Why Use WordPress for Start-Up Business Website?

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April 12, 2023 7 Min read

The global business environment is witnessing a strange trend lately. While some firms are glowing with success, several others are fading away and losing to their competitors.

Start-ups too, are facing the wrath of this ever-growing entrepreneurial competition. To sustain this ongoing competition, it is important that start-ups take right steps to be noticed.

As a business owner, you need to make your brand’s presence felt, both online and otherwise. But how? By taking small steps at a time. Yes, you read that right!

Start by creating an impactful website. Use WordPress as your effective website builder.

What is WordPress Used For?

WordPress provides a free and open-source tool to great looking websites. It’s like Legos for adults! And there are heaps of starter kits that you can use to create an amazing website. Want something more complex? No problem! WordPress is the best solution for everything from simple brochure websites to complex content management systems (the heart of your blog!).

Just remember that despite the large amount of amazing features, WordPress.com takes care of hosting your blog or website and backing up your data for you, making it one less thing you have to worry about.

Why Use WordPress Website for Business?

The answer is simple. WordPress is a free and highly reliable tool to build interactive websites.

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There’s more, WordPress has scores of sources for assistance, and the prominent one is its huge WordPress developer community. WordPress also has tutorials, videos, e-books and guides that help users manage their business website with ease and efficiency.

If you look at the recent scenario, more than 74 million websites worldwide use WordPress. It has gained immense popularity lately with even industry leaders using this tool to power their websites. Microsoft, TechCrunch, Facebook News, Vogue and MTV are some prominent examples.

So, instead of sitting on the fence and wondering what to do, use this powerful website builder for your start-up business website and help your brand go big.

How WordPress Works?

WordPress is a free, open source application that allows publishers to create awesome websites. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), or “publishing platform” software, used by individuals and organizations for blogging, portfolio companies, corporate sites, and more. It basically works on web server: PHP & MySQL.

PHP is the language WordPress is written in, which means that it enables websites to be dynamic and SEO-friendly. It does so by running on your web server before a page is served to the browser.

The PHP programming language is used by many writers and designers alike because it makes little updates and tweaks to a website easy to implement. It’s one of the most powerful languages on the internet today, which is partly thanks to its use in WordPress – probably the most popular CMS program in history!

It is great at adding information to databases and extracting useful, digital information from them based on a given criterion. From here, that information can be inserted into an HTML page.

On the other hand, MySQL is a relational database management system which shares similarities to working with a complex spreadsheet. It consists of multiple related headings where data from a single set even multiples can be filed and manipulated as desired.

Users have database access where all kind of data can be updated, created, read and deleted (CRUD). MySQL is a powerful relational database management system that allows you to create a huge number of records and retrieve them very quickly.

Benefits of WordPress Website

  • Free, Easy to Use and Reliable
  • Content Management System Functionality
  • Storehouse of Themes
  • Search Engine Friendly and Highly Secure
  • Multi User Capacity

So, now that you know why use WordPress, let’s read about advantages of WordPress. WordPress is a great choice for start-ups and small businesses alike. Let’s look at some of the benefits of WordPress website for start-ups.

  • WordPress is Free, Easy to Use and Reliable

This platform can be downloaded for free. Install it on your website and you’re good to go. Additionally, users can view and access free WordPress updates, countless free themes, and 50,000+ plugins that are present in the WordPress directory.

You must be thinking if WordPress is easy to use? WordPress can be installed with a single click and its dashboard is clean, informative and easy to use.

A tried and tested open source platform, WordPress is supported by a large community of professional developers and coders. Also, this tool uses superior sound technology such as SQL, PHP, and JavaScript that follows practices set by Google and other search engines.

  • Content Management System Functionality

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Simply opt for WordPress as your uncomplicated CMS that empowers even beginners to make necessary changes to their websites. This eliminates the need to seek expert assistance from developers, making edits quick and convenient. To explore more you can look into WordPress Alternatives as well.

With CMS, you can also upload, manage, and use all file types from PDFs and JPGs to MPGs. This fully functional content management system allows you to store content as well as build blogs, pages and other templates.

  • A Storehouse of Themes

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A perfect design is the essence of a great website. Start-ups and small businesses owners often find it hard to employ a professional developer to design their website.

Instead, you may prefer a feasible option, something like WordPress that provides you a wide variety of predesigned themes to pick from.

This open source development platform facilitates you to make amends to its source code so that you can customize your website’s look and functionality.

To develop a visually appealing website, you can access predesigned, free themes that WordPress offers and use the one that fits your requirements.

Simply access WordPress.org theme directory and choose your favourite website design. You can also use websites such as WPExplorer free themes to find unique designs.

  • Search Engine Friendly and Highly Secure

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WordPress is an SEO-friendly system, and sites built using WordPress rank higher in search engines when compared to their competitors.

WordPress is great in this aspect as it uses high-quality codes and SEO plugins to make your website SEO friendly.

To keep all intruders and hackers at bay, WordPress comes with strict security measures and constant CMS updates. Not only this, the proactive community of WordPress monitors and instantly reports any security threat. This alone is not enough.

Users must also take the required precautions to keep the website safe. You should download plugins only from trusted sources. Always remember to choose a reliable host, opt for strong usernames and passwords and finally, select a quality theme to keep your website safe.

  • Multi-User Capacity

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Why Use WordPress?

WordPress’s multi-user facility allows multiple users to access the site together with ease. This means that WordPress assigns roles specific to different individuals. Plugin “WordPress Codex” provides the following roles for multiple users.

The Super Admin role has complete access to all features of the website.

Administration features can be accessed and managed by the Administrator.

Publishing, accepting or rejecting posts is the work of an Editor in WordPress.

WordPress Codex gives Author the authority to manage posts. They can also publish their own posts on the website.

The role of a Contributor is directly linked to that of an administrator. While Contributors manage and write their own posts, these need to be approved by the administrator before being uploaded.

A Subscriber is a user with an account. Subscribers have the facility to view and edit their own profile.


Most start-ups these days aim to establish a strong web presence and attract audiences. Impactful online presence is one thing, however, time, effort and budget required to execute the process of making a website is another.

Chances are that most small organisations or start-ups may find it hard to hire professional website developers to create awesome websites. In such a situation, the easy and affordable solution is to use a WordPress website builder that helps start-ups to develop attractive business websites.

So, go ahead and install WordPress to build your own business website!

Written by Varnika Nayyar

Varnika Nayyar has 6 yrs of experience with corporates & media houses. A former journalist who interviewed celebrities, she holds a P.G. Diploma in Business Journalism & Corporate Communications & has to her credit write-ups that reflect her uniqueness of thought. Varnika gives her creative best to all... Read more

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