Difference Between Tally ERP 9 Vs Tally Prime

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Even though Tally ERP 9 became India’s most popular accounting software, the developers were not ready to settle for it. Tally Solutions released the cloud-based state-of-the-art version Tally Prime in 2020. The major highlight of Tally Prime was it could be deployed even on the cloud. 

Tally Prime or Tally ERP 9

Developers have tried to keep the functioning of Tally Prime close to Tally ERP 9, but there are some significant differences in terms of deployment, pricing, accessibility, ad usability. Besides, a few significant differences are visible in terms of navigation and shortcuts. 

Let’s discuss all the differences between Tally Prime and Tally ERP 9 in detail.  

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Advantages of Tally ERP 9 

 There are a few reasons why Tally ERP 9 was the first choice of accountants and business owners.  

  • All in one ERP Solution 
  • Extremely simple and easy to use interface 
  • GST ready to prepare and file GSTR 1, GSTR 2, and GSTR 3 
  • Easy bank reconciliations  
  • Stock control ledger of tracking and managing stock 
  • Ensures easy auditing with custom filter and sorting tools 

Advantages of Tally Prime 

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Tally Prime is the latest development from tally solutions. Tally prime is currently the most viable accounting solution available in India. Here are a few benefits if Tally Prime 

  • Speeds up accounting, auditing, and data entry tasks with easier navigation and shortcuts 
  • Easily customize the data entry fields for time-saving. 
  • Shift to mouse usability for easy navigation. 
  • Optimized Invoice printing option to save paper. 
  • Allows multitasking function through a single window. 

Disadvantages of Tally ERP 9 

Although Tally ERP 9 is one of the finest ERP systems, it is not the perfect one. Here are a few cons of Tally ERP 9 

  • Multi-Tasking is not allowed through the single window 
  • Keyboard based navigation make data entry tedious 
  • Data fields are not customizable while creating ledger or master 
  • No option to directly edit a single line during invoice/voucher creation 

Disadvantages of Tally prime 

Some of the major disadvantages of Tally prime are 

  • On the server, deployment doesn’t support Mac OS 
  • Slightly expensive compared to its competitors 
  • The graphical representation could have been better 

Major Difference in Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime 

There are a lot of minor differences between Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime with respect to navigation, display, and shortcut keys. However, the major difference is in terms of deployment. Tally ERP 9 is server-based accounting software, and it can only be used in systems inside premises using the same network. 

Tally Prime is more versatile and scalable than Tally ERP 9, allowing cloud-based deployment. Tally Prime can be accessed remotely, and that’s the most significant difference between Tally ERP 9 and tally Prime. 

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Navigational Differences Between Tally Prime and Tally ERP 9 

No. Difference Tally ERP 9 Tally Prime 
Company Data Access Specifying the Folder Path of Company Data Specifying the Folder Path or Navigating to Company Data Folder Path From ”Select from Drive” option 
Multitasking Multitasking is possible only with multiple window screens Multitasking is possible in a single window 
Voucher Mode Switching Function keys are used to switch between voucher mode, sightly complex Change Mode is used to switch between voucher modes easily 
Paper Optimizing Paper consumption increases with the items Optimized printing to save paper 
Editing Voucher Details Navigate one way through the complete details to edit a specific piece. Directly update details of any line with the More Details option 
E-Invoicing and E-way Bill Generation No inbuilt E-Invoicing or E-way bill generation function. Inbuilt E-invoicing and E-way bill generation function 
Supplementary Details Navigate through all the detailing options for any Ledger or Master Define “Permanent Details” or “Supplementary Details” as per your requirement 

Display Differences in Tally Prime vs Tally ERP 9 

No. Difference Tally ERP 9 Tally Prime 
Interface Green interface  Blue Interface 
Data Status Data Status not available on Screen Data Status Migration Required OR Repair Required shown on the screen 
Logo Insert Logo   Insert Logo 

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Shortcut Key Differences in Tally ERP 9 vs Tally Prime  

No. Difference Tally ERP 9 Tally Prime 
Copy Ctrl + Alt + C Ctrl + Alt + C or Ctrl + C 
Paste Ctrl + Alt + V Ctrl + Alt + V or Ctrl + V 
Chart of Accounts Navigate through 
1. Gateway of Tally 
2. Display 
3. List of Accounts 
Direct Option of ‘Chart of Accounts  
Show all product releases. 1. Gateway of Tally 
2. F1 
3. Product & Features 
4. F12 
1. F1 
2. Upgrade 
3. F12   
Loading selected TDL files on start-up 1. Gateway of Tally 
2. F12 
3. Product & Features 
4. F4 
1. F1 
2. TDL & Add-On 
3. F4 
Updating License 1. Gateway of Tally  
2. F12 
3. Licensing 
1. F1 
2. Settings 
3. License 
4. Manage License 
5. F5 
Surrendering License 1. Gateway of Tally 
2. F12 
3. Licensing 
4. Surrender License 
1. F1 
2. Settings 
3. License 
4. Manage License 
5. Ctrl+F7 
Renew TSS 1. Gateway of Tally 
2. F12 
3. Licensing 
4. Renew TSS 
1. F1 
2. Settings 
3. License 
4. Manage License 
5. F9 
Configure Existing License 1. Gateway of Tally 
2. F12  
3. Licensing 
1. F1 
2. Settings 
3. License 
4. Manage License 
5. F4 

Conclusion: Which One is Better, Tally ERP 9 or Tally Prime 

In short, Tally Prime is a more versatile accounting solution for small and medium businesses. Tally Prime is more customizable compared to Tally ERP 9 as it allows users to select custom fields. Further, Tally Prime has a better interface and it makes accountants’ jobs simpler.  

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  1. Is Tally Prime better than Tally ERP 9? 

    Yes, Tally Prime is better than Tally ERP 9 in usability, navigations, interface, and shortcut.  

  2. Which version of Tally is best? 

    Every version of Tally has been the best of its time, Currently, tally Prime is the best version of Tally from Tally solutions. 

  3. Is Tally Prime good? 

    Tally prime is one of the finest ERP solutions in India. From invoicing, data entry, accounting to auditing, Tally Prime is capable of every business need. 

  4. What is the difference between Tally Prime and Tally ERP 9? 

    There are many differences between Tally and Tally ERP 9. Tally Prime is more customizable along with better navigation, usability, and accessibility compared to Tally ERP 9. 

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