36 Best Top & Free Payroll Software: Payroll Software List for Small Business

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In business, managing the payroll process is a task full of hassles. From calculating different deductions and additions to direct deposits and tax filing; it needs to be accurate. Here, the role of payroll software comes into the picture.

Today, various open source and free payroll software India helps expedite and ease the process of payment calculations and allocation. However, it is crucial to choose the payroll software that meets your requirements without breaking the bank.

What is Online Payroll Software?

Payroll software is a type of platform which helps employers in calculating compensation of the workforce in exchange for the services they have offered.

Payroll software solutions can be bought through an HR/Payroll software vendor as a standalone or can be purchased as a software module in a comprehensive DBMS package for businesses. These include various other modules such as accounting and CRM solutions.

To sum up, payroll management software assists businesses in the calculation of individual salaries keeping several factors in mind, such as logged-in hours, taxes, and attendance. The software then automatically distributes salaries into each employee’s account.

Benefits of Free and Open Source Payroll Software

If payroll management is executed manually, it can be full of hassles, and there is a scope for error, which might lead to discrepancies. Automating systems with the help of a payroll software can help save money, eliminate mistakes, and avoid compliance issues.

If the secondary tasks can be automated, it would free employees for other primary business-related activities. Free and open source payroll management system also help in easing the expansion and transitionary period of a business as it grows.

Another benefit of choosing a good free and open source payroll software for Windows and mobile is that it ensures accuracy in calculations and is less expensive than hiring a payroll management agency.

With standard payroll software, businesses can streamline their processes and make them faster.

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Features of Open Source Free Payroll Software for Small Business

Any standard payroll software, free or premium, comes with a set of features to ease the work of payroll managers. The software helps in the storage and monitoring of employee data while also assisting in generating various documents related to payroll and compliance.

Here are some of the salient features any free open source payroll software for small business must provide:

  • Calculating Income and Deductions

The best free payroll management software India calculates various subtractions such as taxes, loss of pay due to leaves, and Provident Fund. With the help of free and open source payroll management system, these deductions can be automated, and the salary can be credited to specified bank accounts.

  • Saves Tax Stress

Free open source payroll software India should automatically generate all tax forms that are needed by businesses as well as employees. Standard free and open source payroll management systems can create print and send compliance, and tax form with the push of a button. Hence, it also helps in saving the employees from stress and hassles during the tax return filing sessions.

  • Determine Company Needs

Not all free payroll software India consists of the same features. Therefore, it is essential for a business to analyze their requirements and then look for the best free and open source payroll software for Mac & Windows which fulfills those.

For instance, the companies that are just starting their journey and do not expect a sudden growth don’t need to invest in enterprise-level software. For start-ups and SMEs, a starter pack with zero or minimal charges would be sufficient to manage basic Payroll and HR-related tasks.

  • Employee Self-Service

With the help of a trusted free payroll software for Mac & Windows, the staff can easily access their dashboards for information regarding salary, work hours, attendance, and apply for leaves.

Employees can review their personal information and request changes without having to involve the HR department. Employees can also manage their daily work better, with the help of schedulers provided by the best free open source payroll software for small business.

  • Cloud-Based Software

Cloud storage has become an indispensable part of the software systems today, and free payroll management software is no different. Today, managers and business owners need remote access to certain official data for tasks such as monitoring and analysis. Using cloud-based free open source payroll software for small business, they can work with the data from anywhere and at any time.

Payroll solution providers offer Software-as-a-service (SaaS) for monthly, half-yearly, or annually payments depending on the needs and plans of businesses. Another benefit of cloud-based software is that you don’t require an in-house maintenance team to look after the servers. The software can be automatically updated if a new version comes in the market.

List of 36 Best Free Payroll Software India

Here is a list of 36 best free payroll software for small businesses. Each software platform offers unique features so that you can choose which software will suit the best to manage the payroll of your business.

  • Spine Payroll

Spine Payroll HR suite is a holistic HR & payroll management software that provides flexible functions and is user-friendly. Like other payroll management software solutions, Spine Payroll too assists HR professionals in managing tasks from hiring to retiring/resigning.

Features of Spine Payroll

  • The software helps in the addressal of various HR related requirements, such as payroll management without hassles.
  • It provid­es, flexible, and user-friendly solutions mainly for the businesses in India.
  • Spine Payroll enables firms to take care of various HR, payroll, and accounting solutions.

Pricing: Get free payroll software demo with Spine Payroll and choose one the best plans for your business needs.

  • Qandle

Qandle HRMS

Qandle HRMS allows your employees to work seamlessly without worrying about manual punch-ins and punch-outs. Qandle payroll software ensures automated punch ins as soon as your employees enter the office premises.

And you on-field employees can mark their attendance through the Qandle app. Also, expense slips can be scanned and submitted directly through the app, making the payroll management task easier.

Key Features of Qandle

  • Leave approval through push notifications
  • Automated check-ins without any need of biometric machines
  • Remote employees can mark their attendance through Qandle app
  • Automated reminders for employees to mark their attendance
  • On-field employees can submit reimbursement bills directly through their phone
  • Qandle’s odometer generates automated reimbursement requests based on the travelled distances.

Pricing: The price of Qandle HRMS starts at ₹ 2450 per month for 50 users.

  • Marg Payroll Software

Marg Payroll Software

Marg Payroll Software is a comprehensive payroll software solution for modern businesses and has a user-friendly interface. It can be combined with other software and devices such as biometric machines for more cohesive attendance and payroll compliance.

Features of Marg Payroll

  • It enables the HR of a company to keep track of employee data, including gathering and managing salary-slip.
  • This system provides expert solutions in the management of all tasks such as human resource management, payroll management, and compliance management, to name a few.

Pricing: It’s a free payroll management software, which provides trial. However, get advanced features for managing employees’ attendance, salary and payroll functions, at the starting price of just ₹5,000 for one owner.

  • Keka HR

Keka HR Software

Unlike traditional payroll management systems, Keka HR is a state-of-the-art payroll management solution that focuses on enhancing the user experience and streamlining multifaceted operations.

Features of Keka HR

  • Since it is cloud-based, one can manage tasks and scheduling remotely while also keeping the data of employees secure.
  • It also enables access to the system from any device from any part of the world.

Pricing: You can try all its plans for free before making the purchase. The foundation plan of Keka payroll software comes at just ₹4999 per month for up to 100 employees.

  • HRMThread

HRMThread is one of the best payroll software platforms that provide fast and easy modules for comprehensive supervision of payroll activities.

Features of HRMThread

  • It provides one of the most efficient time tracking tools for the scheduling of salary slips. 
  • HRMThread makes leave management and arrear reimbursement hassle-free.
  • Apart from taking care of compliance, this software helps in managing employee exits and recruitment.

Pricing: It’s a free payroll management software. It further comes in different pricing plans like the Base Plan at just Rs 1500/ month to help manage loans, advances, and user access control.

  • Beehive

Beehive Software

Beehive’s HRMS is a comprehensive payroll management software that assists HR professionals manage entire HR lifecycle of a company. 

Features of Beehive

  • It helps at every step, from recruitment to resignation or retirement.
  • Beehive provides a robust, compliance, and accurate leave management system that helps employees apply for leaves.
  • It also assists in the management of approvals while keeping track of the leave balance.
  • The software provides time-management and scheduling tools to provide accurate reports during leave and salary dispersal.

Pricing: This payroll software free comes with online trial for better decision making.

  • ADP Vista HCM

ADP Vista HCM Software

ADP Vista HCM is another robust payroll & HR system platform that helps professionals in accurately streamlining payroll and attendance. It helps in the efficient management of employee pay-cycle without any extra investment or hassles.

Features of ADP Vista HCM

  • A cloud-based platform, ADP Vista HCM provides a combination of cloud-based access and security with state-of-the-art tools for efficient payroll and HR management.
  • It includes modules for employee self-service, leaves, punctuality, reports, in addition to tax deductions and compliance.

Pricing: For this free payroll management software, you can request a demo online.

  • GreytHR

GreytHR Software

GreytHR is one of the most sought-after HR & payroll management software in the Indian market.

Features of GreytHR

  • It helps in managing employee payroll and work processes seamlessly in addition to ensuring accuracy and quick report generation. 
  • GreytHR helps in the automation of the most critical processes, such as employee payroll management, attendance, and time management, along with compliance.

Pricing: GreytHR free payroll management software helps you get started with free trial. Then, you can move to its paid plans at Rs 995 per month.

  • Payroll in Tally ERP 9

Payroll in Tally.ERP 9 is one of the most sought-after Payroll software system for impeccable payroll management in the country. Payroll in Tally.ERP 9, apart from helping organizations manage payroll of employees, also helps in accounting and compliance-related processes.

Features of Payroll in Tally.ERP9

  • It provides advanced tools to assist in generating & distribution of pay slips to the staff, promptly.
  • Payroll managers and HR professionals don’t have to export, attach and send pay slips to employees individually manually.
  • The software enables the HR department to generate various reports related to salary, attendance, and compliance, such as ESI, Taxes, etc. seamlessly.

Pricing: Tally.ERP 9 Silver Plan starts at ₹18,000.

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  • GoForHR

GoForHR Software

GoForHR is a cloud-based payroll management platform designed to augment and assist in the multiplying processes of a growing business. Its payroll management tools combined with a cloud-based environment, allows the HR professionals as well as employees to access the platform from on the go.

Features of GoForHR

  • The best feature of this payroll management system is its self-service module.
  • It provides seamless access to employee database, attendance, leave management, appraisal system, expense claims, payroll, and much more.
  • The software decreases the requirement of technical upkeep considerably by providing updates from time to time.

Pricing: Free demo is available for GoForHR for the interested buyers.

  • sumHR

sumHR Software

sumHR is another popular cloud-based HR & payroll software designed for businesses across India. Some of their most outstanding features are the easy and interactive UI and one-click payroll management.

sumHR provides a plethora of features for the effective management of payroll.

Features of sumHR

  • Some of its features include CTC management, income tax calculations and deductions, bonus and appraisal management, reports and full-and-final. 
  • It automatically calculates expenses and reimbursements based on employee attendance and work duration.
  • sumHR simplifies the work of both the HR professional’s as well as that of employees. 
  • It focuses on collective employee engagement with the help of their ‘streams’ tool.
  • With the help of this tool, employees can seamlessly access all their personal information and apply for leaves directly from the dashboard.

Pricing: For sumHR payroll software free, you can opt for the trial.

  • Saral PayPack

Saral PayPack offers a one-stop payroll solution for all the payroll requirements of a business. It helps in the automation of several processes that come under the blanket of HR and salary management.

Features of Saral PayPack

  • The USP of Saral PayPack, as the name suggests, is that it is convenient to use and provides multi-level security to safe keep, files, features, and the software.
  • It also ensures a multi-tiered access architecture that ensures limited access to employees depending on their role.

Pricing: It provides online demo for both, on premise & on cloud versions. The on-cloud version of Saral PayPack starts at the low price of Rs 825 per month.

  • SmartH2R

SmartHR, previously known as SmartHR, is a one-of-a-kind payroll and HR management software, which focusses both on the employee and the management needs.

Businesses choose Smart2HR, as it comes with inbuilt analytics tools. In 2017, SmartH2R was awarded as the 30 Best Tech Companies by Silicon Review.

Features of SmartH2R

  • The best feature of this HRMS is that it is customizable to suit the specific requirements of different businesses. 
  • It provides a holistic infrastructure to take care of all HR processes, starting from hiring to retiring/ resigning. 

Pricing: You can take free payroll software demo to know more about its features and pricing details.

  • Nitso Technologies

Nitso Technologies is one of the most convenient and modern payroll solutions specifically designed for Indian businesses. Nitso Payroll Software provides some state-of-the-art features to businesses for efficient payroll management.

Features Nitso Technologies

  • It allows you to choose specific periods for salary such as monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • The software automatically calculates the salaries of employees depending on the leaves along with other additions and deductions.
  • The company can stop or modify wages for those employees who are serving their notice period with the help of this software.
  • Nitso Technologies also help in the calculation and application of, Provident Fund and other payroll-related components.
  • It also provides tools for report generation and convert them to files of various formats such as PDF, Word, and Excel. 
  • Nitso also helps during the full-and-final settlements and reports.
  • The addition of payments in the monthly salary can be seamlessly managed with the help of supplementary fees.

Pricing: You can request a free demo for Nitso payroll software and start using it with just Rs 1000 per month.

  • ZingHR

ZingHR Software

ZingHR is another payroll and HR management software which is employee-centric and has adopted a mobile-first approach.

Features of ZingHR

  • The software provides payroll compliance management feature. 
  • It helps companies process complex payroll and compliances and has a convenient payout configurator.

Pricing: You can get ZingHR payroll software demo for free.

  • Quikchex

Quikchex Software

Quikchex payroll software makes payroll management a breeze. Based on a company’s guidelines and procedures, HR Professionals can manage the break-down of salaries, calculation of overhead CTC, and payroll cycles.

Features of Quikchex

  • The software is so convenient that the payroll operations of the entire workforce can be managed in just five simple steps.
  • Quikchex also provides the option to put employees on hold and process payroll in batches.
  • It is auto synced with attendance and leaves, so any deduction is automatically calculated as per policies. 
  • Calculation of incentives, reimbursements, and bonuses can be seamlessly operated with the help of Quikchex. 
  • Besides, arrears, increment, and salary revisions can also be processed with the help of the software.
  • Once the monthly payroll has gone through, it automatically generates salary slips that can be sent to the employees.

Pricing: You can schedule the software demo for free.

  • HRMantra

For decades, manual paperwork has been the conventional way to manage payroll. However, considering the amount of time taken to manage multiple profiles, manual management is full of hassles. HRMantra is one of the most efficient HR and Payroll software in the market.

Features of HRMantra

  • HRMantra enables automation in most of the processes, including paperwork, payroll calculation, and management, retention, and record-keeping, to name a few. 
  • It provides solutions for both, payroll as well as HR management. 

Pricing: Get free payroll software demo for HRMantra. Check here For HRMantra premium plans.

  • Zoho Payroll

Zoho Payroll

Zoho Payroll is a cloud-based payroll software system used to manage expense and remuneration functions  of any business seamlessly. The online solution is aimed to streamline payroll as well as automate and make it more accurate.

Features of Zoho Payroll

  • Zoho Payroll allows businesses to centralize and store records of the employees securely.
  • The software also provides an array of ways to schedule payroll. Zoho Payroll streamlines and makes the various processes of payroll operations hassle-free.
  • Zoho paycheck calculator can automatically do payroll calculations, systemize pay schedules, and in a few steps process and approve pay runs.

Pricing: Zoho provides free payroll software trial. After the free trial, you can enjoy all key features of Zoho Payroll at just Rs 50 per employee per month.

  • PeopleWorks

One of the most advanced employee payroll systems, PeopleWorks is an all-encompassing HRMS that helps in the automation of various verticals of an employee management process.


  • PeopleWorks provides a wide-ranging suite of tools and features empowering processes related to pay slip and HR management; from hiring to retiring/resigning.
  • It provides services to big enterprises with a large number of employees and enables the centralizing of all employee-related processes and information management.

Pricing: You can opt for free software demo for PeopleWorks.

  • Paybooks

Paybooks is one of the leading web-based payroll solutions that enables the simplification of different processes pertaining to payroll for Indian businesses.

Features of Paybooks

  • The salary software provides an easy-to-use dashboard along with a wizard for effortless payroll task management.
  • It has been engineered keeping all the various business and HR-related policies in mind.
  • Paybooks provides easy integration with several compliance reports, including Professional Tax, Provident Fund, ESI, Form 16, Income Tax, and various other compliance documents. 

Pricing: Get free software demo, and make the right choice between Regular & Premium plans.

  • Alp Consulting Ltd.

Alp Consulting Ltd provides one of the top payroll management solutions in India. It has been designed to help in the execution of advanced payroll-related tasks accurately.

Features of Alp Consulting Ltd.

  • This online payroll software reduces manual workload significantly by automating critical processes that need accuracy. 
  • It offers the necessary tools to optimize tasks and from hiring to retiring/resigning.
  • Being a web-based SaaS solution, its features can be accessed from any location. 

Pricing: You can opt for free software demo.

  • ezpayroll

ezpayroll Software

ezpayroll is a web and cloud-based payroll software that offers a simple and automated payroll solution for businesses. It provides a stepwise breakdown for the efficient management of payroll and other tasks all without any additional investment in infrastructure.

Features of ezpayroll

  • It is easy to install and promises precision with compliance. 
  • ezpayroll has been designed keeping Indian businesses, especially SMEs and startups in mind. It caters to a plethora of concurrent payroll and HR-related requirements.
  • It helps in simplifying employee-centric tasks for a company such as payroll processing, attendance management compliance. 
  • Also, it promotes scaling up, as the requirements in a particular SME or startup increases. Being employee-centric, it also provides employees various ways to save their income taxes. 

Pricing: You can opt for free software demo.

  • PACT Payroll

PACT HR Payroll Software provides all the tools required to keep the payroll management of an organization up-to-date and efficient. With its wide-ranging and flexible features, it assists an HR professional manage and look for the best result for all the critical issues.

Features of PACT Payroll

  • The software assists with payroll management; beginning for from job recruitment to the final paycheck. 
  • PACT’s specialized payroll infrastructure helps businesses develop and manage various payroll needs adhering to the organization’s policies and regulations.
  • It provides complete freedom of defining earnings, deductions, loans, and leaves for every employee.
  • The parameters to calculate each earning and deduction can be configured.
  • Moreover, it offers a unique feature of programmable fields in customization.

Pricing: Get free software demo for PACT, and choose from their different payroll ERP solution options.

  • JSM Payroll

JSM’s HRIS software has been in the market for almost two decades and has been a market player due to its flexible, easy-to-use and modernized modules.

Features of JSM Payroll

  • Some of its popular modules are HRMS software, employee self-service software and time-sheet software for Indian as well as business across the globe. 
  • JSM’s HRMS and payroll management software is designed in such a manner that it can be customized to meet the specific regulations and compliances of different countries.
  • It provides all the necessary tools to maintain all the payroll requirements due to its well-designed implementation infrastructure and exceptional support system.

Pricing: You can opt for free payroll software demo.

  • Paysquare

With the help of its state-of-the-art payroll management tools, one can efficiently manage payroll processes hassle-free and quickly. Paysquare offers end-to-end HR and payroll related solutions to businesses so that businesses can focus on other tasks.

Features of Paysquare

  • From employee and HR data synchronization to payroll generation, processing and updating employee information.
  • Paysquare provides a complete HR-employee resolution.
  • Also, Paysquare assists with tax filing and compliance-related statutory deductions.

Pricing: You can opt for the free payroll software demo.

  • AccuPAY

A systematic HR and employee payroll database management is vital for ensuring accurate salary payout in any business. AccuPAY is an all-inclusive HR and payroll platform that comes with payroll management and other HR-related tools.


  • It helps manage employee profiles and salaries across the company. 
  • The software enables the HR and payroll department to interrelate, analyze, and steer its workforce towards accomplishing business’ goals profitably. 

Pricing: You can opt for the free payroll software demo.

  • Poise Payroll

Poise Payroll empowers the human resources department in payroll management and HR functionalities of the organization. Web-Based software with workflow, and Indian payroll management features.

Features of Poise Payroll

  • Poise Payroll enables HR department to calculate, streamline and deploy salary and related documents with the help of state-of-the-art tools.
  • As an automated payroll management platform, Poise Payroll facilitates small, medium, and large-scale businesses in India.

Pricing: You can opt for free payroll software for its simple or advanced edition.

  • Portico

Portico Software

Portico HR enables a comprehensive and flexible solution for the storage and monitoring of various HR and Payroll information of the workforce in an organization. With Portico, HR professionals can access and modify employee data, register recruits, track leaves, and attendance and do much more.

Features of Portico

  • Portico can also be customized to suit specific HR and payroll needs of any business
  • It simplifies processes related to leave tracking tools, tax calculators, investment analytics, employee information, to name a few.
  • The data can be completely synchronized with other processes and can be set to be automatically updated, while old data can be retrieved instantly.
  • As it helps in streamlining and providing accurate data, the processes in payroll and HR run smoothly leading to satisfied employees. 

Pricing: You can opt for the free payroll software demo.

  • HRStop

HRStop is a web-based payroll and HRMS that helps in the automation of several different employee-centric tasks for a company. It also enables HR professionals to make employee data more secure and easily retrievable.

Features of HRStop

  • One of the highlighting features of HRStop is that it’s scalable and customizable.
  • It offers a pool of features along with cloud-based access that lets both employees and HR professionals access the required information from anywhere and at any time.
  • Designed to strengthen communication and the relationship between employees and the employer, it enables them to scale up the workforce. 

Pricing: You can opt for the free software demo.

  • Wave Payroll

Payroll by Wave is a cloud-based payroll solution for small businesses. Primary features include invoicing, accounting, online payments, lending, and receipts. The accounting module allows users to create custom invoices, scan receipts, manage sales tax, etc.

It also assists in generating accounting reports, and facilitating payment transaction reconciliation.

Features of Wave Payroll

  • This payroll software allows users to create recurring bills, send automatic payment reminders, bookkeeping, share invoice status, create customer statements, accept credit card payments, and much more.
  • It automatically deposits the salary into the employee’s bank accounts.
  • Employees can view their pay stubs online. It also allows employers to track hours worked, overtime, and vacation time.

Pricing: Create your free account and start using Wave free payroll software right away.

  • FactoHR

FactoHR Payroll is a workforce benefits platform that integrates all of the features of HRMS & Payroll software. It is designed for businesses to provide HR managers with insights into their workforce, and support & automate HR operations from employee hire to retire.

Features of FactoHR

  • FactoHR attendance software is one of the most elegant and flexible attendance solutions in India.
  • It can be linked with any biometric device, and attendance data flows to payroll software without manual intervention.

Pricing: You can opt for the free software demo.

  • BambooHR


BambooHR is a cloud-based human resource and payroll software platform designed mainly for SMEs and startups. BambooHR comes with a state-of-the-art HR and payroll information system that consists of different tools such as a candidate tracking system.

Features of BambooHR

  • It also offers a variety of employee management tools such as pay slip generator to take care of all the steps of an employee’s lifecycle. 
  • BambooHR automates various human resource processes and is available in multiple languages to make communication convenient in different geographies.
  • It also supports various currencies to cover different countries. The platform enables HR professionals and managers to monitor and manage payroll. 
  • BambooHR also lets businesses customize the platform according to their needs, such as multiple admin access, support, and employee maintenance. 

Pricing: You can opt for the free payroll software demo.

  • PulseHRM

PulseHRM is another cloud-based payroll and HRM software developed and hosted on Oracle. It is a robust and highly customizable product that allows businesses to automate their HRM and payroll processes.

Features of PulseHRM

  • It also helps businesses generate governmental and compliance-related documents such as TDS, Form 16, and PF along with payslips.
  • The payroll management software is user-friendly and can easily be configured for specific business needs. 

Pricing: Get the best package and price as per your business requirement. 

  • Wallet HR

Wallet HR is a payroll and human resource management solution specifically designed for medium businesses and corporates. It provides comprehensive HR functions; from hiring to retiring/resigning; and covers all the processes in the lifecycle of an employee.

Features of Wallet HR

  • This payroll software provides a cloud-based platform that enables users to access information related to payroll from anywhere remotely.
  • Wallet HR helps in simpler and faster processing of attendance and payment.

Pricing: You can opt for the free payroll software demo.

  • PeopleApex

PeopleApex Software

PeopleApex is a cohesive payroll and HR solution, which helps a business manage the complete lifecycle of an employee in an organization. It provides software solutions to businesses in various countries across the globe.

Features of PeopleApex

  • PeopleApex is configured to enable employees to manage their payroll with the help of their robust employee self-service (ESS) tool.
  • Moreover, it also provides an array of tools for HR professionals and managers with manager self-service (MSS).
  • It has been designed by experts and is suitable for new businesses as well as experienced ones.

Pricing: You can opt for the free payroll software demo.

  • Paywell

Paywell payroll software is a software that helps in the management of deductions, taxes, allowances, and other components. It is simple to use and easy to configure.

Once Paywell is configured according to the requirements of a company, most of the functions such as attendance and leave management, overtime calculations and other processes pertaining to payroll can be executed with just one click.

Features of Paywell

  • Assists with multi-cost allocation by taking into account the direct cost
  • The auto advance feature helps with the management of minimum net pay

Pricing: You can opt for the free payroll software demo.

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