11 Best AI Tools for Education Free & Paid Example

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April 25, 2023 9 Min read

Summary: Discover the top AI tools for education in this informative blog. From personalized learning platforms to virtual tutors, explore how AI is transforming the educational landscape and enhancing the experience for both teachers and students.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been discussed quite frequently in recent years. Many people think of AI as a business tool and are speculating on the future of AI. Whether it is in the workplace or education, there are AI tools to assist humans.

AI tools are designed to make processes run smoother, faster, and more efficiently. But how can it be used to advance education? Let’s take an in-depth look at the best AI education tools available for teachers and students alike.

List of Top 11 AI Tools for Education of Students

With the help of AI-powered tools, teachers are able to create more interactive lessons and deliver personalized learning experiences. AI has also made grading easier than before. There are many educational AI tools available, let’s look at the best options for the education of students:

  1. OpenAI

OpenAI ChatGPT tool for education

OpenAI is one of the most famous AI research companies, and it is committed to creating best AI tools for students that can help them in every way possible. Their AI based education tools offer a wide range of potential uses in education, and one of the most used is GPT (ChatGPT).

OpenAI’s tools for education help students with assignments as well as assist teachers in sharing quick, personalized feedback.

Students can also use Open AI’s Chatbot-style platform as a personal teacher, asking anything relating to their domain and getting an answer. ChatGPT can help with everything from the course outline to the entire learning journey layout.

OpenAI Features

  • Supports over 7 thousand languages
  • Can act as your personal mentor
  • Continuously shifts and evolves in response to feedback
  • Can assist in improving writing and learning skills
  • Personalized feedback generation for assignments

Price: ChatGPT Plus pricing starts at $20 per month

  1. Gradescope

Sudent grading takes a lot of time and resources, but with the help of Gradescope, it’s easier than ever. Gradescope uses Machine Learning and AI to help teachers to grade all the assessments quickly and easily. AI-based automated grading enables teachers to put extra time into teaching.

It gives teachers the ability to quickly scan and upload student work and then uses a flexible rubric to provide detailed feedback. Then Gradescope sends grades to students with just a click or exports them to their own grade book. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency in grading across all submissions.

Gradescope Features

  • Automated grading with the help of AI for students
  • Supports variable assessments, including Bubble Sheets, Quizzes, Essays, Problem Sets, etc.
  • Provides a rubric statistical report so you can learn more about what your students queries
  • Ensures instant feedback delivery
  • Creates and manages homework assignments for classes

Pricing: Gradescope offers 3 plans- Basic, Complete, and Institutional. Details are available on request at the official website.

  1. Knowji

Knowji is a well-known best AI education tool for language learners. It is an advanced vocabulary app that uses audio & visual techniques backed by educational research for effective learning.

Knowji uses a spaced repetition algorithm to monitor learners’ progress and forecast what they may have forgotten. This innovative strategy improves learning over time by combining scientifically established approaches with entertaining content such as word games.

This software provides learners with a dynamic and captivating platform, ensuring an immersive and successful learning journey.

Knowji Features

  • With the goal-setting option, you can decide how many new phrases you’d like to learn each day
  • See how many words you have learned so far with the progress tracker
  • There are various learning models for each age group
  • Available on both iOS and Android platforms

Pricing: Knowji’s price is available on request.

  1. SciSpace Copilot

SciSpace Copilot

SciSpace Copilot is basically for science students. This amazing artificial intelligence tools in education, is designed to assist scientists and researchers in navigating the vast landscape of scientific data. This powerful application analyzes scientific publications and extracts valuable information by using state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) algorithms.

This AI based education system accelerates the research process by quickly selecting the most significant and relevant research publications on a certain topic. SciSpace Copilot is a vital tool for science students to stay up to date on the newest scientific breakthroughs.

SciSpace Copilot Features

  • Get a clear explanation of the complex text, mathematical issues, and tables
  • You can ask for additional inquiries and receive answers immediately
  • Partners with leading institutions to share expertise
  • Allows you to complete hours of comprehension and reading in a few minutes

Pricing: Available on request

  1. Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition

Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition is the ultimate solution for students and faculty alike. This is a speech recognition AI tool with the ability to transcribe up to 160 words a minute. This software is a game-changer for those who struggle with writing or typing.

The convenient verbal commands allow easy navigation through documents, making them accessible for students with diverse needs. But that’s not all! Dragon also enables users to dictate course syllabus, lessons, assignments, literature lists, and more with 99% accuracy at a breakneck pace.

Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition Features

  • Transcribes 160 words/min with 99% accuracy
  • Supports verbal instructions for browsing
  • Provides detailed comments on documents, studies, and exams

Pricing: Pricing is available on request

  1. Century Tech

Century Tech is an award-winning AI technology that leverages relevant neuroscience and data analytics to create customized learning programs for students. These plans then give instructors the chance to devote more time to other important tasks.

This London-based firm is an all-in-one solution for tracking student progress and personalizing learning. With its advanced analytics, Century Tech identifies knowledge gaps and offers personalized study suggestions and feedback to each student.

This benefits teachers in saving valuable time for more meaningful interaction with students.

Century Tech Features

  • Access thousands of learning materials
  • Evaluate knowledge gaps
  • Teachers can record audio & video feedback on the student’s progress.
  • Student and parent dashboard

Pricing: Century Tech pricing starts at $800 per year.

  1. Carnegie Learning

Carnegie Learning best AI tools for education of students

Carnegie Learning combines artificial intelligence and machine learning for its innovative educational platforms for college and high school students. It offers various solutions for literacy, Math, and world languages.

Carnegie Learning ensures that every learner gets the greatest support customized to their requirements. It provides high-quality learning materials and relevant data on student progress through exams.

Carnegie Learning Features

Pricing: Carnegie Learning pricing is available on request.

  1. Altitude Learning

Altitude Learning is a platform specially created for the professional development of students. It works on a learner-centered approach and aims to support students in their learning journey through self-directed education.

This AI based learning platform empowers learners to study independently and allows educators to work according to individual student needs. It also collaborates with Elementary to Secondary (K-12) schools for a better student experience.

Altitude Learning ensures that each student gets all the tailored instruction based on their individual needs and abilities.

Altitude Learning Features

  • Students, teachers, and parents can track students’ progress through a single platform
  • Works on a Learner-centric model for self-learning
  • Monitor students’ progress- from planning to evaluation
  • Excellent design and evolution framework for increasing learners’ ability

Pricing: Altitude Learning price is available on request at the official website.

  1. Cognii

Cognii is one of the renowned AI-based education providers. Cognii collaborates with K-12 and colleges and universities to provide students with a better learning platform. This platform works with students, educators, and organizations to provide modern-day online education that is both effective and affordable.

The virtual learning assistant, Cognii’s main AI learning app, has been developed to encourage creative thinking abilities through chatbot technology.

This chatbot helps students by providing quick formative evaluations and teaching them personalized suggestions and advice. Students can practice open-format responses, receive one-on-one tuition, and get real-time feedback.

Cognii Features

  • One-on-one tutoring with AI
  • Students get immediate feedback on their performance
  • Critical thinking assessments available for students
  • Adaptive assessments provide students with the precise guidance they require
  • Ensures high-quality education on a large scale

Pricing: Cognii pricing is available at request on their official website.

  1. Knewton’s Alta

Knewton’s Alta is an all-in-one, personalized learning program that provides a number of courses at an affordable rate. It provides a holistic approach to enhance students’ learning while they are doing their assignments.

The educational content on Alta is carefully arranged by learning goals and delivered precisely when students need it. Whether it’s instructional text, examples, videos, or assessments, everything is structured to support students’ learning.

Knewton’s Alta Features

  • Multiple courses like Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics are available.
  • Partnerships with universities and colleges to get course materials
  • It’s a personalized learning platform

Pricing: Knewton’s Alta pricing starts at $9.95 per month.

  1. Ivy Chatbot

Ivy Chatbot AI tools for education

As the name suggests, Ivy Chatbot is an AI-powered chatbot that is developed to help Colleges and Universities. It simplifies administrative tasks such as application forms, enrollment, tuition fees, paperworks, deadlines, and more.

Additionally, Ivy Chatbot gives students important information on financial aid, including mortgages, grants, scholarships, and other fees. The chatbots make it easier to use across departments, ensuring effective communication and streamlined processes.

Ivy Chatbot Features

  • Ivy Chatbot is fully powered by the latest GPT
  • Integrates with 30+ tools, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Facebook, and many other CRM software
  • Works with relationships, facts, and data to get adaptive over time

Pricing: Ivy Pricing is available on request through their website

Conclusion: Which is the Best AI Tool for Education

As we are near the conclusion of our tour through the top AI tools for education, it’s time to answer that burning question: Which AI tool for education is the best? There is no one answer to this question, as there are several facets to be considered before deciding on the best option for your needs.

Different tools work differently and have specific characteristics. For example, if you are a teacher and seeking a solution to simplify the grading process, Gradescope is the way to go. If you want to learn another language using AI, Knowji is an ideal choice.

So, it solely depends on how you want to use AI in your educational path. You can look at the tools described above and choose based on your preferences.


  1. How can AI improve education?

    AI can improve education through personalizing learning experiences, automated administrative tasks, and improved teaching methods.

  2. What AI tools are used in education?

    Some of the AI tools that are used in education are automated grading systems, virtual tutoring, language learning, and assessment feedback.

  3. What are examples of AI tools for students?

    Examples of AI tools for students are ChatGPT, AI Chatbots, Plagiarism Detector Tools, Virtual Assistants, etc.

  4. How is artificial intelligence currently used in education?

    Currently, AI is used for grading, online tutoring, essay writing, and assessment evaluation in education.

  5. What are the advantages of AI tools in education?

    AI improves administrative task efficiency and accuracy, ensures personalized educational experiences for students, and improves student results through data-driven teaching techniques.

  6. How is AI useful in education in India?

    Currently, AI is not much used in the education sector in India. However, there are some AI tools out there like ChatGPT and Grammarly that help students and teachers with assignments and proofreading. Also, there are tools like Gradescope for grading and evaluation.

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