How You Can Deploy Aruba Instant On to Secure Your Business’ WiFi Network

How You Can Deploy Aruba Instant On to Secure Your Business’ WiFi Network-feature image
April 26, 2023 5 Min read

You know that a smarter Wi-Fi solution can help you accelerate your small business.

But how does it work, how will it benefit the stakeholders, will it be secure?

You will find the answer to all these questions with Aruba Instant On Access Points and Switches. These are easy to deploy, manage, and completely secure and help you keep malicious activities away from your network. Let’s understand how Aruba Instant On products work in different industries.

Deployment of Aruba Instant On in Different Industries: Practical Use Cases

Irrespective of whether you are working in education, retail, hospitality, or any other industry, you can easily deploy Aruba Instant On products. These products can offer better Wi-Fi coverage to your employees and customers.

Let’s understand how these work in different industries:

  • Education

To ensure an optimal learning experience, Aruba Instant On offers complete network coverage to devices used in educational institutions such as classroom whiteboards, tablets, and more.

Moreover, Instant On Access Point has a Smart Mesh that eliminates dropped connections and dead zones. It enables users to smoothly work on heavy applications and multimedia learning material.

In fact, to scale and support hybrid learning, Aruba Instant On enables you to make separate networks for monitoring purposes and addressing any bandwidth hogs. Aruba Instant On also focuses on securing the data of digital schools from security breaches and ransomware attacks.

In addition, its functionalities like authentication, port security, and NCL (Network Access Control) help in segmenting traffic and restricting an area’s network access.

  • eSports

Whether you are a gaming enthusiast, a competitive multi-player, or an AR/ VR startup, you can elevate your eSports experience with Aruba Instant On products. It will help improve your network performance while you are playing using multi-screen monitors with multiple eSports players.

When you deploy Aruba Instant On Access Points, they improve the throughput that guarantees high QOS (Quality of Service), which further ensures that your data processes at a higher speed without compromising on any streaming quality.

In addition, gamers can benefit from broad coverage and wireless throughput offered by Aruba Instant On’s Wi-Fi 6 certified APs. This will help elevate the eSports experience around the world.

But while enjoying this, gamers like you don’t need to worry about energy costs. The Target Wake Time on Aruba Access Points will help you establish a schedule for when clients can communicate with their Access Point. In total, this will enable you to reduce your overall power consumption, while extending your battery life.

  • Retail

Retailers with no IT team often struggle in creating a secure checkout experience for their customers, especially in stores. However, when retailers deploy Aruba Instant On Access Points and Switches, it can enable high-speed Wi-Fi that further facilitates faster check outs and lag-free response time for employees and customers.

In fact, these Access Points can help in extending Wi-Fi coverage for pop-up shops, outdoor pick-up stations, etc., even in days with extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, Aruba APs support store members’ Bluetooth headsets, tablets, scanners, etc., for faster payment processing and inventory checks. Moreover, retailers can also put their IoT devices and POS systems on different networks for their guests and staff members.

  • Hospitality

With the increasing use of Bluetooth IoT devices, and voice assistant, hoteliers are trying to make their hotels to be tech-savvy. However, these devices can lay excess load on your network, resulting in slow Wi-Fi, especially in hotel’s shared areas.

Here, Instant On Access Points’ Smart Mesh technology helps in extending network coverage to broad areas. It enables you to create smart hotels with keyless doors, controlled lighting, touch panels, and more.

In addition, Aruba Instant On products ensure that the sensitive data of your guests and employees is automatically protect against any malware attack. Moreover, using the Aruba Instant On mobile application, hotels can create different networks to segment traffic.

Also, you can define which users can access the network, this will help you prevent cyberattacks.

  • Medical Offices

Private clinics and even dental offices can now secure their health-related information such as patient records, appointments, available medical inventory, and more. In fact, with Aruba Instant On devices, medical offices can offer their patients stress-free internet access, which can be easily turned off at specific hours.

  • Training Centers

When training centers deploy Aruba Instant On devices they are able to fulfill the network needs of an increasing number of students. Instant On’s secure and fast connectivity enables teachers to create an optimal learning experience, in both physical and remote classrooms.

They will be able to connect and communicate in a stronger and more secure network. Further to facilitate better learning, the students and teachers will be able to access online labs, assignments, training material, and more, online through better network coverage.

  • Smart Homes

Redefine your modern living spaces for secure and reliable Wi-Fi while you are working from home. The reliable network will allow you to stream videos and run video conferencing calls at a high- performing speed. However, you can always prioritize your business-critical applications on Instant On solutions like your email, office collaboration tools, etc.

Moreover, as far as you and your family’s personal information is concerned, Aruba Instant On products keep everything secure with an integrated firewall.


Setting up Aruba Instant On devices is quite easy, in fact, you can also manage them with a network management app with absolutely no additional subscription or licensing fees. The app will allow you to keep a tab of all the connected devices, while ensuring their security.

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