7 Best Tools to Validate & eSign Aadhaar Securely

7 Best Tools to Validate & eSign Aadhaar Securely-feature image
August 12, 2022 9 Min read

Aadhar has completely redefined how electronic signatures work in India. Aadhaar authentication is widely used in G2C service, filing income tax returns, applying for PAN, or even availing healthcare services. Aadhar verification has been made mandatory for most government services and opening bank accounts, mobile connections, etc.

Aadhar based digital signature is growing exponentially in the corporate sector. Aadhar eSign has a lot of benefits compared to traditional digital signature certificate (DSC).

Almost every individual in India has Aadhar, which makes Aadhar e-sign one of the most viable alternatives to a conventional handwritten signature. However, corporates need a system to request digital signatures and validate Aadhar securely.

A handful of eSignature software is available in the market that facilitates secure Aadhar based digital signing process. However, it’s hard to find tools that meet all the requirements for validating & e-signing documents using Aadhaar.

This article will introduce you to some of the best tools that validate & eSign Aadhaar securely.

What is Aadhaar eSign?

Aadhar eSign is the latest method of signing a document or verifying the identity electronically using a 12-digit Aadhar number issued by UIDAI. Aadhaar based digital signature or eSign using Aadhar replaces the need of DSC and allows every Indian citizen to sign any document using their Aadhar number digitally. 

Aadhaar based digital signature saves time and cost incurred to verify documents. Still, the most significant advantage of Aadhar signing is that any Indian citizen can sign documents electronically without any Digital Signature Certificate or a specialized hardware.

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How to Validate Electronic Signature in Aadhaar?

 Aadhaar eSign service providers allow signing a document, requesting a signature, and validating a signature online through a series of algorithms.

Step 1: Requesting a Signature

The authenticator builds a form with specified details like the signee’s name, DOB, gender, etc. If the document must be signed separately by multiple signees, the requestor can even define fields to be filled by the signee themselves. These documents are sent through a secured link to the signatory usingthe digital signature software.

Step 2: eSign Using Aadhaar

esign with aadhaar otp

Aadhar based eSign can be of two types – Through Biometric and OTP. While biometric verification is widely used to open bank accounts and avail telecom services, OTP verification is used for KYC and other in-house document signings.

As the signer receives the document to be signed, he can verify the document and details. Once he confirms that the document is valid and ready to be signed, he clicks “eSign Using Aadhar” (widely used for OTP verification).

The signee is redirected to a Secured page to enter a 12-digit Aadhar number or 16 Digit Virtual ID (VID). Then, the signee receives an OTP on their registered mobile number, which he must enter to eSign the documents.

The server verifies fields with pre-verified data of the signee and confirms the signature.

Step 3: Validating the Signature

The requestor or authority receives a prompt that the signer has signed the document. He can open the document and view specified details of the signee and timestamp.

7 Best Digital Signature Software to eSign Aadhaar

While banks and telecom companies have customized algorithms and systems for eKYC and digital signing, corporates must rely on digital signature tools to streamline and automate their Aadhar based digital signing process.

Here is the list of 7 best digital signing software for Aadhaar eSign verification.

  • EMudhra


eMudhra is India’s largest digital signature service provider with more than one-third market share. It provides a seamless digital signing experience to corporates and individuals with its intuitive and easy interface.

From issuing quick DSC using Aadhar to workflow automation in any company, eMudhra is synonymous with Aadhar eSign in the Indian market. Companies like Infosys, TATA, and Aditya Birla group trust eMudra as their digital signature service provider.

Features of eMudra

  • Bulk signing
  • Logfile signing for tamper-proof process
  • Automated signing for recurring documents
  • No hardware dependency
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Multi-mode customer identification
  • Advanced face recognition
  • Available in Web, Desktop App, Android, and iOS versions.

eMudra Aadhar eSign Pricing

The enrolment for eSign is entirely free for organizations and individuals. The price of eMudra digital signing services starts at ₹500 /user/year and allows unlimited signing.

  • Signeasy

Signeasy is another comprehensive digital signature service provider with Aadhar eSign functionality. With an intuitive interface and ease of use, Signeasy helps companies request signatures and close deals in minutes.

Signeasy enables users to reuse frequently used document templates and track the entire document signing process through a single dashboard. Users can manage, request and sign document forms anywhere through any device.

Features of Signeasy Aadhar eSign

  • Seamless integration into existing systems
  • Branding and Customizations Options
  • Unlimited signers/devices
  • Two Factor Authentication Option
  • Available in web, desktop, and mobile versions
  • Signeasy supports all major file types like – MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pdf, images, etc.

Signeasy Aadhar eSign Pricing

Organizations can avail Signeasy digital signing service at a starting price of Rs 1870/month /user for a Business Plan. You can contact Techjockey for detailed quotations and discounts.

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  • Cygnature


Cygnature is among the most feasible digital signature software for Aadhar based eSign. It allows users to live-eSign documents even through the smartphone. The signing process is entirely online and secured with blockchain technology.

Cygnature holds its position as one of the most versatile digital signature tools as it is compatible with all major industries. It features the RPA integration module, helping businesses save time and workforce by automating repetitive tasks.

Features of Cygnature eSign Aadhaar

  • Unlimited number of signers and signing devices
  • Auto-assign and reassign
  • Sequential or parallel signing
  • Device details and Geolocation capture
  • Document ID and QR code addition
  • Role and authority-based access

Cygnature Pricing

The price of Cygnature starts at ₹14,278/User/Year for Enterprise Standard Plan.

  • CryptoESIGN

CryptoESIGN is quite a simple digital signature solution on this list. It provides a single screen cloud eSignature dashboard, ensuring a seamless signing experience.

Specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses, CryptoESIGN can automate validations and workflows. It is a perfect eSignature solution for companies shifting towards Aadhar based digital signing.

Features of CryptoESIGN

  • Multi-party eSignatures capabilities
  • Unrestricted number of signers and signing devices
  • Instant digital signature delivery to the recipient
  • Single Page eSigning Android and iOS app
  • Robust document management system
  • Aadhar eSign process is entirely online

CryptoESIGN Pricing

The price of CryptoESIGN software starts from Rs 4999/user/year, for its standard plan allows 360 signatures. Visit its official page on Techjockey for more details.

  • Leegality


It is one of the most powerful digital signature software to execute legal documents. While eSigning through Aadhar is a highlight of Leegality, it also helps execute digital signature on e-stamp documents.

Leegality has been chosen by more than 1000 Indian businesses and start-ups as their document signing and workflow platform. It goes beyond digital signing and helps corporates execute Judicial and non-judicial contracts electronically.

Features of Leegality

  • Multipage and Multi-Party Signing
  • Maker-Checker Flows
  • Custom eSigning and Validation Flow
  • Multi-factor authentication for document and dashboard
  • Intelligent Name Verification
  • Aadhaar Certificate Verifier

Leegality Pricing

The price of Leegality starts at ₹25 for each Aadhar eSign for individuals. You can contact the Techjockey team for its Business and Enterprise plan.

  • Digio

aadhaar based e signature

Digio is a dedicated Aadhaar eSign service provider for Indian users and businesses. Businesses can use Plug-N-Play API for quick onboarding and seamless document signing.

Digio is an industry-wise legally compliant eSign service provider and provides complete process visibility. Digio is a simple yet powerful electronic signature solution for Aadhar eSign, eKYC, digital verification, and more.

Digio Features

  • Multi-party signing
  • eSign using Android devices
  • Video verification for eKYC
  • Inbuilt DigiLocker integration
  • OCR, face matching, and face detection
  • Easy to use SDKs and APIs
  • Customizable auto approval rules

Digio Pricing

The price of Digio eSigning software starts at Rs 50/user for Individuals allowing two eSigns. You can contact the Techjockey team for custom business plans.

  • SignDesk

SignDesk facilitates Aadhaar eSign verification and documentation workflow, digital stamping, Video KYC, and more. SignDesk is an all-in-one solution to streamline and automate your document validation and approval process.

It is one of the most preferred choices in the Legal, Retail, Finance, and Banking industry for its exceptional data security features and a comprehensive document management system.

Features of SignDesk

  • SHA-256 algorithm assures industry-grade data security
  • Quick and easily customizable workflows
  • Multiple eSigning options
  • Intelligent dashboard with audit trail
  • Multilocation and multi-party signing
  • Liveness detection and the OCR function

SignDesk Pricing

The basic SMB plan for SignDesk starts at Rs 499/month. You can visit their official website for detailed pricing.

Why Choose Aadhar eSign over DSC?

The Digital Signature certificate concept failed to make a space in India because the process was too complicated and expensive. Digital Signature was limited to MCA filing, IT return verification, e-tendering, and ROC filing.

Aadhar made digital verification easy and cost-effective. Here are a few reasons why every company should choose Aadhar based digital signature over DSC.

  • Feasible

    Previously, users needed a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) issued by CA (Certifying Authority) in USB token form. A person had to submit all the details and get approved by CA for getting a DSC. Aadhar replaced the whole process by allowing people to sign documents using a 12-digit Aadhar number and a registered phone number.

  • Cost-Effective

    A DSC token costs around Rs 1000-2000 depending upon the class and validity time of the DSC. A DSC is generally valid for 1-2 years and must be renewed from time to time. Aadhar is free and valid for a lifetime, making it a cost-effective option.

  • Accessibility

    Signees need to have DSC tokens present with them physically for signing documents digitally. Aadhaar based eSign needs only the 12-digit Aadhaar number and the registered mobile number to sign documents.

  • No Prerequisites

    DSC-based digital signing needs software like JAVA installed on the PC, while Aadhaar based signature doesn’t require specialized software.

  • Remote Signing

    Users can eSign with Aadhaar for any device, including iOS and Android Devices, while DSC can only be used from a PC.

  • Availability

    Only a few Indian business owners have DSC, while Aadhar is available to almost every Indian. This makes eSigning possible for every Indian.


Aadhar is probably the most common ID even Indian hold. Using Aadhar to eSign documents, consent forms, and contracts is a significant step towards digital India. Aadhaar based signature is the future of eSignatures in India.

Several digital signature software solutions are available to facilitate Aadhaar based eSigning process, which can be integrated with any document management system.

eSign using Aadhar helps small and medium business owners and entrepreneurs digitalize their business workflow and cut manual processing costs.

Therefore, choosing the right digital signature software will help your organization close deals quickly, reduce cost, increase productivity, and more.


  1. How can you eSign with your Aadhar card?

    You will need your Aadhar number and registered mobile number to eSign with aadhar. Follow the following steps to eSign with your Aadhar:
    1. Click on the Sign Now button, you will be redirected to a new Page.
    2. Enter your 12 Digit Aadhar number or VID.
    3. You will receive an OTP on their registered mobile number, which you must enter to eSign the documents.

  2. What are the best tools for Aadhar eSign online free?

    Good digital signature software allows users to sign documents remotely from any device. eMudhra, Cygnature, and SignDesk are some most popular tools for Aadhar eSign.

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