Top Reasons to Choose IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Top Reasons to Choose IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions-feature image
February 2, 2023 Reviewed By : Sanjay Kaushal .4 Min read

Are you giving a second thought to the idea of migrating your VMware workloads on cloud? Here is an amazing combination of VMware & IBM Cloud that will encourage you to fasten up the migration process. VMware on IBM Cloud is an optimized platform which allows higher design flexibility in the hosted environment. In an IBM Cloud data centre, you can start with one ESXi server and scale up later on, depending on the VMware component you select.

The systematic partnership between VMware and IBM dates back to 2016. This partnership helped VMware customers upgrade to a turnkey native VMware environment in IBM Cloud’s data centres (Check Product). Those who are dealing with complex VMware workloads can transform their on-premise environments to the IBM Cloud, without any need to refractor their applications.

List of  most compelling value propositions to run VMware workloads on IBM Cloud:

1. Hypervisor and Full Administrator Access

With VMware solutions on IBM Cloud, you will get full administrative access to PCS, NSX, vCentre and other add-on services. Additionally, VMware customers get full bare metal and hypervisor access with the same control, security and functionality they experience in the on-premise environment. If you are a VMware solutions user, you don’t need to make any changes in your existing processes, as the only change will be of the workloads running in the cloud model.

2. Multiple SDDC Configurations and Hardware Options

Considering the diverse requirement of customers, IBM offers the choice of two automated software-defined data centre (SDDC) configurations – VMware vCenter Server (VCS) and VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). With these two configurations, customers can tailor their environment as per the complexity of their VMware workloads on IBM Cloud. Additionally, they provide six compute options, nine RAM options, and two storage types (vSAN and NFS).

3. Bring Your Own License (BYOL) Support

If you have already invested in VMware licenses, you can benefit from the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) support. You can use your existing VMware licenses for vCenter Server, NSX, vSAN and vSphere, as those will be already provisioned with a VCF and VCS environment.

4. Multiple Storage Options

IBM provides the robustness and choice to choose the storage type that suits your workload requirements. This ensures optimized storage of customers’ applications and workloads across vSAN All-Flash, NetApp ONTAP Select and Endurance File Storage. And soon, IBM Cloud Object Storage will be available for those consuming Veeam and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus.

5. Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions

With the growing threat of cyber-attacks, having a robust resiliency strategy is essential. Fortunately, VMware on IBM Cloud provides outstanding resiliency tools – Zerto (disaster recovery), Veeam (disaster recovery and backup), and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus (backup). Using these tools, you can reduce the downtime considerably.

6. Security and Compliance

Security is one of the biggest concerns of customers with cloud adoption. However, our VCS and VCF solutions can alleviate these concerns with the hosting on single, dedicated environments. Thus, the ‘noisy neighbour’ effect is eliminated with reduced chances of data corruption by other tenants.

7. Network Backbone and Geographic Reach

Once a customer has deployed an environment in the IBM Cloud, they can easily migrate workloads across more than 30 data centres worldwide. The unmetered private worldwide network backbone of IBM Cloud ensures unmatched connectivity across all deployed environments. For instance, you can migrate your VMware workloads from the production environment to the backup environment across any other data centre.

7. Customer-Managed

With VMware on IBM Cloud, you don’t need to install patches and updates and can continue with the same process and management that you were using on-premises. VMware on IBM Cloud is simply an extension of your on-premise environment.

So, ready to move along with the flow?

Definitely you are, especially when it provides you the opportunity to modernize your on-premise environment. And that too without changing your IP or MAC addresses.

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