Benefits of Aruba Instant On’s Cloud-Based Network Management Platform

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Aruba Instant On offers a cloud-based network management platform that helps businesses manage access points and switches, from anywhere, at any time. All in all, this means users can manage their network using a web portal or an app without paying any extra subscription or licensing fees.

Aruba Instant On network management platform helps users with device setup & configuration, security settings, Wi-Fi web portal customization, network issue resolution, and more. This web platform is especially designed for small businesses that don’t have dedicated IT staff to set up and configure access points and switches.

Benefits of Aruba Instant On Network Management Platform

Benefits of Aruba Instant On Network Management Platform image

The Network Management Platform helps businesses customize guest portals, simplify switch stacking, extend Wi-Fi range, troubleshoot network & device related issues, and do a lot more. All in all, it allows users to manage their network from anywhere while enhancing its security.

Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of the management platform in detail.

  • Ability to Manage Network from Anywhere

The app benefits users by allowing them to take control of their network from anywhere. They can manage network set up, troubleshooting, restrict network usage, set bandwidth limits, and more.

  • Control Access Point Radios

Using the Instant On Management Platform, businesses can control their Wi-Fi channels along with its width settings. This further helps them optimize their Wireless Access Point radio performance according to their business environment.

  • Guest/ Captive Portal

Using the management platform, users can create and manage separate networks for their employees and guests. Within the Guest Details section, they can create and customize Guest Network. Moreover, businesses can also customize the guest networks with business logo for branding purposes. This is a great way to promote your brand and increase guest engagement.

  • Wi-Fi Control

The Management Platform offers multiple customization options that can help you control Wi-Fi for your users, especially guest users. These options include customization in terms of setting bandwidth usage, network access, authentication method, and more.

  • Extended Wi-Fi

The simplified Smart Mesh Set up allows businesses to extend their Wi-Fi coverage by adding extra Access Points according to their business requirements. This ensures that your users never compromise on the Wi-Fi coverage, whether they are working indoors.

  • Faster Troubleshooting

The intuitive dashboard of the Network Management app and web platform offers great visibility and helps find problems with device status or network topology. In fact, it even helps users to have more control over bandwidth hogs, application usage, network access, and more.

  • Advanced Security

Using the Management Platform businesses can boost network security by setting up robust security authentications. Within just a few clicks users can set up WPA 3 password-based authentication, Wireless Security Standard of WPA 2, PoE scheduling, and Two Factor Authentication for special access.

  • No Additional Fee

You can access the web portal and app to manage the network at absolutely no additional subscription or licensing fees. Additionally, this management platform can be used to manage up to 50 Switches and Access Points per site.

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How to Manage Your Wi-Fi Network with Aruba Instant On Management Platform?

With Aruba Instant On Network Management Platform, businesses can manage their network from anywhere, using an app or a web portal. It’s management features offer hassle-free deployment, guided device set-up, controlled application access & usage, etc., that enable you to have more control over your network.

Let’s understand what these features can do, in detail.

  • Simple Smart Mesh Setup: Aruba Instant ON users can set up a mesh network up in minutes through the app — indoors or out. This allows users to extend coverage to hard-to-reach spaces where Ethernet cabling may not exist.
  • Completely Guided Setup for Devices: The Network Management app allows users to access an integrated installation wizard that easily guides them to add Switches and Access Points.
  • Easy Deployment: Users can control how their Instant On devices will be connected to the internet from the Management Platform itself. Users can choose to connect the Instant On devices directly to the modem, making them the primary Wi-Fi router. Or choose to make them a part of your network behind an existing gateway.
  • Application Category Control: Within the Management Platform, users can check out which were the five most used application categories on the network.

These application categories may include streaming, gaming, utilities, messaging, and more along with their data consumption. In addition to this, businesses can also restrict user access to certain applications that might be affecting employee productivity.

  • Set Bandwidth Limits: Businesses can increase or restrict network bandwidth limits for their employees and other guest users. For instance, if your work demands regular 4k video streaming, you can set the bandwidth limit accordingly at 25 mbps.
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs): Enables network traffic filtering by creating an ACL, adds rules and matches criteria to an ACL, and applies the ACL to permit or deny on one or more interfaces or a VLAN. Users also get support for 50 inbound IPv4 and MAC ACLs with up to 480 ACEs.

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Aruba Instant On products help businesses increase Wi-Fi performance and enhance the security of their network. However, to manage all these devices, users can use Aruba Instant On Network Management Platform.

The platform helps users to restrict access, set up security options, create guest separate guest & employee portals, and more. In short, you can view and control what is happening on your network in terms of connected devices and application usage, at absolutely no additional cost.

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