10 Best Resume Screening Tools for Candidate Screening

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In the recruitment process, efficient and effective resume screening is one of the first and extremely crucial steps for any organization. However, the large number of applicants for each job becomes a time-consuming and labor-intensive task for recruiters. According to the tech marketplace G2, companies lose about 89% of potential candidates due to the prolonged screening process.

To solve this challenge, artificial intelligence (AI) has been introduced in the HR domain. AI can help hiring managers in scanning large volumes of resumes quickly while ensuring that they find the perfect match for a role. This way, HR professionals can focus on candidate relationship management and create a diverse talent pool.

What is Resume Screening?

Resume screening helps in scanning and sorting resumes to shortlist the most suitable candidates for any open position. The requirements for the open role are matched with the qualifications listed by the applicants to determine eligibility.

The most common factors that are matched include educational qualification, work experience, competencies, skills and knowledge, and personality traits.

Resume screening is one of the crucial steps of hiring. The recruiters post job ads on different online portals and social media, and the resume of all those individuals who apply for the role are screened. It is generally performed by an HR professional manually or via resume screening software.

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What is Resume Parsing?

Resume or CV parsing is the extraction of resume data for automated storage and analysis. The parsing can be based on grammar, keywords, or statistical methods. This is done by importing resumes into parsing or screening software, where all the data is converted to a structured format for quick sorting and searching.

How Does Resume Parsing Help?

Resume scanning/ screening software used for parsing is powered by AI technology, which ensures intelligent data extraction and analysis. Data from different sources like emails, job posting sites is present in a centralized database. The software is quite useful in the case of high-volume hiring.

  • The resumes are created by resume parsers in the standard format, consisting of candidate information in designated fields. Recruiters can use keywords to view relevant candidate profiles.

  • Resume parsing helps add filters in search criteria to ensure faster and better results.

  • It also helps reduce errors and inconsistencies that are common in manual resume data parsing.

  • Digital resume parser reduces the chance of the use of false positive or negative keywords. Furthermore, by understanding the context, the software provides reliable results.

  • With AI-enabled resume parsing software, it is possible to parse comments and notes of the recruitment team and interview feedback to create a refined database of applicants. In addition, information about a candidate’s previous employers can also be added from public sources.

  • Resume parsing technology helps automatically rank and grade candidates without any bias. It can match the best candidates to the job with better efficiency based on past hiring decisions apart from the qualifications listed in job descriptions.

  • Software-enabled resume parsing can also predict hiring quality based on recruitment decisions taken by your organization in the past.

Best Tips for Effective Resume Parsing

For effective resume parsing, recruiters can follow these tips.

  • Understand the Job Requirement

    Discuss with the department head and hiring manager to understand what is expected of the candidate. As job descriptions are concise, everything might not have been mentioned there. You need to have a better understanding of the specific experience, traits, and skills required for any position.

  • Prepare Clear Job Description

    Make sure that the job description for your job ad has clear and concise information about the role. In addition, you need to have a specific idea about the type of candidate needed. This decreases the number of ineligible applications and helps in efficiently matching the resumes to the job descriptions.

  • Notice Beyond Preferred Requirements

    Look beyond basic requirements in a resume that can help you reject or shortlist the candidates immediately. For example, incorrect spelling and grammar can make you reject a candidate for an editor’s position. While verifiable recognition and knowledge of multiple languages can give them an edge.

  • Look for Red Flags

    Notice red flags in resumes, such as frequent job changes or inconsistent employment dates. Also, check if the resume shows employment details in chronological order. If there are gaps in employment but you are shortlisting a candidate because necessary skills are mentioned, you must know the reason for the gaps.

  • Check for Keyword Stuffing

    See if the keywords are stuffed just for the sake of showing up in search results. If the candidate does not have the necessary expertise, you can decline the application.

  • Use Personalized Screening Tests

    Use pre-assessments along with resume submissions to reduce the number of shortlisted candidates. This way, you can give more time to those candidates who are eligible for the next round.

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What is Resume Screening Software?

Resume screening or candidate screening software scans resumes for different job roles and lists them in the order of suitability. Recruiters can filter the results based on different keywords or answers to a questionnaire.

The software helps talent acquisition departments efficiently selecting candidates for a role based on education, skills, experience, and other factors.

3 Common Types of Resume Screening Tools

Here are three of the most common types of resume screening tools that can boost your productivity by saving time via automation.

  • Resume Screening Tools (Parsers) with a Search Function

    This resume screening tool uses keywords, Boolean search functions, and the like to semantically match the search terms with resume information in a database to shortlist candidates. This may include metrics like education, work experience, skills, and more.

    Some of these candidate screening software can also automatically match the keywords in the job description to those listed in the applicants’ resumes.

    However, they do not work well with candidates’ resumes that have stuffed keywords in them without possessing relevant skills. Such candidates also get listed with qualified candidates.

  • Resume Enrichers that Source Public Data

    This resume screening tool uses natural language processing to add more information about the candidate online via their digital footprint. The sources can include online portfolios and public social media profiles. This information can include data about the candidate’s previous employers, their qualifications, and more, in addition to the submitted resumes.

  • AI-Based Resume Screeners

    Resume screeners that use artificial intelligence (AI) apply the knowledge from recruiters, existing and previous employees in the same position, and more to automatically screen, shortlist, and grade new candidates. Of course, this depends on the matching of experience, skills, and other qualifications.

    Based on the journey of past employees and recruiters’ hiring decisions, these screeners can also predict the quality of hire.

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10 Resume Screening Tools Every Recruiter Would Love to Use

  • Freshteam ATS by Freshworks

Freshteam ATS by Freshworks

Freshteam ATS by Freshworks enables recruiters to create candidate profiles by automatically populating necessary data from resumes. It has a user-friendly interface and provides the Candidate 360 module for resume screening. You can filter candidates based on any criteria you want.

It is easy to conduct pre-assessment tests in bulk with HackerRank, HackerEarth, and more. By automating hiring tasks like email follow-ups, sending out tests and rejection emails, among others, you can save time.

Features of Freshteam ATS by Freshworks

  • Parse and deep-search capabilities for filtering candidates
  • Comments and stars for recruiting teams to share their opinions
  • Custom application forms for non-standard questions
  • Save favorite candidates in talent pool for future hirings
  • Screening automation as per custom-configured rules
  • Integration with pre-assessment test providers

Freshteam ATS Pricing: It is a free resume screening software for small organizations with up to 50 employees. For others, it offers a free trial of 21 days. The monthly pricing starts at INR 84 per employee, along with a platform fee of INR 5199.

  • CVViZ

With CVViZ’s AI algorithm, users can screen resumes in their existing recruitment software/ ATS for a streamlined recruitment/screening process. The resume is stored over the cloud and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

It ensures that recruiters find the best candidates for a job based on a contextual understanding of the resume and not just essential keywords. The shortlisting can be done according to the organization’s requirements, such as the kind of work to be done, leadership skills, and so on.

CVViZ Features

  • Resume parsing
  • Boolean search operators and filters
  • Elastic search for quickly finding results
  • Real-time matching to find the best candidates in the recruitment database
  • Ranking candidates as per a company’s hiring pattern
  • Identification of duplicate resumes

CVViZ Pricing: It offers a 14-day free trial. The pricing starts at INR 1462.350 per job. If you want the complete ATS solution, monthly prices begin at INR 4313.933.

  • Newton Software or Paycor Recruiting

Paycor Recruiting or Newton

Paycor Recruiting (previously Newton Software) has resume parsing tools that help HR professionals/ recruiters decrease the chances of manual errors. Recruiting dashboard helps recruiters in effectively organizing the pool of job candidates.

This helps in making smarter decisions to optimize the recruiting spend. There are regular updates to remove bugs and add the latest in-demand features.

Newton Resume Parsing Software Features

  • Candidate pipeline for future hirings
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Candidate texting for quicker communication
  • Add notes, comments, interview feedback to candidate profiles
  • Real-time analytics to track vital metrics
  • Support for different popular formats like Docx, RTF, PDF, and more.

Newton Pricing: The basic plan for the complete HCM platform, which includes a resume screening module, starts at a monthly price of INR 7235.712.

  • Ideal Software

Ideal uses the AI tool to shortlist several candidates quickly and accurately based on their resumes, chats, assessments, and more. The resume screening software helps avoid any bias in screening and matching so that you reach out to diverse candidates who are the best fit for your needs.

An ideal online resume screening software can easily integrate with your existing recruiting tools to provide automated resume screening. As a result, you can avoid initial screening calls to filter candidates. Over time, this AI-enabled software can identify the talent that has a higher probability of successful hiring.

Ideal Software Features

  • AI improvement with recruiter feedback
  • Automatic stage progress of candidates
  • Matching for strong previous candidates
  • Chatbot to engage with the talent pool
  • Actionable insights for ensuring diverse representation

Ideal Pricing: Pricing is available on request at techjockey.com.

  • Big Biller

Big Biller resume screening software

Big Biller ATS has resume parsing and storing capabilities. You can customize different features like hotlist categories, pipeline stages, and more. It also has advanced search parameters to find specific records. There is no need for download or installation.

With Big Biller software, you can also track candidates on the go via mobile to schedule interviews and speed up hiring. It also has a recruiter CRM for email marketing, job postings, and other recruitment activities.

Big Biller Software Features

  • Robust candidate pool
  • Bulk data importing tool
  • Contact importer tool for spreadsheets
  • Notes and comments for recruiting team communication
  • Boolean search to find the most qualified talent
  • Email parsing to send resumes to a database

Big Biller Pricing: You can get a free trial of 15 days. The monthly subscription starts at INR 5106.290 for each user. You can also purchase an annual subscription.

  • Sniper AI

Sniper AI by Recruitment SMART uses an equitable hiring algorithm to hide identifiers like name, location, and more from recruiters before shortlisting. Unlike many other search systems that use keywords for ranking and output false positives, Sniper’s machine learning technology (ML) improves based on searches.

Sniper AI software understands the importance of each hiring factor and accordingly ranks the candidates for a role. In addition, it can easily integrate with any ATS or existing database, including Oracle Taleo, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, IBM Kenexa, and more.

Sniper AI Features

  • Matching and ranking mechanism for candidates
  • Self-learning intelligence to improve accuracy from feedback
  • Auto-screening via ML
  • Auto-sourcing from organic candidate applications, job boards, and more
  • Bias checker to evaluate hiring bias

Sniper AI Pricing: The SAP app center offers a free trial of the extension for 7 days. For a recurring license, you have to pay INR 74,4059.400 one time. For other cases, pricing is available on request.

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  • Hubert

Hubert online resume screening software

Hubert is an AI-based recruiting platform that automatically conducts the first round of screening, thereby saving time in the initial steps of the recruiting process. To pick the most suitable candidate, it takes data from uploaded documents, personality tests, logical assessments, and more.

Job ads and candidate resumes can be semantically matched before the interview process. The software reduces biases while hiring the diverse workforce and helps in making better hiring decisions.

Hubert Software Features

  • Custom training of AI model
  • Resume Parsing/analysis
  • Ranking and scoring with minimal bias criteria
  • Real-time conversational AI
  • Customized branding for the chat interface
  • Automated shortlisting

Hubert Pricing: You can schedule a demo and get a free consultation. Prices are available on request at our website.

  • Skeeled

Skeeled’s robust AI algorithm enables screening and shortlisting of candidates based on any custom criteria of an organization, making it suitable for high-volume recruitment. It uses cognitive ability tests, motivation assessments, personality tests, and more to find suitable candidates.

Advanced filtering tool enables the quick search of candidates from the resume database. In addition, you can send personalized emails in bulk to candidates during different recruitment stages. Features to anonymize applications for bias-free hiring will be available soon.

Skeeled Features

  • CV parser to import CVs in bulk
  • Automated CV screening
  • Pre-recorded one-way video interviews
  • Search engine to filter CV database
  • Multilingual support
  • Analytics to track recruitment process for improvement

Skeeled Pricing: Pricing is available on request at our website.

  • Vervoe

how resume screening software works

Vervoe online resume screening tool enables recruiters to use fully customizable skill assessments and emails for candidates in different languages. You can screen resumes at scale and automatically rank candidates based on their strengths and the organization’s requirements.

The AI-enabled resume screening software uses natural language processing (NLP) and behavioral observation to personalize assessments based on your organization’s needs. You can also integrate the software with different ATS platforms like Avature, Taleo, Workday, SuccessFactors, and iCIMS.

Vervoe Software Features

  • Candidate pools
  • AI-powered auto-grading for assessments
  • Auto-progress/ reject several candidates in one clicks
  • Branded emails
  • In-depth assessment reporting

Vervoe Pricing: You can opt for a free trial for 3 months. The subscription starts at INR 5766.210 per month.

  • Mosaictrack

Mosaictrack uses IBM Watson-based AI to scan through resumes and find the best suitable talent. It contextually understands the information in resumes instead of matching it with a keyword search. As a result, you can avoid quizzes, questionnaires, or historical data for resume matching.

Using predictive analytics, this resume parsing software can pre-qualify the applicants to speed up the hiring process without any unconscious bias of race, gender, or location. Further, the Mosaictrack app enables recruitment on the go.

Mosaictrack Features

  • Hiring team portal
  • Social sourcing
  • Personalized emails
  • Chatbot to engage with candidates 24×7
  • Easy integration with existing systems

Mosaictrack Pricing: Charges vary based on the number of resumes read and social searches performed.


Once you identify the problems you wish to solve in your current recruiting process, you can choose any of the listed screening tools that have the features you need.


  1. What are the advantages of using resume screening software?

    Resume screening software automates manual work and speeds up the resume screening process for thousands of applicants who have applied to different open positions in an organization. It reduces the chances of human errors, especially due to the high volume of applicants and hiring deadlines. Overall, it helps recruiters get the best candidates through a bias-free streamlined recruitment process.

  2. How to maximize the use of resume screening tools?

    First, shortlist the best resume screening tools and see how their features fit your future hiring needs. Resume screening is mostly a part of applicant tracking systems. Use their trial/ demo offers to check all the features before buying. Further, connect with the vendor to obtain complete training on different features. It is also a viable option to ask your HR team for their opinions and examine your benefits from these tools.

  3. How to overcome the challenges in implementing resume screening tools?

    Resume screeners scan the candidates’ data, so you need to feed as much relevant information as possible to expect reliable results. Further, you can ask candidates not to use an unusual format or layout as the software may not scan it properly.

    You must be careful about the algorithm deployment since if it uses past employment data biased against a particular group, your further screening results might be unknowingly biased. Further, look for software with natural language processing technologies to understand human sentiments behind words and break language barriers.

  4. What is the best resume parser online?

    FreshTeam is an excellent option for resume parsing online. It helps HR professionals in sourcing, screening, interviewing, and hiring the best talents. You can even nurture the talent pool for future hiring. BigBiller is another good option for parsing resumes of candidates. You can import data in bulk and also parse emails. It also has a mobile app to work on the go.

  5. What are the key resume parsing software features?

    Main features of resume parsing software include resume management, white-labeling, semantic matching of resumes, auto-graded assessments, social-media-based data sourcing, automated resume updating, multilingual support, among others.

  6. Why is resume screening important?

    Organizations often receive multiple resumes for an open position. To examine the skills, qualifications and experience of every candidate manually is a time-consuming task. Resume screening tools can help them in scanning through multiple resumes automatically and determine their suitability for a role.

  7. What is screening process in recruitment?

    Resume screening is the process where recruiters determine the suitability of a candidate to a given job role based on pre-set parameters for skills, education and experience.

  8. What is AI resume screening?

    This technique utilizes the artificial intelligence to analyse historical recruitment decisions. It also analyses qualifications of a candidate by matching their resume with pointers mentioned in the job description.

  9. How resume screening software works?

    Resume screening software is useful in determining whether a candidate is eligible for a role based on the information extracted from their CV. The information on a candidate’s resume is matched with your job’s requirements.

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