Top 7 Android Cleaner Apps to Clean Your Phone

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November 16, 2022 7 Min read

No matter how well you try to keep your smartphone, chances are it can get a little messy in the background. This means if you do not clear junk files on your smartphone, your device will slow down over time. Hence, it is always a good idea to clear up your Android device and that’s where an Android cleaner app comes into play.

An Android cleaner app helps optimize your smartphone to enhance its performance. It eliminates unnecessary junk files, temporary files, cache, cookies etc. from your system. Phone cleaner also allows you to uninstall multiple apps at once if required.

Whether you want to clear cache, junk files, disable apps or remove unused data, there are plenty of Android cleaners that can help you get this and more done out of your devices. In this article, we have listed our favorite picks for Android cleaner apps.

7 Best Android Cleaner App to Boost Performance

While there are many Android cleaner apps available on Play Store, not all of them deliver performance as promised. Let’s read about some of the best cleaner apps for Android that works amazingly to improve your phone’s performance.

AppsPlay Store RatingNo of downloadsPricingCompatibilityGoogle Play Store Link
CCleaner4.610Cr+Free to download with in app purchaseAndroid 5.0 & above, Mac, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, OperaCcleaner for Android
Avast Cleanup4.65Cr+Android only version is available for free
Starting pricing at INR 1199
Android, Mac, WindowsAvast Cleanup for Android
Files by Google4.6100Cr+FreeAndroid 5.0 & aboveFiles by Google for Android
Avg Cleaner4.75Cr+Free to download with in app purchaseAndroid 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23) and above, MacAvg cleaner for Android
One Booster4.510Cr+Free to download with in app purchaseAndroid, Windows, Mac OSOne Booster for Android
Nox Cleaner4.410Cr+Free to download with in app purchaseAndroid, Mac, WindowsNox Cleaner for AndroidNox Cleaner for Mac
All In One Toolbox4.41Cr+Free
Starting price at INR 1271.05
Android, MacAll In One Toolbox for Android
  • CCleaner – Cleaning and Optimization

cleaning app for android devices

CCleaner (owned by Avast) makes your computer fast and secure by bringing a plethora of tools together to clear cache, clipboard content, manage apps and delete redundant data. The different range of tools include Defraggler to optimize your hard drive and free up space, Recuva to restore deleted files and Speccy to analyze the hardware.

CCleaner Pros & Cons

Runs on PCs, cloud, mobile, & even in complex corporate networksNeed to grant users access to each module
Clears browsing data to improve privacy
Allows you to uninstall useless apps
System info page monitors your phone’s resources

Pricing: CCleaner Professional’s free trial version is available. The pro version costs INR 890 for 1 year and 1 PC while the professional plus version is priced at INR 1290 for 1 year up to 3 PCs.

  • Avast Cleanup – Junk Cleaner

Avast Cleanup is an effective Android junk cleaner app that offers unique benefits such as bloatware removal tool. This tool helps you get rid of junk and forgotten programs that have made your system slow. In addition, it has a hibernation mode that lets you put apps to rest when you’re not using them. Avast Cleanup also features an in-built battery saver that can increase your phone’s battery life.

To further tune up your phone’s performance, the app scans your photo library for any unclear or duplicate photos, thus ensuring your gallery looks organized.

Avast Cleanup Pros & Cons

Clears up space wasting junk for the important things you wantLimited features in the free plan
Deletes unnecessary files such as leftover data, app cache, unused data like saved YouTube videos & more
Customizes your cleanup experience as per your requirement

Avast Cleanup Pricing: Android only version is available for free that can be used for one phone/tablet. The paid version starts at INR 1199 per year for 10 devices including Windows, Mac and Android OS. Also, there is a free trial version available for 30 days.

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  • Files by Google – Cleaning & Fast Browsing

use for fast browsing and cache clearance

Files by Google is an official Android management app that helps you free up your phone’s space along with recommending cleanups for unused apps or even low-quality videos. It further helps you find files faster with simple browsing and allows you to share files offline directly with people nearby.

Not only that, but you can also back up files to Google Drive or to any cloud storage app with Files by Google.

Files by Google Pros & Cons

Clears your junk files, deletes duplicate files & moreSlight chance of corrupted files
Allows you to easily browse files and folders on your device
Move or copy files to an existing folder on your device or to your SD card

Pricing: Files by Google is a free Android cleaner app to download & use

  • AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner

AVG apps are best known for virus and junk removal from devices

AVG Cleaner for Android gives your phone or tablet a performance boost by identifying and removing junk files, or any other unnecessary apps or files from your device. It constantly monitors and cleans your SD card and internal memory to ensure peak performance of your phone.

Moreover, with the paid version of the app, you get the custom dashboard feature allowing you to quickly access the tools that you use more often. Other features of AVG Cleaner includes a photo optimizer, automatic cleaning, and more.

AVG Cleaner Pros & Cons

Schedules automatic cleaning of your phoneNeed to grant lots of permission
Allows you to manage largest multimedia files using media dashboardPop ups for feedback that gets annoying sometime
Automatically finds duplicate, blurry & low-resolution pictures
Cleaning out junk is even faster with “Quick clean” button

Pricing: AVG cleaner for Android is a free app. However, the pro features are included free for 30 days and can be purchased anytime with an in-app purchase.

  • One Booster – Delete redundant apps

One Booster is a must have Android cleaner tool as it helps you speed up your mobile devices by deleting obsolete or junk files and app caches in one click. It even deletes redundant apps that drain your battery. The smart battery saver feature of this app is similar to other Android cleaner apps.

One Booster Pros & Cons

Scans your phone for junk files and cleans them upMany pop up and ads

Pricing: Free to download with in-app purchase

  • Nox Cleaner – Smart Cache Cleaner

nox cleaner is also known as smart cache cleaner app

Nox Cleaner is yet another Android phone cleaner that helps boost the performance of your Android device by clearing junk files, removing caches, and cleaning optimizing storage space. Another notable feature of the app includes battery saver. It detects and closes any battery-draining app that is not in use to reduce CPU usage.

Nox Cleaner also features Image Manager Master that analyzes your gallery and sorts them into different albums to avoid file duplication.

Nox Cleaner Pros & Cons

Prevents unauthorized access to social media platforms or even calls, gallery with its App Lock MasterNeed to grant certain permission for access to features
Ensures a lag free mobile gaming experienceProblem in turning off notifications

Pricing: Free to download with In-app purchase

  • All in One Toolbox – Junk Cleaner

all in one junk clearance tool

All in One Toolbox is quite helpful to improve speed, free up space, protect privacy, optimize memory usage & more. It provides a collection of tools such as history eraser, junk cleaner, speed booster, battery optimizer, and file manager to ensure optimal performance of your Android phone.

Further, this app clears junk files with just one tap, thus accelerating your phone’s speed. With All in One Toolbox, users can free around 1-10 GB space on their daily.

All in One Toolbox Pros & Cons

Scans hidden junk like residual files, app leftover, app cache & moreDisplays lots of ads
Organizes pre-installed and user installed apps in a systematic way
Additional tools like CPU Cooler, Auto Task, Game Booster also available

All in One Toolbox Pricing: It is a free android cleaner app. The pro version is priced at INR 1271.05 wherein you have to make a one-time payment and the app will be available for a lifetime.

Wrapping Up

It is always a good idea to clear your phone and ensure its smooth operation. All these apps mentioned above really help you clean up your device and as a result, boost its performance, enhance battery life, and get cleared of unnecessary or junk files.

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  1. What is the best app cleaner for Android?

    Avast, CCleaner, Files by Google are among the best app cleaners for Android. All these apps bring a range of tools together like junk cleaner, file manager, etc. to improve your phone’s performance.

  2. What is the best free Android cleaner app?

    Files by Google, TotalAV, Avast are a few of the best free Android cleaner apps. These apps clean up your device and help achieve optimum device performance.

  3. Do Android phones need cleaner apps?

    Yes. Absolutely. An Android cleaning app clears out the junk files that are taking up unnecessary space on your device and in turn boosts the performance and speed of your phone.

  4. What is the most trusted phone cleaner for android?

    The most trusted and reliable Android phone cleaners are All in One Toolbox, CCleaner and Nox Cleaner.

  5. How do I delete unnecessary files from my Android phone?

    In order to delete files from your android phone, go to Files by Google, tap on ‘Clean’ and on the junk files, click on Confirm and free up. Next, press ‘see junk files’ and then select the files you want to clear from your phone.

  6. How do I clear all cache on Android?

    To clear all cache, you have to go to the Settings menu on your device and tap on Storage. In the resulting list, tap the ‘apps’ entry and then choose the app whose cache you want to clear. And from there, simply click on OK when you see the option to clear all cache files.

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