Top 10 Petrol Pump Management Software Best Suited for Fuel Stations

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September 1, 2022 10 Min read

There isn’t a fuel station business that wouldn’t benefit from the features offered by a petrol pump management software. Just like other businesses, a petrol pump also needs help that can make automatic execution of certain tasks possible.

Let’s say, automatic report generation, meter reading, accounting functions, etc. And there are plenty of petrol pump management software to choose from to leverage the advantage of automation.

From backend tasks to inventory management, sales, marketing, a petrol pump solution delivers benefits to multiple departments.

Low Budget Petrol Pump Software Solution for Petrol Pump and CNG Station Management & Billing

List of Top 10 Petrol Pump Software Best Suited for Fuel Station Business:

SoftGun Petrol Pump Management Software

With a user base in more than 25 states, SOFTGUN software is a one-stop solution for petrol pumps. It covers major areas in which a petrol station needs help such as meter-dip reading, counter billing, credit billing, generating analysis reports, financial statement, etc.

This top petrol pump software is Windows 8 and touchscreen ready. Using the touchscreen memo, you can generate cash memos quicker. Some of the prime features that SOFTGUN comes with are, payroll, asset management, and tanker movement.

Main features of Softgun petrol pump software are:

  • Touch Screen Memo: Using the touchscreen memo, you can generate cash memos quicker.
  • Third-Party Integration: Softgun petrol pump software can be integrated with various other solutions to ensure hassle-free operations at your petrol pump.
  • Notifications: You can send alerts and notifications to customers from time to time in the form of SMS for pending payments.
  • Accounting and Taxation: Get full financial accounting with value added tax (VAT) integration and debtors’ reconciliation.

Price: The starting price of Softgun petrol pump software is ₹ 18000. You can also get a free petrol pump software demo.

  • Petrol Pump Accounting in Tally

Petrol Pump Tally entry eases the daily operations of petrol pump management. The solution is completely developed on Tally.ERP9 consists of Dip reading meter, customer wise billing, vehicle wise billing, online payment gateways in india and auto sales invoice generation. Features like analytics and audit trail are also available in Petrol pump software Tally.

Main features of petrol pump accounting in Tally solution are:

  • Managing different processes under sales management of diesel and petrol.
  • MIS Reports help analyze the overall business functions and guide stakeholders to make better decisions.
  • Lubricants management and purchase management can also be taken care of with this petrol pump software.
  • Security features include password protection and advanced level authentication.
  • Payroll management can be taken care which would help the payment and salary distribution processes for employees easier.

Price: The price of this petrol pump software starts at ₹ 21600. You can also get petrol pump software demo here.

  • Petro Genius

Petro Genius is a  product which lives up to its name. It is a petrol pump management software with both general and genius features. Accurate meter reading, lubricant sales, petrol evaporation loss testing, are some of the general areas in which the software helps.

Moving on to some specific features, the software allows report generation in a graphical manner, report analysis from different angles like bill wise, item wise, etc. Also, the software comes with CRM software features delivering bulk SMS, reminder facility, etc.

Main features of Petro Genius petrol pump management software are:

  • Meter and Dip Reading: Both meter and dip can be read with this software.
  • Vehicle Management: Manage vehicles with vehicle wise billing software.
  • Sales Management: Get item-wise and month-wise sales for your analysis.
  • Billing & Invoicing: This would include party-wise billing and vehicle-wise billing.
  • Stock Management: Manage your entire stock supply from one platform.
  • Reporting & Analytics: You can run various data analysis and make reports.
  • Accounting & Taxation: Get features like interest calculation, statement-wise e-mails, bank/cash book and ledger reports.

Price: The price of Petro Genius starts from ₹ 13500.

Get Petro Genius free petrol pump software demo.

  • LePetro

LePetro helps in the complete management of a petrol pump including accounting and inventory. This is a flexible software which is compatible with all versions of Windows. LePetro has two versions i.e. standard and professional and both are user-friendly.

Its inventory management module not only helps in maintaining a record of petrol but also miscellaneous items such as CNG, engine oil, motor oil and other fuel items. Further, the software provides with automatic backup and comes with a strong security system.

Main features of LePetro Petrol Pump Software are:

  • Meter Reading: LePetro petrol pump management software gives accurate meter reading of fuel deposition.
  • Manpower Management: Optimize workforce in an effective manner with the help of petrol pump software.
  • Shift Management: You can set guideline to work in shifts for your employees with this petrol pump management software.
  • Security: This petrol pump software in India provides automatic backup and also comes with a very strong security system.
  • Purchase Management: Manage purchase register, minimum order quantity and challan register.


This petrol pump management software is available in two variants. They are:

  • LePetro Basic for ₹ 15,000/- (single time purchase with on-cloud and on-premise storage)
  • LePetro Basic including SMS Pack for ₹ 20,500/- per year

Get petrol pump software demo here.

  • Oilex Petrol Pumps

Oilex petrol pump management software helps in taking care of multiple verticals of a petrol pump business. You can manage back-office work seamlessly with its ‘easy billing’, ‘customer management’, and ‘labelling’ modules.

Its item management tool lets you check customer’s financial history and accordingly set the credit limit for him or her. Moreover, this best petrol pump software ensures security by providing the access rights feature. You are able to give role-based access to your employees.

Main features of Oilex Petrol Pump software are:

  • Feeding: This feature covers a range of purchase and expenditure related cash flow information.
  • HR Management: Oilex petrol pump software also takes care of the attendance and payroll processes of the employees.
  • User Management: One can create a hierarchy in fueling station to manage work efficiently.
  • Financial Reports: Get GST/VAT reports, as well as cash flow statements. You will also receive profit loss report with this petrol pump software.

Price: Oilex petrol pump software starts at ₹ 15000. You can get a free demo here before buying the software.

  • PumpCount

PumpCount software is a complete petrol pump software with accounting, billing and inventory management as its key features. Passing journal entries, maintaining ledger accounts, and preparing financial statements, the software delivers it all. Using its inventory management module, you have the benefit of automatic machine reading, and dip calculation.

Main features of PumpCount petrol pump management software are:

  • Billing and Invoicing: Get vehicle wise billing, periodic or month-wise billing, item-wise billing, transaction-wise billing and cash-wise billing.
  • Stock Management: Get stock reports, condensed reports, density chart and pump machine readings automatically.
  • Accounting & Taxation: Ledger accounts, voucher entries, group trial balance, balance sheets, negative cash and customer trial balance, everything can be managed with this software.

Price: Get a price quote and a free petrol pump software demo.

  • Petro ERP

Petro ERP is a windows-based petrol pump management software. The software helps with inventory, accounting, billing, stock loss, voucher entry, etc. You can use it to set the credit limit for customers & check the amount due from each one of them.

Moreover, the petrol pump software is completely secured and provides automatic data backup for further convenience.

Main features of Pero ERP petrol pump software are:

  • Accounting Management: This petrol pump software contains accounting features that are GST compliant. Owners and managers can access details like cash flow statements, balance sheets, etc.
  • PPM Activity: You can even check how much impurity is there in the petrol in parts per million (ppm).
  • Tally Integration: Petro ERP can integrate with petrol pump software Tally Accounting as well. This provides better accounting capabilities.
  • Membership Card: Owners of petrol pump can also create loyalty programs for their regular customers. Loyalty programs can get discounts and various other offers with this membership program.

Price: For the free petrol pump software demo, click here

  • Pumpmate

Pumpmate from Gaba Software is a complete petrol pump management software. The software provides you with multiple credit customer billing options such as party wise, vehicle wise, day wise (15 days billing), etc.

Its exhaustive inventory module not only keeps the record of petrol received and sold but also provides with multiple stock valuation options like LIFO, FIFO, WA, etc.

These software don’t come with only the aforementioned features. They serve beyond them. To get the taste of all its tools and modules, add the right one to your cart quickly.

Main features of Pumpmate petrol pump software are:

  • Meter and Dip Reading: Meter reading, tank reading entry and density chart can be obtained from this software.
  • Sales Management: Maintain sale register, meter sale variation reports and daily maintenance sheet with the help of this petrol pump management software.
  • Data Backup Facility: In case of data loss, you can restore that data with the help of the data backup facility.
  • Stock Management: Get features like stock ledger, maintenance, valuation and stock Position.

Price: The best price and free petrol pump software demo can be availed here.

  • HiTech Petrol Pump Software

HiTech petrol pump software is an automated system for accounting purposes with various analytical capabilities. HiTech for petrol pumps can streamline business accounting processes in a way that helps your business grow rapidly. Its detailed analytics capabilities for petrol pumps help streamline business accounting.

Main Features of Hitech Petrol Pump Software

  • Data Storage: This software keeps information about all supplier, accounts and customers.
  • Report Generation: Various reports are available to keep track of the vital indicators.
  • This software can work on Windows XP, 10/8/7, and Vista. It also gives step-by step instructions to new users to make the most of this software.
  • Database: This petrol pump management software uses databases that are powered by Microsoft jet database engine.
  • OCX UI: This software has OCX UI which makes editing data possible with automatic inventory and ledger update.

Price: There are 3 versions available:

For single user: ₹ 5250

For 1-5 users: ₹ 7000

For 5-10 users: ₹ 8750

  • Alomart Petrol Pump Software

Alomart petrol pump software is a customizable web-based software for petrol pumps. It is a DOS based system which is totally secured with the help of password protection. Option of both laser printing and inkjet printing are available.

Main features of Alomart petrol pump software are:

  • Accounting: Ledger accounts, balance sheets, trial balance, stock reports and group trail balance are available with this software.
  • Inventory: Machine readings, monthly details in Tally, automatic dips calculation, and tank stock can be maintained automatically.
  • Billing: Cash billing, item-wise billing and vehicle-wise billing can be handled in this software.
  • Reports: Get different reports for credit sales, access credit limit, and rate variation. You can also get density charts with this petro pump software.

Price: Get the best price and free petrol pump software demo for Alomart petrol pump software here.

Free petrol pump software can be another option if you are on a budget. You can compare different petrol pump software online with us.

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