Top 10 Temp Email Generators to Create Temporary Emails for Free

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In today’s tech era, almost every user has an email address. It is a necessity in this digital world as emails are often used to receive notifications or crucial information related to services availed by users on a daily basis.

However, many a time, we do not want to sign up for websites using personal email for distinct reasons. Also, a few sites might appear suspicious or malicious, to name a few. Well, that is where disposable email addresses are of great importance.

By using temp email generator, you can create fake email Ids and use that to sign up on any website as you like and avoid your personal or professional mailbox from getting spammed with unwanted emails.

What Is a Temporary Email Generator?

Before sharing the list of temp email generators, let’s quickly understand what a temporary email generator is. Well, the name says it all. It is a fake email generator that helps users access web/online services without revealing their identity.

Often, temporary emails are for a fixed amount of time. However, its utility cannot be understated whenever you want to try a new service online. This is because sometimes you do not want to login using your personal email ID as you are worried that the website will send you spam mails in the future.

Temp Email Generators with Password for Free: Quick Comparison

ProductFeaturesValid For
Burner MailOffers Chrome extension
Add multiple recipients
Few hours
ThrowAwayMailCreate multiple fake accounts
Registration not required
48 hours
BLUR SystemIntuitive user interface
Protects your identity
Few hours
10minutemailBrowse online anonymously
Fake email no longer exists after 10 mins
10 minutes
My Temp MailReceive emails instantly in mailbox
Direct link provided to access fake email anytime
24 hours
Email on DeckBitcoins or trade cryptocurrency friendly
Temporary email created in just 2 steps
Few hours
Emailfake.comSimple and free to use
Protects primary mailbox from spam
Few hours
Email GeneratorCreates temporary email in a flashAs long as the domain is active
Mailinator100% free public disposable email system
Performs QA testing
Few hours
GuerrillaMailAutomatic login to issue fake ID
Generated temp email valid for 1 hour
1 hour or until user deletes

Top 10 Temp Email Generators for Free

With rapid advancement in tech, creating a temporary email is quite simple. If you are looking for the best temporary email service provider, you have landed at the right place.

  • Burner Mail

Burner Mail

Burner Mail generates unique and anonymous email addresses for every service you sign up for online. This temp email generator can also forward your emails to your personal email address securely, thus protecting your real identity from the sender. Moreover, when you don’t feel like receiving mail from a particular sender anymore, you can simply disable that address and be done with them.

Burner Mail Features

  • Allows you to use an existing Burner email address or generate a new email instantly using Burner mail extension
  • Allows you to add multiple recipients
  • Helps protect your privacy by providing custom email addresses
  • Enables you to manage your emails in a personal inbox
  • Offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox

Burner Mail Pricing: In the free package, you get access to 5 burner addresses, 7 days mailbox history and 1 mailbox. The premium version starts from INR 237.67 per month with access to unlimited burner addresses and mailboxes, fully customized addresses among other things.

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Chrome extension available

  • ThrowAwayMail

ThrowAwayMail is an ideal temp email generator for those who want to create fake email IDs for a longer duration of time as compared to other email generator tools. It provides access to a temporary mailbox for as long as 48 hours and once that is expired, the email address and any emails received will be gone.

ThrowAwayMail Features

  • Once you create an email ID, you will start receiving emails instantly
  • Create multiple fake accounts that automatically expired after 48 hours
  • Registration is not required to create unlimited fake emails

Pricing: It is a free temp email generator.

Compatible Platforms: ThrowAwayEmail is an online temporary email generator.

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  • BLUR System

BLUR System is a temporary email generator tool that enables you to mask email address hassle free. It also lets you receive email in your private inbox or block spam easily while letting you stay anonymous.

BLUR System Features:

  • Protects your identity without sacrificing security for convenience
  • Provides you with an intuitive user interface
  • Site with temporary email will be forwarded directly to your personal mail

BLUR System Pricing: It is a free temp email generator.

Compatibility: BLUR System is an online temp email generator

  • 10minutemail

Top 10 Temp Email Generators to Create Temporary Emails for Free

10minutemail is a temporary free email service that helps you create a private email address that anyone can send mail to. As the name suggests, both the email and its address are automatically deleted in 10 minutes. Well, you honestly don’t need it anymore. And just in case you need more time, you can on the link that says, “Give me 10 more minutes”.

10minutemail Features:

  • Easily create email address that won’t exist in 10 minutes
  • Helps you avoid spam and protect your privacy with free Metadata Remover
  • Allows you to browse online anonymously with a leading VPN
  • Forward the email to personal account if there’s some information you need to save

10minutemail Pricing: It is a free temp email generator.

Compatibility: 10minutemail is an online temp email generator.

  • My Temp Mail

My Temp Mail has been specially introduced to prevent its users from providing their original email id on untrusted websites. It provides you with a randomly generated temporary mail account with a unique ID which is valid for only a few minutes. The temporary email gets deleted on its own after 24 hours of your last visit on Temp Email website.

My Temp Mail Features

  • Get a unique ID which is accessible only by you
  • Receive emails instantly in temporary email inbox
  • Using the direct link provided by My Temp, access link anytime and anywhere

My Temp Mail Pricing: It is a free temp mail generator.

Compatibility: My Temp Mail is an online fake email generator.

  • Email on Deck

Email on Deck

Email on Deck is yet another popular temporary email generator. It lets you create fake emails in just 2 steps – the first is to clear the captcha challenge and in the second step you get the temporary email address. The best part of using this fake email service is that it is free and simple to use and protects your privacy by not allowing spam in your personal mails.

Also, unlike other temp email generators, fake emails created by Email on Deck usually lasts for a day. However, if you close your browser or clear your cookies, you may lose access early.

Email on Deck Features:

  • Create temporary emails in just 2 steps
  • System constantly deleted email addresses
  • Bitcoins or trade cryptocurrency friendly

Email on Deck Pricing: It is a free fake email generator.

Compatibility: Online tool to create temporary email.

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  • is a fake email address generator that lets you create an unlimited number of fake ids. Using a fake email, you can create new mailboxes, register on different sites, be anonymous on the internet, hide real mailboxes from fraudsters among other things.

Emailfake Features:

  • Allows you to generate fake email ID for any site or for receiving confirmation email
  • Protects your primary mailbox from spam
  • Simple and free to use – generate fake ID in two simple steps

Emailfake Pricing: It is a free temp email generator.

Emailfake Compatibility: Online site for fake temp mail generation.

  • Email Generator

This fake email generator allows you to create temporary email IDs in a single click without registering. Email generator is useful to sign up for a site, any social network, generate email ID, create test account, among other things.

Email Generator Features:

  • Temporary email can be created in a flash
  • Allows you to change your email address as you like
  • Access to use the email generator as long as the email domain is active

Email Generator Pricing: It is a free temp email generator.

Email Generator Compatibility: Online tool for fake email generation

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  • Mailinator

Mailinator is a public email service that is used by companies to automatically test SMS and email workflows. This fake email tool can also be used for website’s sign-up system, route email, customer email interactions among other things.

Mailinator Features:

  • Enables you to send mail without the need for registration
  • Perform QA testing on email delivery systems
  • 100% free public disposable email system

Mailinator Pricing: The free public plan requires no sign up, gives access to temporary storage and unlimited public inboxes. The verified pro is for a single user and provides access to unlimited private inboxes, 1 private domain among other things. The business plan starts at INR 6,292.78 per month.

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  • GuerrillaMail

GuerrillaMail Temp Email Generator Dashboard

Guerrilla Mail is a free temporary email address service that lets you create a fake email in no time. You just have to enter any email address to keep your personal inbox safe and spam free. The best part of using this tool to create temporary email is that you do not need to register in order to get started.

GuerrillaMail Features

  • Automatic login to issue random email ID
  • Helps you keep your inbox safe and free from spam
  • The generated email is valid for one hour or until the user deletes it

GuerrillaMail Pricing: It is a free temp email generator.

Compatibility: Android app, plus it’s web based

How Does Temporary Email Work

A temporary email works like a regular email address. However, the major difference lies in the fact that with temp email, you do not need to provide your name or phone number or any other personal details for that matter and the created email ID doesn’t last forever.

Most of the fake email generators set up a mail server and necessary DNS records. So, once you are at the site, all you need to do is to follow the instructions for getting your email. Usually, you just need to verify you are a human and click on something like ‘get temporary email’ and you’re sorted.

You can simply copy and paste the created email address to wherever you like, and it will work just like your regular email address!

Benefits of Temporary Mail Address

There are several benefits of using a temporary mail address. We have highlighted some of them below:

  • Helps keep spam out of your personal inbox
  • Using temporary email can protect your confidential information in case of data breach
  • Provides better email security
  • Allows you to shop online conveniently without receiving endless promotional emails on your personal mail
  • A disposable email address comes in handy when you want to use a website once as it saves you from signup confirmations on your regular mail
  • There is no user limit in the number of emails created from the same IP

Final Thoughts

With the increasing dependency on online services in our daily lives, chances are high that you will require to provide your email to multiple platforms. Well, this is where using temp email generator comes in handy and saves you from the burden of dealing with spam! So, choose any fake email generator mentioned above and keep spam out of your personal inbox always.

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  1. How can I get a temp email address?

    To generate a fake email, you can open the browser and visit any fake generator site listed above. The next step is to verify your identity as a human. Now, the fake generator site will automatically provide you with a temporary email which you can use just as your regular mail.

  2. Does temp mail work fine?

    Yes, temp email works as fine as your regular one.

  3. Is temporary email safe?

    Your temporary email is completely confidential and protected as the owner of the anonymous email address cannot be tracked. This is because there is no information such as IP address collected by fake email service provider.

  4. How to use email generator?

    Temporary email generators are mostly free services that allow users to create fake IDs in no time. They are also removed automatically after a certain time period.

  5. Where are temporary email files stored?

    Fake email generators are temporary emails that let you send and receive mails. They do not store any files. However, you can transfer important files received to your personal mailboxes for future reference.

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