Reasons to Upgrade to the Latest SonicWall NSa Series Firewall

Reasons to Upgrade to the Latest SonicWall NSa Series Firewall-feature image
June 16, 2023 Reviewed By : Asheet Makhija .4 Min read

Businesses like yours are continuously thriving to create new-age business solutions.

But are you doing it without the confidence of knowing whether your systems are protected or not? Now that cyber security attacks have become more frequent than ever, most organizations have become vulnerable to downtime and financial loss.

Is your network security infrastructure capable of protecting you against advanced threats such as ransomware, breaches in firewalls, DDoS, and other threats?

If not, you immediately need an upgrade. An upgrade to the latest SonicWall NSa (Network Security appliance) Series Next Generation Firewall.

Recently, SonicWall has updated its TZ Series firewall to protect you against sophisticated ransomware, malware, spyware, encrypted threats, and others.

Let’s understand why you should also adapt to this change.

Why You Must Upgrade to the Latest SonicWall TZ Series Firewall?

There are many firewalls available in the market to keep your networks protected against any type of firewall breaches, ransomware, and so on. But what is so unique about SonicWall NSa Series Firewall and why you should invest in it? Let’s figure it out!

  • The All New 3 & Free Offer

The main reason why you should invest in NSa Series Firewall is due to its free offer. When you buy NSa 2700 or NSa 3700 along with the Advanced Protection Service Suite for 3 years, then you will get NSa 2700 or NSa 3700 NGFW or HA Upgrade Service License absolutely free.

This free offer is applicable for each of the SonicWall upgrades. Further, it does not matter whether you are its current customer or shifting from its competitor, you can still get this offer.

  • RTDMI, that Helps Block More Attacks

With the Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI), NSa Series Firewall easily identifies and blocks unknown malware through the real-time deep memory inspection. It is a revolutionary way that will help you in protecting your firewall against any zero-day and side-channel attack.

  • Optimum Security for Remote Workers

While in the office, you can protect your network, but what about the remote workers who access your network? To ensure secure network access for remote workers, SonicWall NetExtender has provided an SSL-VPN connection that provides protection to Linux, Windows, and Mac devices.

This will help your remote workers to access the network securely from these operating systems while eliminating network security attacks.

  • Secure & Advanced SD-WAN Technology

The Latest SonicWall NSa Series Firewall comes with built in SD-WAN technology. With this technology, you can easily optimize your network security, especially in the cloud environment. Therefore, you do not need to buy any SD-WAN appliances or licenses.

  • In-Built Wireless Controller

You can use NSa series next-generation firewall with a SonicWall SonicWave wireless access point to execute high-speed firewall security. Both come with 2.5 GbE ports to provide multi-gigabit wireless throughput.

  • Low Ownership Cost

If you want to save your cost of implementing and managing the firewall ecosystem, then the SonicWall NSa Series Firewall can be your savior.

It offers zero-touch deployment to enable SD-WAN and also provides NetSecOPEN-verified threat block rates that too at a lower cost than competitors. As a result, you get firewall security at a minimal cost.

  • On-Premises & Cloud-Based Centralized Management

When firewalls are installed in both on-premises and cloud environments, it becomes difficult to manage all the firewalls.

However, you can manage all the firewalls of SonicWall ecosystem from your system or through its cloud portal. Hence, this will make it easier for you to manage the licenses and reports from a centralized location.

  • Port Density & High Performance

The high performing firewall device can help in keeping malicious traffic away from your network for utmost protection. SonicWall offers the next generation firewall that provides multi-gigabit threat prevention performance along with high port density and 10 GbE ports for network connectivity and security.

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After going through the above reasons, you must have got an idea that the SonicWall NSa Series Firewall is the right firewall to invest your money in.

Whether you need protection against everyday security incursions or bigger threats like ransomware, firewall breaches, etc., NSa Series Firewall can be of great help. For more details about SonicWall firewalls, you can get in touch with the experts at to get the best price.

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