule! 

Another speakerphone that is getting quite popular for conference calls is Jabra Speak 750. Jabra launched this speakerphone version last year, and it can pair with up to six people in one go!

So, who wins in this Poly Sync 20 vs Jabra Speak 750 comparison? Let’s find out. 

Why should you consider buying Jabra Speak 750 speakerphone? 

Launched last year, Jabra Speak 750 is the newest member in the Jabra Speak family that features full-duplex audio. This means that the speakerphone transmits voice clearly on both sides, making you feel like you are talking to the person sitting next to you.

poly sync speakerphone

The Jabra Speak 750 is a plug-and-play device, which means you can connect the speakerphone with the USB cord, dongle, or Bluetooth to play. The device offers a wireless range of up to 98 feet between the Bluetooth adapter and the speakerphone. 

Jabra Speak device offers up to 11 hours of battery life and comes with an omni-directional mic and 360-degree sound picks up. For directing the speakerphone into a particular direction, you can pop open its built-in stand.  

Jabra Speak 750 Features 

  • Full duplex audio  
  • Omni-directional microphone  
  • Acoustic cancellation for echo  
  • Up to 11 hours talk time  
  • USB & Bluetooth dongle for PC  
  • Compatible with Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business  
  • Battery life of up to 11 hours  
  • Bluetooth range of up to 30 meters  
  • 180-degree Panoramic video resolution 

Jabra Speak 750 Pricing: The device is priced at ₹ 70,669/- on the company’s website, which is a bit expensive considering that you can get similar features with other brands like Poly at a much lesser price.

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What makes Poly Sync 20 an ideal speakerphone for you? 

Poly Sync 20 speakerphone ensures both USB and Bluetooth connectivity so that you enjoy unparalleled audio quality uninterruptedly. With high-performance music speakers and deep bass technology, Plantronics Poly Sync 20 makes it easy for you to transition from work to fun seamlessly.

Poly Sync 20 speakerphone

Plantronics Poly Sync 20 speakerphone supports USB-A & UB-C connectivity along with Bluetooth.

Moreover, Plantronics Sync 20 device is certified for Zoom and Microsoft Teams integration so that you can collaborate with your team even when working remotely. The Polycom Sync 20 speakerphone’s pickup range is 7 feet, and it’s designed for smaller rooms. With three in-built microphones, it ensures that the voice is picked up clearly from all directions. 

Poly Sync 20 Features 

  • Echo & noise reduction with a multi-microphone steerable array  
  • Bass reflex for natural voice  
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life  
  • Help keep your smartphone charged  
  • Programmable touch button for music play & pause, redialing last number, etc.  
  • A dedicated Teams button  
  • Call status light  

Poly Sync 20 Price in India: This speakerphone is available at Rs. 13,500/- on Techjockey, which happens to be the official Poly partner in India. Get exclusive discounts on Poly Sync 20 when you buy online on Techjockey.

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Poly Sync 20 vs Jabra Speak 750: In Terms of Design  

Poly Sync 20 is so sleek and compact that you can carry it wherever you go. It comes with a carrying case and lanyard, which makes it handy to carry. It comes with a programmable touch and push-button, which adds to its functionality and the overall interface.   

Jabra Speak 750 is smaller in comparison to Plantronics Poly Sync 20 but is not that eye-catching. Also, it does not include attractive push buttons. Jabra 750 is managed through touch only.   

Jabra Speak 750 Vs Poly Sync 20: In Terms of Audio Technologies  

Polycom Sync 20 has three microphone steerable array with full-duplex audio that ensures complete noise and echo reduction. It also has a high-performance music speaker with dual passive radiators. 

Jabra Speak 750 also has an Omni-directional microphone with full-duplex audio. It further utilizes acoustic echo cancellation technology. However, there is not much advancement in terms of music quality.

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Poly Sync 20 vs Jabra Speak 750: Summing Up 

Features Poly Sync 20 Jabra Speak 20 
Microphone Type Multi-microphone array Omni-directional microphone 
Wireless Range 2 m 30 m 
Talk Time 20 Hrs 11 Hrs 
Certifications Microsoft Teams, Zoom Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business 
Connects Up To 2 devices 2 devices 
Supports How Many People During Conference Calls Up to 6 people Up to 6 people 
Compatible With Windows & Mac OS Windows, macOS, Android, iOS 
Status Light Bar Yes No 
Audio Technology Design Sleek & compact  Lighter in weight  
Bass Reflex for High-Quality Music Yes No 
Smartphone charger Yes No 
User Interface Touch & Push Button Touch Only 
Call Status Light Yes No 

Poly Sync 20 is much better between the two as it offers up to 30 hours of battery life and 20-hour talk time. The device is good for working from home and works well as a personal speakerphone. Since it is Bluetooth-enabled, you can connect it to your phone wirelessly. 

Poly Sync 20 has echo and noise reduction features, which enable people to hear your voice, so you don’t get distracted by the device’s echo. The device has full-duplex audio. In additional qualities, it is IP64 rated, which means it’s dustproof and slightly water-resistant.  

Speak 750 device offers 11 hours of battery life, and it’s intuitive and easy to use. The omni-directional mic has 360-degree sound pick up, which allows everyone to be heard from all angle. For directing the speakerphone into a particular direction, you can pop open its built-in stand. The device features full-duplex audio, which means that the speaker’s two sides transmit audio simultaneously.

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Jabra Vs Poly: The Verdict 

If you look at it, the Poly Sync 20 offers a pretty good deal at its price. The device has active noise cancellation. Sync 20 delivers higher amplitude on both the lower and higher frequencies.

Along with this, it also serves crisp sound with the right amount of base. Jabra doesn’t offer anything exciting given its price; hence I think placing your bet on Poly Sync 20 would be the ideal thing for you.

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