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Payroll processing is a daunting task. It mainly includes collecting employees’ timesheets and payroll data, calculating employees’ net salaries after considering the benefits, deductions, taxes, and preparing paychecks.

Step by step planning is done, and a lot of time is wasted in manual payroll processing for each employee, especially in SMBs and startups. Hence, many employers make payroll errors worldwide.

To make payroll processing simpler and more efficient, Indian software company Zoho now offers Zoho People’s payroll integration with greytHR application in India and UAE.

This helps create a centralized payroll management system for an organization that can be easily shared with team members. Also, HR professionals get time to focus on other important tasks.

Zoho People’s Payroll Integration with greytHR: How It Works

Zoho People’s payroll integration with greytHR provides a fully integrated HR system and reduces the hassle of payroll processing. Various payroll tasks can be performed easily and accurately with Zoho greytHR integration.

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  • Syncing Up Employee Database

To start with the payroll process, you need the information of all your employees. The Zoho People employee master file contains employee ID, name, date of joining, location, bank account details and other relevant data.

When integrated with greytHR, Zoho People’s employee database gets automatically synced with the greytHR account in just a few clicks. In addition, changes made to database fields are updated automatically. 

  • Calculating the Loss of Pay

Errors while calculating the loss of pay (LOP) can result in underpaying or overpaying workers. Zoho People can calculate LOP days every month based on employee attendance.

With greytHR, you can easily push the LOP report for a specific period and adjust LOP during payroll processing. 

  • Capturing Employee Expenses and Benefits

You can capture salary details, travel expenses, shift allowances, benefits, reimbursements, provident fund (PF), and other details from Zoho People. The data can be easily pushed to your integrated greytHR account for payroll calculation. 

  • Payslip Generation

After processing the payroll and shelling out payments, payslips and statements are automatically generated through the greytHR platform.

Employees can instantly access their salary information via Zoho People’s self-service portal. Hence, it does away with additional logins and printed payslips. 

Who Can Benefit from Zoho People and greytHR Integration?

Any organization located in India or UAE can benefit from Zoho People and greytHR integration. In most companies, payroll tasks are handled by the HR team, while in other cases, those are managed by the Finance department.

As a result, both existing and new customers of Zoho People and greytHR can leverage the benefits of software for payroll processing using advanced features and functionalities.

HR & finance teams can ensure faster and more efficient onboarding. Post onboarding, the data will sync with the greytHR system. Any modification made once is reflected automatically in Zoho People and greytHR, avoiding the need to enter data twice.

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Benefits of greytHR and Zoho Integration

Benefits of greytHR and Zoho Integration

The integration offers numerous benefits. Some of the major benefits of this integration include:

  • Simple and Efficient Automation

    greytHR payroll module requires simple inputs to automatically make computation like the loss of pay information, reimbursement amount, outstanding loans, advances and more.You do not have to struggle with applying rules and formulae manually. With integration, even the inputs flow in from other systems like leave and attendance software. The prevents the duplication of work and reduces the error probability.

  • Handle Compliance Needs

    There are frequent changes in India’s regulations around statutory deductions like Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI), Professional Tax (PT), Income Tax (IT) and more.This requires professionals to constantly update their knowledge on the statutory changes. greytHR gets regular backend updates that add these changes. This ensures complete compliance, and you do not have to worry about missed compliances.

  • One-Click Payroll Process

    Just click “Process Payroll” in greytHR. The application accurately and quickly calculates salaries that include statutory deductions, arrears, revisions, loan deductions, loss of pay, pro-rata salary, etc.Generated payslips can be distributed to selected individuals or all employees at once. In addition, they can be published safely in real-time for employee access.

  • Information Security

    All backups are automatically created in highly secure data centers and maintained regularly. This ensures that any outsider cannot access critical and sensitive data of your employees. This also reduces the effort and time in manually creating data backups.

  • Reduced Dependency on Employees

    Organizations do not face issues if the employee who is managing the payroll system leaves suddenly. You can have multiple logins and make new admin for different tasks. Anyone can easily use the simple and intuitive interface of the integrated payroll software.

How to Integrate Your Zoho People with greytHR Application?

Configuration of greytHR integration can be done by a super administrator of the organization’s account initially. The payroll admin can be the super admin himself or the one assigned by the super admin. 

In the Integrations tab of Zoho People’s Admin Console, you can sync with greytHR. One email address and password work for both Zoho People and greytHR. 

  1. Already Have a greytHR Account 

If your organization already has an existing greytHR account, you can sync it with your Zoho People account by following these steps. 

  • Login to your account. Your homepage will be displayed. Go to Settings > Integration > Others. 
  • Select Configure in the greytHR tile. 
  • Click the Integration Settings tab and select Existing Account  
  • Enter your username, domain name, access ID and API key for integration. 

The username and domain name are those in your greytHR account. Access ID and API key are generated from greytHR and are unique for each account. You can use the link on the Integration settings page to know how to generate the keys. 

  • Finally, click ‘Map your existing account.’ This integrates your existing greytHR account with Zoho People. 
  1. Need to Create a New greytHR Account

If you do not have an existing greytHR account, you can create a new account integrated with Zoho People. 

  • Login to your account. Your homepage will be displayed. Go to Settings > Integration > Others. 
  • Select Configure in the greytHR tile. 
  • Click the Integration Settings tab and select New Account 
  • Enter your domain name and click Check. 
  • After selecting Raise my request, an integration request is sent to Zoho People’s support team. A call with greytHR is conducted to verify the account and setup.


Integration of Zoho with greytHR saves time, lowers costs, increases productivity, and improves payroll processing service. It can be used for various industries like IT, education, healthcare, finance, media, and advertising. 

Zoho People users can’t resist the benefits of this integration. After all, payroll processing becomes much simpler with greytHR Zoho integration.

You can also check greytHR and Zoho People comparison side by side.

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