Top 9 AI Tools for Coding Online in 2024

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June 9, 2023 Reviewed By : Abhishek Anand .10 Min read

Summary: Discover the best AI tools for coding. Coding tools have come a long way, from natural language processors to code generators. These tools will help developers streamline their workflow and increase productivity.

As technology continues to advance, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more integrated into our daily lives. One area where AI has been particularly impactful is in the field of coding. With the help of AI tools, developers can streamline their workflow and improve the quality of their code.

In this article, we will explore top AI online coding tools that are expected to make waves in recent times. From code completion and error detection to automated testing and debugging, these tools offer a range of features designed to assist developers in creating efficient and error-free code.

Why Use Artificial Intelligence Tools for Coding Online?

AI is making a significant impact on coding online. These tools are designed to make the developer’s job easier by automating repetitive tasks. It can identify syntax errors, suggest code snippets, and even write code based on user input. This not only saves time but also reduces the chances of human error.

9 Best AI Tools for Coding Online for Increased Productivity

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), developers now have access to a plethora of tools that can significantly enhance their productivity and streamline their coding process.

Here are nine of the best AI tools for coding online that are designed to revolutionize the way you write code.

  1. GitHub Copilot

github copilot pricing

Copilot is an innovative coding tool backed by OpenAI. This platform seamlessly integrates into your editor and provides AI-generated code suggestions based on natural language prompts.

It offers multi-line function suggestions, accelerates test generation, and helps avoid common coding mistakes.

With its ability to filter out public code and vulnerable coding patterns, GitHub Copilot is a powerful asset for any developer looking to streamline their coding process.

Features of GitHub Copilot

  • Offers AI-powered coding suggestions
  • Creates code from natural language commands
  • Trained by billions of code lines
  • Supports corporate-level proxy and privacy

Pros and Cons of GitHub Copilot

  • Integrates easily with editors like VisualCode, VS Code, JetBrains etc.
  • Get coding suggestions in multiple languages like Java, Python, HTML etc.
  • Test generation speed is notable
  • The code suggestion feature still needs an upgrade
  • The translation of code language is not 100% accurate.

Pricing: GitHub Copilot’s paid plan starts at INR 820 a month or INR 8,200 a year.

  1. Visual Studio IntelliCode

Visual Studio IntelliCode free ai code generator

Visual Studio IntelliCode works on the “Type Less – Code More” motto. This tool directly brings AI to your coding workflow. This tool enhances coding accuracy and consistency through smart code completion.

It analyzes your code context and offers tailored suggestions for variable names, functions, and code types.

Plus, the tool runs on your machine, ensuring that your private code remains secure. With VS IntelliCode, you can optimize your coding efficiency and streamline your workflow.

Features of Visual Studio IntelliCode

  • Detects code repetition and edits
  • Offers IntelliCode extension for easy access
  • High accuracy and consistency
  • GitHub repository-based recommendations

Pros and Cons of IntelliCode

  • On-premises deployment
  • Supports Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Great technical support
  • The older version often crashes

Pricing: Visual Studio Intellicode pricing is available on request.

  1. OpenAI Codex

OpenAI Codex ai code generator

OpenAI Codex is an AI-powered tool that can convert natural language into programming code. It offers users to create a natural language interface for their software applications.

With expertise in over a dozen programming languages, Codex understands basic instructions written in natural language and executes them. Based on GPT-3, this tool uses billions of source code lines from public GitHub repositories.

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Features of OpenAI Codex

  • Proficient in multiple languages, including Perl, PHP, JavaScript etc.
  • Offers highly accurate, data-driven and precise results
  • Easily translate natural language to code
  • Turn your editing comments into code

OpenAI Codex Pros and Cons

  • Easy to handle interface
  • Easily converts between programming languages
  • You can start coding with a few comments
  • Its security and privacy are often questioned
  • Frequent server crashes due to heavy usage

Pricing: Currently, OpenAI Codex is a free-to-use tool.

  1. CodeT5

CodeT5 is an innovative AI tool that empowers programmers with efficient coding capabilities. Developed by SalesForce, it leverages Google’s T5 (Text-to-text text transformer) framework to create an open-source programming language model.

This tool is trained on over 8.35 million instances of code and offers extensive language support, including JavaScript, Ruby, Go, PHP, C, Python, and C#.

Features of CodeT5

  • Offers text-to-code generation
  • Works on Google’s T5 model
  • Supports code summarization
  • Code suggestion and auto-completion

CodeT5 Pros and Cons

  • Supports various programming languages like Ruby, Go etc.
  • Vast GitHub repository
  • Only accessible through GitHub

Pricing: Code T5 pricing is available on request.

  1. Tabnine

tabnine ai

Tabnine is an AI tool designed for online coding. This tool can easily predict and suggest the next lines of code with its generative AI technology, tailored to your context and syntax. It offers whole line and full-function code completions, as well as the ability to convert natural language into code.

Compatible with popular code editors, Tabnine Pro provides real-time alternatives that adapt to your code context as you type. You can easily enhance your coding experience with Tabnine’s intelligent assistance.

Features of Tabnine

  • Easy compilation of fully-functional code
  • Add your personal sources (from GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket)
  • Automates repetitive coding to prevent errors
  • Cuts down on expensive code review cycles

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Pros and Cons of Tabnine

  • Offers natural language to code
  • High-grade security and privacy
  • Tailored suggestions according to code pattern
  • Needs a high-end PC to run smoothly
  • Only a basic code completion on the starter plan

Pricing: Tabnine’s paid plan starts at INR 1240 monthly for 1 user.

  1. Polycoder


Polycoder is an innovative AI tool for coding online that’s designed to help programmers write better code with greater accuracy. Developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, the tool is based on the advanced GPT model.

This tool is trained on a vast codebase of 12 programming languages. Polycoder is one of the first open-source platforms that offers greater transparency and flexibility to users. Its advanced capabilities enable it to write C code with exceptional accuracy, making it a valuable tool for programmers to write code with AI.

Features of Polycoder

  • Supports multi-coding languages
  • GPT trained platform
  • Matrix workflows to save time
  • Check how your workflow runs in real time
  • Open-source platform

Pros and Cons of Polycoder

  • Works on major OS, Windows, macOS and Linux
  • In cloud or on-premises deployment
  • Deploy your code directly from GitHub
  • Only accessible through GitHub

Pricing: Polycoder is accessible through GitHub, and its plan starts at INR 350 a month for one user.

  1. PyCharm


PyCharm is a Python-dedicated IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developers. It combines all the essential Python tools in one place, and you can be more productive and save time.

With smart code completion, error checking, and project navigation, PyCharm offers intelligent assistance for efficient coding. It also supports web development frameworks, scientific tools, and cross-technology development.

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Features of PyCharm

  • All-in-one place for Python developers
  • Refactor your code fast and smartly
  • One-click smart code navigation
  • Offers PEP8 checks for code quality

Pros and Cons of PyCharm

  • Access various database platforms like Oracle, MySQL etc.
  • PyCharm supports web frameworks like Flask, Django etc.
  • Built-in tools for debugging, deployment and testing
  • Not a beginner-friendly
  • Limited tools on the basic package

Pricing: The PyCharm paid plan starts at INR 820 monthly for individual users.

  1. aiXcoder


aiXcoder is an intelligent programming tool that helps developers write code efficiently and easily. It offers features such as method-level code generation from natural language, intelligent code completion etc.

aiXcoder improves software development efficiency and helps developers keep their focus and creativity. The tool supports various programming languages and IDEs and can be used online or locally. aiXcoder is perfect for those who want to experience the benefits of AI in coding.

Features of aiXcoder

  • Full and multi-line code completion
  • Search tool for smart code search
  • Convert natural language to code
  • Supports mainstream IDEs like CLion and GoLine

Pros and Cons of aiXcoder

  • Multiple programming languages
  • Supports both local and cloud platform
  • Good technical support
  • Multi-line code completion can be better
  • Overwhelming interface

Pricing: aiXcoder pricing is available on request.

  1. WingPro

WingPro ai code generator online

WingPro is an AI powered coding platform that is developed by and for Python users. This tool helps developers to write better code, find bugs faster, and navigate code with ease.

It features an intelligent editor, a powerful debugger, easy code navigation and much more, making it a reliable and effective tool for coding online.

With 23 years of Python IDE experience, WingPro provides a Python development environment that supports various Python versions.

Features of WingPro

  • Comes with a powerful debugger to find and resolve bugs faster
  • Easy navigation of codes with stored visit history feature
  • Manage Python environments with Conda, Pipenv, Docker etc
  • Supports unit testing with Django frameworks

Pros and Cons of WingPro

  • Works with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Highly customizable platform
  • More of a Python-centric platform
  • The personal plan offers only basic features

Pricing: WingPro paid plan is available on request.

Benefits of Using AI Tools for Coding

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are providing developers with powerful advantages that streamline their workflow and enhance their productivity. Here are five key benefits of using AI tools for coding:

  • Enhanced Code Completion: One of the primary benefits of AI-powered coding tools is that they offer intelligent code suggestions. Developers can save time and effort while writing code.
  • Automatic Code Generation: You can explain your project idea in understandable natural language to the platform, and it will help you convert it into executable code.
  • Efficient Debugging: AI-powered coding tools assist in identifying and resolving coding errors swiftly; this allows developers to debug their code more effectively and efficiently
  • Deployment Control: These technologies analyze the deployment procedure using machine learning techniques, which lowers the probability of deployment failure throughout the upgrade process.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Developers can not look over the data security, as they’re busy with coding. That’s where AI steps in. It helps them to investigate any irregularities while coding.


The future of coding online looks bright with the emergence of advanced AI tools. These AI code generators have proven their ability to simplify and streamline coding tasks, making it easier for developers to create innovative solutions.

From code completion to bug detection and documentation, these tools offer a range of functionalities that can save time and improve code quality.

As we move further, we can expect even more breakthroughs in AI technology that will further enhance the coding experience.


  1. What is the best AI tool to write code?

    Some of the best AI tools for coding are GitHub Copilot, PolyCoder, OpenAI Codex etc. These tools provide better code suggestions, code predictions and natural language to code conversions.

  2. Can AI write its own code?

    Yes, AI can write its own code. There are various AI coding tools like Visual Studio Intellicode, OpenAI Codex, and Polycoder that can generate codes based on your inputs.

  3. What are the top AI tools for coding?

    GitHub Copilot, Tabnine, WingPro, and OenAI Codex are some of the top AI tools for coding. These tools offer features like code prediction, natural language-to-code conversion, support for multiple coding languages etc.

  4. What tools do I need to start coding?

    To start coding, you’ll need a computer or laptop, a text editor or an integrated development environment (IDE), for example, Visual Code, PyCharm etc. Finally, you need access to a programming language of your choice.

  5. How to start coding AI?

    To start coding with AI, first, you need to know the basics of coding languages and an AI tool like Tabnine to help you code online.

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