11 Best Deepfake Apps and Websites for Android, iOS and PC

11 Best Deepfake Apps and Websites for Android, iOS and PC-feature image
June 7, 2023 10 Min read

Summary: From replacing faces in famous movie scenes to swapping celebrities into music videos, there are countless ways that deepfake apps can be used for fun. These 11 best deepfake apps and websites can provide endless hours of entertainment.

Deepfake technology has been making waves for the past few years, and it’s no surprise that people have been using this technology to create fun and entertaining content. From swapping faces with celebrities to putting yourself in your favorite movie scenes, deepfake apps and websites have taken the internet by storm.

If you’re interested in creating your own deepfakes or just want to have some fun with them, we’ve compiled a list of the eleven best deepfake apps and websites for Android, iOS, and PC. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the world of deepfakes!

What is Deepfake Software and App?

Deepfake software or apps are like a magic trick that can make people look like they’re saying or doing things they never actually said or did. These tools can superimpose faces onto other bodies, change facial expressions, or even manipulate audio.

Deepfake tools use advanced machine learning algorithms and AI to manipulate digital media content. While they have potential applications in entertainment and advertising, they also raise ethical concerns as they can be used to spread misinformation or defame individuals.

11 Best Deepfake Apps and Websites to Try Now

Deepfake technology can be used for entertainment purposes or as a tool for malicious intent. It’s up to the users how they use it. Anyway, here are 11 of the best deepfake apps and websites to try now:

  1. Craiyon

Craiyon best deepfake apps

Craiyon, previously known as DALL-E Mini, is an AI image generator taking the internet by storm. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can easily create images by describing what they want to generate in text.

It uses the latest AI model to generate various art, images, and photos. Moreover, in the Pro version, you can generate up to 9 images in 15 seconds.

Features of Craiyon

  • Latest AI model to generate images
  • Generate Photos, Art or Images
  • Get new and better suggestions for generated images
  • Enhance generated image for best quality

Platform: Craiyon AI works on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Free Trial: Yes, Craiyon offers a free trial, which generates around 5-6 images a minute.

Pricing: Craiyon paid plan starts at around INR 436 per month.

  1. FaceApp

FaceApp deepfake app android

FaceApp is a tool that can easily turn your image or selfie into a modeling portrait. This app offers a fun way to see yourself in various styles by simply uploading your photo. With a variety of filters and effects, you can change your facial expression, see how you’ll look old, or even grow a beard.

Features of FaceApp

  • Offers more than 60+ photo editing filters
  • Great set of AI effects and backgrounds for your image
  • Retouch and smooth out your image
  • Turn your portrait photos into magazine cover photos

Platform: Android and iOS

Free Trial: FaceApp is a free app. However, you can upgrade it to pro to get rid of ads and get new effects and filters.

Pricing: FaceApp Pro will cost you around INR 580 a month

  1. MyHeritage

MyHeritage deepfake apps

MyHeritage can make your old and black & white image move. It’s incredibly simple to use; you only need to upload an image and press the animate button. Within a matter of seconds, you’ll have an animated version of your photo with the face, eyes, and mouth all in motion, adding a touch of nostalgia to your pictures.

Features of MyHeritage

  • Animate year-old photos
  • Multiple facial gesture and expressions
  • Can animate multiple faces in a single photo
  • Works on both colored and black & white pics

Platform: MyHeritage works on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS.

Free Trial: MyHeritage does offer a free trial, just upload your photo, and it will create an animated image for you.

Pricing: MyHeritage premium plan will cost you around INR 10650 a year.

  1. Lensa AI

Lensa AI

Lensa AI app makes portraits of you or anyone else. This deepfake app will put your face on other people’s bodies or in videos. Lensa AI has the insanely cool ability to create photorealistic portraits of yours from a few selfies. You can turn yourself into an anime character, superhero, alien or even a supervillain.

Features of Lensa AI

  • Improve body and facial retouching
  • Blur in or out of the background
  • Apply special effects and filters to your image
  • Easily correct the facial imperfections
  • Apply effects on both foreground and background

Platform: LensaAI is available on Android and iOS devices.

Free Trial: LensaAI offers a free trial with limited features and application ads.

Pricing: LensaAI pro plan starts at $29 a year. You can also opt for a per-photo basis; it will cost you $8 for 200 photos.

  1. Reface

Reface deep fake app

Reface is a widely used app for Android with advanced deepfake technology. With this app, users can superimpose their own faces onto various media formats like photos, videos, and GIFs.

The end result is highly realistic, fooling even those closest to the user. With Reface, you can easily create convincing fake content with various famous franchises like Game of Thrones, Marvel, Cyberpunk, DC and many more.

Features of Reface

  • New avatar drops according to trends
  • Extremely detailed results
  • Search function to search your favorite character
  • Convert your image to interesting talking videos

Platform: Reface is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Free Trial: You can use the Reface app for free, but you’ll have to deal with annoying ads and limited AI avatars.

Pricing: Reface Pro plan starts at INR 570 per week. You can also opt for lifetime access for INR 4200.

  1. Wombo


Wombo is a fun application that uses artificial intelligence to create lip-synced deepfake videos. With this app, you can turn any still image into a singing face by selecting a song from the list available. The AI technology used by the app produces animated and comical videos that are not intended to be realistic.

To use Wombo, you only need to download the app, take a selfie, and choose a song from the list. The app will take care of the rest, and you will see your selfie transformed into a humorous singing version of yourself.

Features of Wombo

  • Create art from the images
  • Edit your images with text
  • Offers AI painting feature to enhance your image and video
  • Share your art on social media with a click
  • Offers a dedicated AI image generation feature

Platform: Wombo is available on Android and iOS devices.

Free Trial: Wombo offers a free trial with limited features and arts you can create monthly.

Pricing: The Wombo paid plan starts at INR 7426.46 a year.

  1. DeepFaceLab

DeepFace Lab

DeepFace Lab is a software designed for Windows. More than 90% of deepfake videos over the internet are created using DeepFace Lab. The program leverages machine learning and human image synthesis techniques to substitute faces in videos.

For example, you can substitute your face with Iron Man. However, you must have access to a high-performance computer equipped with a dedicated high-end graphics processing unit to run it smoothly.

Features of DeepFaceLab

  • Replace the face or head in the video
  • Manipulate lips and facial expressions
  • Offers pre-trained models and celebrities face sets
  • Uses GPU and CPU technology for best performance

Platform: DeepFace Lab is hosted on GitHub and can be accessed with any desktop device.

Free Trial: DeepFace Lab is a free-to-use and open-source tool.

Pricing: You can visit GitHub to use DeepFace Lab for free.

  1. Deep Art

Deep Art is known for its ability to generate deepfake images from ancient architecture, artworks and paintings. The app’s algorithm mimics the workings of the human brain and uses aesthetic elements to produce artistic images.

The neural art network generates composite images inspired by the works of famous artists like Picasso and Da Vinci, as well as various structures.

Features of Deep Art

  • Offers offline access
  • Color your greyscale images automatically
  • 4x image magnification using AI
  • Offers German data protection for privacy
  • Produces HD resolution (1920 px) artworks

Platform: Deep Artworks on Android, Windows, Mac, iOS and Linux.

Free Trial: Deep Art offers a free trial. But it offers only 50 filters and effects along with frequent advertisements.

Pricing: Deep Art’s paid plan starts at INR 830 a month or 7300 a year.

  1. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live ai face swap

Face Swap Live is a new app that allows you to swap faces with your friends or photos in videos. It allows you to record videos, add stickers, take photos, and directly share them on social media platforms.

The app is not limited to static images and provides a degree of movement on the face. Additionally, there are 3D effects, interactive face warping, masks, and various other effects.

Features of Face Swap Live

  • Real-time face swapping
  • Various mask costumes
  • Multiple 3D effects and filters
  • Share your clip directly on social media

Platform: Android and iOS devices.

Free Trial: Face Swap Live does not offer any free trial.

Pricing: Face Swap Live will cost you around INR 100 for iOS devices and 140 for Android devices.

  1. FacePlay


FacePlay is an app that allows users to create short videos by inserting their faces into various video templates. It offers a wide range of free video templates to choose from.

You can simply choose a video template they like and personalize it by adding their face. The app is free to download and use, but some video templates may require a few bucks to access.

Features of FacePlay

  • 3000 plus custom video templates
  • Create both 3D and 2D cartoon videos
  • High-quality results
  • Frequent templates and new character launches

Platform: Android and iOS

Free Trial: FacePlay offers a free trial but with limited templates and skins.

Pricing: FacePlay paid plan starts at INR 680 a month or 4790 a year.

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  1. Jiggy

Jiggy is a tool that allows users to create fun and entertaining deepfake content for social media. It lets you create stickers, GIFs, or videos from still images or your own pics and bring them to life. This platform provides a range of peculiar and amusing content that you can use to play pranks.

In addition, to a full-body swap feature, there are hundreds of GIFs and distinct dances that you can use to animate your pictures and share them with your buddies.

Features of Jiggy

  • 100+ unique GIFs and animations to choose
  • Swap your face or body for GIFs, stickers etc.
  • Special holidays filters like New Year, Thanksgivings etc.
  • Directly share on platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook

Platform: Android and iOS

Free Trial: You can use Jiggy for free, but you have to deal with annoying ads.

Pricing: Jiggy price is available on request.


Deepfake technology has taken the world by storm, and with the help of these 11 best fun deepfake apps and websites for Android, iOS and PC, you can now explore your creativity to the fullest. Whether it’s creating funny videos or pranking your friends and family, there is something for everyone.

These applications are easy to use and provide an immersive experience that will leave you entertained for hours on end.

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  1. Is deepfake app free?

    There are many apps like Wombo, Reface, and Lensa AI which provide a free trial. However, they often come with limitations like limited features, effects, annoying ads etc.

  2. Is deepfake app safe?

    Deepfake apps can be either safe or unsafe, depending on their intended use and the ethical considerations surrounding their creation and implementation.

  3. Is deepfake an app?

    Deepfake is not an app itself but rather a technology that can be used in various software applications.

  4. Can a deepfake be detected?

    Yes, deepfakes can be detected by analyzing inconsistencies in images or videos, self-observing, facial expressions etc.

  5. What are the best deepfake apps for iPhone?

    There is not any “single best” deepfake app for iPhones. There are many apps like Lensa AI, Wombo, and MyHeritage that offer different features for different use. So, the best deepfake app depends on your needs.

  6. How deepfake ai works?

    Deepfake AI works by analyzing a large dataset of images and using machine learning algorithms to generate new images or videos. It also uses ML to add facial expressions, swap faces, animate images etc.

  7. How does deepfake software work?

    Deepfake software uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and manipulate images or videos to create new ones. The results are often high quality and sometimes undetectable.

  8. Is deepfake ai?

    Yes, deepfake technology involves the use of AI algorithms, particularly deep learning neural networks. This helps to manipulate or generate digital media content.

  9. Is there a deepfake for Android?

    There are many deepfake apps for Android, like Lensa AI, Jiggy, FacePlay, Face Swap Live, Wombo, Reface etc.

  10. What app is deepfake?

    Deepfakes are not specific to any particular app but rather a technique that can be used in various applications and software. However, there are several apps available that allow users to create deepfake videos, including Face Swap, DeepFaceLab, and Craiyon.

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