10 Best Free Time Tracking Software For Employees in 2023

10 Best Free Time Tracking Software For Employees in 2023-feature image
February 2, 2023 Reviewed By : Megha Sharma .11 Min read

Have you switched to the time tracking software yet to optimize employee productivity?

A business owner constantly looks for new ways to curb expenses and reap profits. To do this, it’s important to optimally manage employee time and derive maximum worker productivity without compromising on quality. This is where the role of a time tracking software becomes imperative.

A free time tracking software is ideal for freelancers and company employees as it easily manages their work timings, team activities, expenses and much more. Business owners must opt for a seamless time tracking software that helps make invoices in accordance with billable hours of employees to pay them accurately.

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Time Tracking Software – Definition & Benefits

Those working in corporates experience how time flies when they’re working on a project. As a result, keeping track of all activities becomes very difficult.

One challenging task for firms is to keep track of the way employees spend their time at their workplace. There are chances that employees could be wasting their time in office if they are not supervised regularly. This system helps you boost employee productivity by keeping track of their attendance and time spent at the workplace.

Time tracking software streamlines your daily operations and improves employee morale. Using the right kind of time tracking software has numerous advantages for a business.

Let’s read further to understand these advantages better.

  • Helps Track Time and Attendance

Using free online time tracking software helps you accurately track the number of working hours of your employees. Tracking attendance manually can be a time-consuming process. This free time tracking software takes care of your attendance.

  • Manage Payroll

Time tracking software helps track employee time at work and create timesheets. The firm uses these timesheets to generate payroll and provide employee salaries.

  • It Tracks How Employees Spend Time

A recent survey conducted by HR.com reflects that 43% of the hourly-paid workers have admitted that they exaggerated their work hours. Time tracking software provides all details about where, how, and when the employees spend their time. It shows how employees utilize their time and set their priorities.

  • Gives Employees Access to Their Schedules

Another advantage of this software is that your employees can check their work schedules and time offs. They can view the hours they can utilize in taking a vacation and accordingly submit requests for time offs. The rostering software also empowers employees to adjust their availability at workplace.

  • Facilitates Smooth Functioning

Business owners constantly look to cut their costs and increase profits. With online time tracking software, owners can identify loopholes, address challenges and understand the company’s workflow better.

  • Helps Prepare Timely Client Bills

Time tracking software helps prepare proper bills for the clients. The software is a must to release timely bills for clients. For instance, some businesses charge clients on an hourly basis while some charge on a project basis. This software charges from clients the correct amount.

  • Generated Accurate Reports

Time tracking software usually has a reporting feature to create different types of reports. These customised reports give managers all information about the number of hours employees worked, expenses incurred, invoices, and any other activity at the workplace.

List of 10 Best Free Time Tracking Software for Employees in 2023

An all-in-one time tracking software bills your clients correctly and helps make accurate payments to your employees. Let’s uncover the 10 best time tracking software options available.

  • Toggl

Now, let’s understand a little about Toggl free time tracking software. With an attractive design, the software boasts of several features in its free version. Further, it works perfectly on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and almost all browsers.

As a business owner, you must know that this software is useful for any business that uses FreshBooks. This is because you can simply export hours out of Toggl to an invoice in FreshBooks. The software’s time tracking pages are easy to use and view.

Switch to Toggl as it exports any report into any format for you. Another interesting feature is that Toggl syncs all your time entries between desktop apps, phone apps, the Toggl Chrome extension, and the website.

This means the software allows you the flexibility to start tracking on your phone and stop tracking in the browser without any hassle. Manual entries feature allows you to quickly enter the time at the end of the day or week.

  • When I Work

If you have a team size of 75 employees, use this highly reliable free time tracking software. When I Work software is user-friendly and saves time by taking care of employee attendance and scheduling.

If you want to send mobile alerts to inform your employees about new schedules and shift changes, opt for this effective free time tracking software as it simplifies complex business operations.

Designed for ease in businesses, When I Work free time and attendance tracking software allows for effortless automated monitoring of employee’s clock-in and attendance.

Mobile check-in becomes possible as employees use their GPS-enabled smartphones to clock in and out. When I Work helps you verify the exact location and time of your employees and gives you better control over businesses.

  • Harvest Time Tracking Software

A business owner working on client projects can benefit greatly with Harvest. It is a free online time tracking software that throws light on the direction in which your business is going. Apt for all team sizes, Harvest tracks time spent, and expenses incurred on individual projects.

If you are a business owner, enjoy stress-free business management as Harvest provides raw timesheet data to give you insights about how your team is spending its time and available resources to deliver results.

Use Harvest employee time tracking software to track both billable and non-billable hours in a timely manner. Its free plan helps you track the progress of two projects at a time. Depending on your business needs, you can use paid versions of this software to explore its other features.

  • todo.vu

Ever wondered how to bookmark your tasks? Use todo.vu. If you’re a freelancer or a consultant who needs to track client projects, todo.vu is the right time tracking software for you. This free time and attendance tracking software not only helps bookmark your tasks but allows you to add custom labels to filter your tasks the way you want.

The interesting “Snooze” task option in todo.vu helps delay a task for an indefinite time-period or schedule it after some ongoing project. Once employees complete their tasks, they seek appreciation. This efficient free time and attendance software gives them due credit for their work. It praises their work with its “Good Job” feature.

  • Homebase

A free time tracker and scheduling software that integrates with popular POS apps, Homebase is the easiest way to manage your work schedule. It prepares your timesheets without a calculator. Timesheets work as a proof for some activities when you intend to enjoy certain privileges, for instance, when applying for the R&D tax credit.

Homebase automatically identifies errors, including missed breaks or clock-outs. Your employees can review schedules, request time off, trade shifts, and communicate effectively with co-workers. With Homebase, you can create job alerts. Use Homebase’s custom templates to create job posts in minutes. Then post these to the top job boards in seconds.

Manage qualified candidates and track applicant status. Instantly import employees into Homebase to start scheduling when you’re ready to hire. Use messaging to communicate with employees without sharing any personal information or phone numbers. Send reminders and no-show alerts to employees even when you’re away.

Homebase is essentially an employee scheduling, time tracking, hiring, and communications tool to manage your workplace efficiently. With time-clock rules and real-time notifications, reduce compliance risks and get ahead of issues. This employee time tracking software free can be used for restaurants, salons, gyms, salons, retail stores, etc.

  • AccountSight

If your timesheets need more than one approval, use AccountSight time tracking software. To maximize employee productivity, use this web-based online time and expense tracking and online billing software. But why? The answer is simple. This free online time tracking app is easy to use and productivity driven. It is rich in features and manages time, resources, invoices and expenditure efficiently.

Ever wondered how to ensure seamless integrations? AccountSight v2.21 has introduced QuickBooks integration functionality. Now users can make the software more powerful by integrating it with QuickBooks.  Why integration? Integration with QuickBooks exports timesheet data from the software to QuickBooks. This is done primarily for accounting and payroll processes.

AccountSight is perfect for freelancers and independent consultants for project time tracking, expense reporting and fast and accurate invoicing.

  • Hubstaff

Use Hubstaff time tracking software to track time and pay your employees automatically. The best part about this software is that it offers screen-grab and keystroke monitoring.

By using Hubstaff, you can easily update timesheets prior to the shifts. It makes scheduling shifts for employees quick and convenient. Optional screenshots, app, and URL tracking give you real-time updates about employee’s work.

One more interesting feature is that Hubstaff facilitates offline time tracking which means that you can track employee time from anywhere. As a business owner, you need not worry about downloading and installing apps as it facilitates web time tracking which means you can track time from your browser.

  • TSheets by QuickBooks

Enjoy effortless time tracking with TSheets. This free time tracking software is a boon even for employees as they can clock in and out from their mobile devices. Owners can track time according to customer and service item. TSheets best time tracking software offers Quickbooks integration and tracks your employee’s location.

Painless payroll management becomes a reality with this efficient time tracking software as it eliminates the entire manual time entry process to save time and money. TSheets is your go-to software if you want to enhance your understanding of the company’s profits and expenses.

It’s a great facility for business owners as it helps them understand their business better and devise growth plans to reduce expenses and enjoy increased profits.

  • Paymo

Looking for a seamless time tracking software? For owners, employees, and freelancers, Paymo is an app that bundles time tracking, task management and invoicing. Paymo is great as it easily tracks the accurate time spent on client projects as well as internal company projects.

Paymo’s web timer records the time that is spent on tasks in the browser. This software has the drag and drop option to allow users to add and move time on the timesheets directly. Another useful information about Paymo time tracking solution is that it facilitates easy and quick payment.

This free time tracking software integrates with Google Apps to accept online payments faster. Thus, users get paid almost instantly and without any hassle.

  • Timecamp

For those of you want to track time in project management, team collaboration and accounting, opt for Timecamp. It is a cloud-based time tracking software that eliminates the hassle of creating entries manually. This software has a reliable automatic time tracker where work time can be easily recorded and automatically assigned to employees.

Business owners have the facility to check employee attendance with Timecamp. You can also track employee efficiency and performance and keep track of vacations or work leaves easily.

This software not only helps in better team management but provides you the facility to integrate your applications with Timecamp to enjoy logging time without creating entries manually.

How Does Time Tracking Software Works?

Gone are the days when employee time was managed manually. Punching the clock is a thing of the past. Nowadays, sophisticated online time tracking software has become popular for tracking employee time and productivity.

How Time Tracking Software Works to Maximize Employees Productivity?

  • The first step is to Sign Up and Create Your Task/Project.
  • Next thing, Track Your Time. Access timesheet to create, edit and delete time entries assigned to tasks. You can also add notes to all your entries.
  • Download your Desktop App and let it manage your activities. It records all information including the websites you visit and makes a report that you can access later.
  • Check all Integration options to deliver productivity and efficiency at work.
  • Use time entries and project profitability to create Check billable hours of employees and pay them correctly.


Time tracking software is a tool used by business owners, managers, employees, and freelancers to record the number of hours invested in managing invoice, payroll, and other activities. A seamless time tracking software keeps track of the time spent on assigned tasks and uses it to automate payroll and client invoicing.

These free time and attendance software encourages transparency in business operations. It empowers owners to maximize productivity and take their businesses to screeching heights.

Nowadays, most of these time tracking solutions offer free plans and free trails for the user. So, go ahead and pick the one that works best for you and your team.

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