How to Start Bulk SMS Service Business in India

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February 2, 2023 11 Min read

Bulk messaging has become the necessity of businesses to connect with their potential & existing buyers. The popularity of this marketing tool across educational institutes, government bodies and corporate offices is evident. In this scenario, getting into the bulk SMS service gateway business makes sense. Let’s find out why.

Why Start A Bulk SMS Service in India?

You can make money out of any business if you are determined, but starting with the bulk SMS business is an excellent idea. Here is why.

  • If the volume of the SMS is good, you have the possibility of earning a good amount of money.
  • Scaling of bulk SMS is higher as compared to other businesses when you follow a strategy, with meaningful business idea.
  • Have ten big customers rather than having hundreds of small customers, as managing a few accounts effectively can help you gain more profit.
  • Be aware that the margin would be small. You should not expect to earn high numbers right after you start your business. There is a lot of existing competition that you have to face. You have to be patient as this process might take time.
  • The business model is great, and people are earning good numbers as well. But before starting your business, you must understand how to get started. Your goal should be to gain a substantial footprint in the business of bulk SMS service.

Get Started with the Bulk SMS Service Business in India


There are three business models in this. Let’s discuss them one by one.

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1) Become a Bulk SMS Service Provider

To setup an SMS gateway of your own, you have to follow the following steps:

Bulk SMS provider

Step 1

You have to select an SMS gateway software. SMS gateway is an application that can encode your message to SMS compliant data. You can find a lot of vendors to sell this type of software. Select the one which has the features that you need, is available at the price that suits you and is flexibility enough for your business needs.

Step 2

Take a subscription to web-hosting services like Rack Space or GoDaddy. You can select a hosting service based on its monthly or yearly costs. Also take into consideration its server size and whether its bandwidth meets your requirements and if it’s compatible with the SMS gateway you have selected.

Step 3

After the second step, you should setup a database on that server. You can access the administration panel in the server by using the user Id/ user name and the password that is provided by your web host. Go to the ‘Database’ section and start the database setup. You need to specify the name of the database, your user ID/ name and your password for database access.

Step 4

Install the application for SMS gateway on the systems that you will be using for creating and sending SMS messages. You will have to give access of the SMS gateway to your database. It can be done by entering the URL to your database which is provided by your host, the database user ID/ name and your password in the panel of gateway administration.

Step 5

The last and final step would be to test the functionality of your SMS gateway. For this, you can use a test script which outlines every single type of message that you would want to send to your clients. Create and send multiple SMS messages via the gateway to trial contact numbers.

2) Start as a Bulk SMS Reseller

If you want to start on your own, you need defined strategy for your business. You need a gateway and a server to start with. Then you would need developers, programmers, writers, designers and managers to manage them all. This would take a lot of time and time, so keep that in mind.

Hence, before starting something on your own, you should begin your journey by working with an established SMS service provider. This will boost your confidence to start your own bulk SMS API business later. If you partner with an established brand, you can earn good money and work with them taking into account their suggestions and advice as well.

You can connect with companies like Textlocal, KapSystem, SMS Gateway Hub, Bulk SMS Service Gateway and InfoSkySolutions to become a bulk SMS reseller.

Benefits of Becoming a Bulk SMS reseller

  • You can create your own customized panel
  • Decide your own rates for SMS/ voice credits
  • Reseller web interface
  • HttpAPI
  • Delivery report

3) Get into the Business as Bulk SMS Aggregator

A bulk SMS service aggregator is an important channel partner for the telecom operators, or we can say the bulk SMS gateways. An SMS Aggregator basically aggregates SMS from distributers and operators in wholesale as well as marketplace. A bulk SMS API aggregator uses multiple SMS gateway with their tie-ups for SMS relays and routing using different routing methods. SMS aggregators use SMS Gateway services with SMPP that define the SMS speed.

Bulk SMS API aggregators in India mainly serve the SMS vendors who are not able to afford direct tie-up costs with its telecom operators. Buying SMS services from aggregators gives SMS vendors a lower set-up cost as well as a lower set-up time. With such high level of gateway set-up & the increasing volume of SMS commitments, the aggregators of Bulk SMS service can offer these vendors an already negotiated SMS service.

10 Best Bulk SMS Gateway Service Providers in India

There are several bulk SMS software gateway service providers in India. Let’s have a look at the top 10 software applications you can use:

Bulk SMS reseller

  • MOBtexting

MOBtexting bulk SMS company gateway is used for promotional activities that allows you to communicate with customers and inform them about various offers and discounts. You can also promote your brand to your target audience as well. The main aim of this SMS gateway is to promote your services and products. Promotional SMS will be delivered from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Why MOBtexting?

  • This platform is hosted on cloud and as a result it makes the APIs available 24×7 to execute smooth communications.
  • Engage and communicate with customers across 195+ countries with unified APIs without any disturbance.
  • Experience a secure and user-friendly cloud-based interface, with a developer-friendly dynamic Bulk SMS APIs for voice services and SMS to integrate efficiently.
  • Digimiles

Digimiles is into Enterprise Messaging. It offers bulk SMS gateway for services like promotional and transactional SMS. It gives an SMS API that your business needs for proper communication. It has features like voice recognition, voice and data Integration, and voice or SMS alerts.

Why Digimiles?

  • Reach your customers with this bulk SMS service provider by sending bulk SMSes online with a unique sender ID.
  • Get yourself allotted a dedicated account manager who would handle your bulk SMS service user account. You can reach them anytime for assistance with call, chat or email.
  • It carries direct connectivity with the top most carriers to ensure timely delivery and provide real-time delivery receipts.
  • Get advanced technology that delivers high output performance leading to trouble free e-communications.

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  • Digialaya Bulk SMS Gateway

Digialaya Bulk SMS company software gateway provides bulk SMS gateway tool appropriate for small businesses. It provides a reliable platform for your SMS business. Send real-time SMS and OTP alerts to your customers and provide safe options to export data. Get intelligent routing options with Digialaya Bulk SMS service provider and connect with your customers effectively.

Why Digialaya?

  • Get a virtual receptionist to connect your customers call to specific executives.
  • You can advertise a number to users and then request them to send a missed call on that number.
  • Their web widget can allow your visitors to speak to executives instantly.
  • You can send automated and customized voice greetings to your customers.
  • Build your customized app as per the business process requirements.
  • MSG91

MSG91 is a software for bulk messaging. It offers a robust as well as a scalable system for companies of any size be it a local retail shop or large enterprises. MSG91 acts as a bridge for communication in the company by offering an all-in-one solution for messaging. It has a very robust integration system. It can be integrated with different types of businesses like e-commerce, B2B, HR communications.

Why MSG91?

  • You can integrate email, SMS, voice add-ons to your SaaS platform for effective communication with customers.
  • Transactional SMSes, emails, and messages can be sent to your customers around the globe.
  • You can ensure 2-factor authentication using passwords at the time of payments and signups.
  • Add plugins as well as addons and send messages with just one click.
  • TextMagic

TextMagic is a bulk SMS service provider which allows SMBs to send to- the- point messages to your customers. It is a fully equipped SMS platform for businesses which helps you to be in touch with your customers, employees, and partners. It is an efficient, secure, and cost-effective method to communicate.

Why TextMagic?

  • You can send bulk SMS online to 200+ countries.
  • Convert your mails into textual messages and deliver them to mobile phones.
  • Integrate this SMS API with your business and directly send messages from your own app.
  • Download TextMagic message software for both PC and MAC systems.
  • Send and receive messages online using its two-way SMS chat.
  • TextLocal

TextLocal is a bulk SMS provider offers powerful and to use features. It has one of the best delivery services & customer support. TextLocal can help you reach maximum responses for all your SMS communications. It can be considered as an all- in- one solution for your bulk SMS necessities.

Why TextLocal?

  • Personalize your SMS with names and fields, compose you message in 20+ languages, and schedule your messages as well.
  • You can automate sending and receiving SMS from website, application or CRM tools.
  • Measure your campaign outreach with real-time reports.
  • Create tickets and vouchers and tickets, forms and surveys from their web portal.
  • Bulk SMS

With Bulk SMS service you can get instant messaging solution ensuring accuracy with the help of bulk push feature. With faster registration process, users can send messages immediately after signing up. It is extremely cost-effective, and provides 24 x 7 support services.

Why Bulk SMS?

  • Use their responsive web-based app to access your account from any system or browser.
  • Send SMSes automatically with Bulk SMS.
  • Manage your communications through SMSes from your computer using their desktop application.
  • Send, receive and manage your text messages anywhere anytime.
  • SMS Horizon

SMS Horizon is an enterprise messaging solution provider with over 3000 customers ranging from educational institutions, start-ups and blue chip companies.

Why SMS Horizon?

  • SMS horizon provides fast Bulk SMS service gateway to ensure 100% delivery instantly and only a few seconds on bulk push.
  • Register with SMS horizon and start marketing instantly. The interfaces and software are available within minutes after registration.
  • SMS Horizon has an excellent customer support. Contact them via email or call away to fix any of issue.
  • Infosky Solutions

InfoSky Solutions is reliable bulk SMS service. It offers various SMS services like promotional, transactional, and voice SMS. They are authorized bulk SMS service provider at TRAI. Their SMPP server is directly connected with Airtel and Vodafone SMS gateway.

Why Infosky Solutions?

  • Infosky Solutions has their own infrastructure.
  • They have a high configuration SMPP server that has a 100% uptime.
  • Get instant delivery on DND no. for transactional SMS
  • You messages can be sent anytime any day.
  • You can use multiple channels to reduce traffic.
  • Use their high priority routes for sending important SMSes.
  • KAP Computer Solutions

KAP Computer Solutions is a bulk SMS Solutions which provides a reliable and high quality services at an affordable cost. They provide solutions to industries like education, travel, healthcare, logistics, IT, banking, insurance and real estates.

Why KAP?

  • It has an easy to use interface
  • You can resale bulk SMS with your own name.
  • Sell Bulk SMSes at your own rate and make profits.
  • It has a 24×7 technical support available.
  • You can also create sub-reseller and they can also create their resellers.

Selecting the correct bulk SMS software can be confusing. You should have a clear image from the beginning as to where do you see yourself in the future. Have a look at the list of other bulk SMS software that can suit your business and budget, here.

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