Review of Delta Sales App – Field Sales Force Automation Solution

Review of Delta Sales App – Field Sales Force Automation Solution-feature image
January 27, 2023 5 Min read

This review will focus on “Delta Sales App’’ – an app for field force tracking and sales automation. This app is suitable for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Wholesalers for automating their field sales and managing their sales force. This app has an amazing record of providing various tools to businesses that have assisted them to track their sales and increase productivity.

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Through Delta sales App, businesses can keep track of their sales, generate reports quickly, and collaborate with the workforce easily. This app eliminates the need for a manual order-taking process and helps to coordinate with field team members, thereby streamlining the entire sales and distribution process.

In this review, we will be covering the following points:

  • Introduction to Delta Sales App
  • Key Features of Delta Sales App
  • Our Final Verdict

So, let’s get started.

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What is Delta Sales App?

Delta Sales app is a SaaS software that assists in managing field sales professionals and ensures accurate reporting for sales orders. Delta Sales app allows managers to track the exact location of their salespeople at any given time.

The app further assists in planning routes for your sales professionals. It also streamlines the process of order taking and generating reports, managing expenses, target setting, leave management, and more.  

There is an exclusive app that retailers can use to manage their orders. Retailers can directly make orders without depending much on the salespeople. Delta Sales retailer app ensures instant order placement and saves a considerable amount of time.

What is Delta Sales App
Intuitive Dashboard of Delta Sales App
Delta Sales app User Interface
User-friendly App interface

Key Capabilities of Delta Sales App

  • Easy Order Reporting

Delta Sales App allows you to manage orders easily. The orders can be created from the mobile app by the salesperson. The admin can approve the orders and generate the invoice and the delivery team can add dispatch.

Invoices can be printed directly on the site from the mobile app if required. Also, the mobile app captures the location from where the order is created. Useful insights like customers who have not placed an order recently can also be easily identified.

Easy Order Reporting
Easy Order Reporting
  • All Customer Information Consolidated in One Platform

Delta Sales App provides a consolidated view of the customers’ information and sales information including their contact details, exact location details, photo of the outlet, orders placed, number of visits done, and time spent with the customer. Also, the summary includes an analytical dashboard of the customer.

 All Customer Information Consolidated in One Platform
All Customer Information Consolidated in One Platform
  • GPS Tracking of field employees

Delta Sales App provides the feature to track the location of employees in real-time. Not only this but the app logs the GPS locations and calculates the distance traveled by the field salespeople along with their working hours in a day.

GPS Tracking of field employees
GPS Tracking of field employees

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  • Field Employee Party Visits

The app allows the users to record the field visit data and captures the visit location. The number of visits made by a particular salesperson and time spent on the visits can be monitored easily. This helps to maintain transparency in the business and managers need not worry about the activities of the field employees.

Field Employee Party Visits
Field Employee Party Visits
  • Integration with Accounting Softwares

Delta Sales App can be integrated seamlessly with the various Accounting Software in the market, namely Busy, Tally, QuickBooks, and Zoho Books. This means you don’t have to worry about wasting time doing the entries multiple times. This provides the advantage of managing on-site sales and linking that with back-office accounting.

Integration with Accounting Softwares
Integration with Accounting Softwares

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  • App designed to work offline

Most of us may have the question of whether the app works offline? And yes, it does. The app is built to work offline. The field sales employees can use the app, even if they are not connected to the internet. It is recommended, at the end of the day they connect to the internet to synchronize app data with the server. 

  • Unmatched Pricing & Support

When it comes to choosing a subscription to any app or service from the market, pricing and support are considered as priorities. Delta Sales App is priced competitively and outperforms other apps in terms of features and productivity.

Also, they provide excellent support. A live chat window is available on the web panel, and they also provide support via calls, WhatsApp, and email.

Our Final Verdict

Overall, Delta Sales App is an excellent choice for FMCG businesses that are looking for feature-packed sales force automation and tracking software. It helps to save time and streamline sales activities and at the same time assess the performance of the field salespeople.

It ensures the sales activities are up to date and transparency is maintained. Considering the features and usability of the app, we rate this app positively and highly recommend it to businesses who are looking for field sales automation software.

Written by Techjockey Team

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