5 Ways Aruba Instant On AP25 Boosts Employee Productivity

5 Ways Aruba Instant On AP25 Boosts Employee Productivity-feature image
February 2, 2023 6 Min read

In the current highly competitive marketplace, transferring data at a faster rate is the most critical aspect of any business. High-speed internet connectivity enables your workforce to move quickly and seamlessly to another task without worrying about downtime. On the other hand, when you have internet issues at your workplace, it not only affects your employees but also people outside your company like vendors, stakeholders, and potential customers.

There are so many tasks that need continuous internet connectivity such as cloud storage, software apps, conferencing and collaboration tools, poor internet connectivity will certainly impact the seamless usage of these tools.

The tasks that can be done in a few minutes may require more time for completion and the lack of decent connection may also decline employee morale. The inability to do the job due to a slow connection can cause resentment and frustration leading to a lack of interest and moral issues at your workplace. The rise of hybrid and remote work has put more pressure on employees.

Moreover, connectivity and lethargic speeds also impact your business’s ability to quickly adapt to changing customer demands and new market trends. To ensure that your employees work to the best of their abilities and complete their work within a short span of time, you need a new-age wi-fi access point like Aruba Instant On AP25 that offers fast connectivity and low latency for a top-notch internet experience. Additionally, with instant On AP25 access points, you get the facility to connect 100+ active devices at the same time.

It’s Time to Switch to Aruba’s Instant On AP25 Access Points

Owing to the ever-increasing requirements of power-hungry applications, most businesses are under tremendous pressure to speed up their internet connection. Their current network and Wi-Fi infrastructure are not equipped to meet this demand, contributing to slow download speeds and poor video calls.

Moreover, the rise of hybrid and remote workplaces has caused chaos in the whole IT system. If you too are bearing the brunt due to a sluggish internet connection, then it’s time for you to switch to Aruba AP-25 Indoor Access Points.

The high performing 4×4 Wi-Fi 6 access points are specifically designed to support the increasing number of connected devices. You get exceptional speed even when there are various devices connected at the same time. The 802.11ac 4 x4 wireless Access Points, deliver a superior Wi-Fi experience, reduced latency and broader coverage.

The ground-breaking features such as Target wake time (TWT), multi-user MIMO, 160MHz channel bandwidth (HE160), and orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) empower you to future proof your network and grow your business at a rapid rate.

How Does Aruba Instant On Improve Your Employee’s Productivity?

aruba instant on for employee productivity
  • Access for 100+ Devices

A wireless router only supports 10-20 user access at the same time, but with AP25 wireless access points more than 100+ active devices can be connected simultaneously. The device has a much better ability to send or receive signals, thus ensuring high efficiency and faster transfer rates.

  • Faster Cloud Access

Aruba AP-25 Indoor Access Points come with 160MHz bandwidth to ensure faster cloud access & deliver high performance, and 802.11ax is also available to add flexibility, increased speed & scalability to your existing network.

  • Orthogonal Frequency Multiple Access (OFDMA)

Perfect for low bandwidth applications, OFDMA is a new-age multiple access technology that divides the available range into various subcarriers which can be shared among numerous users. Orthogonal Frequency Multiple Access with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity provides seamless network efficiency, reduced latency, and allows numerous clients to connect to a single access point at the same time.

  • Improved Efficiency with Wi-Fi 6™ Certification

Owing to Wi-Fi 6™ Certification, Aruba Instant On AP25 access points allows you to enjoy lightning-fast internet speed, which means no more dropped conference calls and latency issues. The access point offers more capacity and 4x faster internet speeds than Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac).

Furthermore, Internet of Things (IoT) operating mode is available for low bandwidth, low power medical devices and sensors. Moreover, the enhanced security & user privacy features meet the requirements of the defence, government, and industrial sectors.

  • Better Employee Engagement

Once you set up the access points, your employees can simply begin their work by simply log into the Wi-Fi network. They are no longer bound to their desks and can access critical information on their internet-connected devices. The improved connectivity measures will have positive effects on your business and the more engaged and satisfied your employees are, the more productive they become.

3 Key Benefits of Aruba Instant on Access Points

Here are 3 important benefits of using Aruba Instant on Access Points

  • Internet Security

When you have a properly configured and carefully set up wireless access point at your office premise, it can be a blessing for cybersecurity. With Aruba AP-25 Indoor Access Points you get extra layers of security like two-factor authentication (2FA) and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA3/WPA2).

These robust security measures safeguard your financial information and critical data from phishing, cyber-attacks, social engineering, and credentials attacks.

  • Hassle-Free Internet Connectivity for Everyone

When you have too many employees working for you in the office, they have to share the internet among them. If you’re using a slow internet connection, it can cause connectivity and buffering issue for all the staff members.

But when you’re backed by Aruba Instant On AP25, you can be sure that hundreds of users within your office can safely connect to the internet. Furthermore, they’ll be able to operate the wireless devices from all nooks & corners of the office.

  • Integrated Solution

When you deploy AP25 alongside Instant on 1960 switches, you create a reliable and secure network at a price that won’t burn a hole in your budget. Additionally, the entire solution can be centrally managed with the help of a mobile application.

Top Features of Aruba Instant On That Make It Essential for Your Business

Features of Aruba

Let’s look at some noteworthy features of Aruba Instant On AP25:

  • Mobile Application

Aruba Instant On AP25 Dual-Band Access Points come with an easy-to-use mobile app that can be quickly installed and managed with Aruba’s instant on cloud app management system.

  • TWT (Target Wake Time)

Target wake time is another eminent feature of Aruba’s AP25 access points, which is best suited for devices that don’t require frequent communication. By using target wake time, users can establish a particular schedule to use the access point and conserve the battery life. Additionally, this feature becomes more important when someone is connecting via mobile device.

  • Backward Compatibility

There’s no need to buy a new smartphone and tablet as Aruba AP25 access points are compatible with your old, 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless devices.

In a Nutshell

Now you know that Aruba Instant On AP25 Dual-Band Access Points offers more advantages and benefits than any other traditional access points available in the market. If they are utilized correctly, the cloud-based technology can help you in staying abreast with the evolving trends of the domain, and you can rapidly scale up your business without any massive investment.

Order Aruba AP25 wireless access points right now to add seamless, efficient, and scalable connectivity to your start-up, restaurant, or office network.

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