20 Best Antivirus Software and Apps of 2023

20 Best Antivirus Software and Apps of 2023-feature image
April 12, 2023 15 Min read

Want to protect your device from viruses, spyware, phishing, and other dangerous websites? Worry no more. Simply install the best free security apps and antivirus software to not only identify malware and virus but also remove these.

Let us understand this better. Antivirus software is mainly a program that helps you prevent, identify, and remove any malware infections on your devices, networks as well as IT systems.

Best 20 Antivirus Software and Apps for 2023

What is Antivirus Software?

Essentially, antivirus software is a software utility designed to protect your computer against viruses that damage your computer and make you compromise on security.

Most antivirus software nowadays are packed with threat-detection facilities. These also have easy password management and other facilities to provide home network security that doesn’t affect the performance or speed of your device.

Also, it is important for you to know that a robust antivirus software holds the capacity to protect your device from cyber threats and blocks webpages with a virus.

To add to this, one of the best antivirus software blocks adds and retrieves all critical information and data in-case it gets lost or deleted.

An efficient antivirus also deletes all unwanted/suspicious files from the device to enhance the system’s performance.

Types of Antivirus Software

You must understand the different types of antivirus software available in the market. Both internet security suites and stand-alone antivirus scanners provide top-notch antivirus and security protection. The antivirus software list below also ensures privacy controls along with firewalls.

Now, let’s look at some of the best antivirus software that are rich in features and protection.

  • macOS Antivirus Software

Usually, macOS viruses are less common as compared to Windows viruses. As a result, most antivirus products are less standardized in comparison to Windows.

These days, you can conveniently opt for several free as well as paid products on the Internet that provide on-demand tools to protect against possible malware threats.

Such antivirus protections help conduct full-system malware scans. These antivirus software help scan email attachments and other web activities.

  • Windows Antivirus Software

Various Windows products are available for purchase at different prices. To stay abreast of the latest versions, you need to continually update your antivirus software from time to time.

Upgrading or opting for the latest and best antivirus software is a must seeing the current scenario where modern and newly released viruses are increasingly affecting our device.

Ideally, the best antivirus software for windows is adept at protecting against links that are malicious websites or attachments that may be seen in the form of emails.

Premium versions of antivirus software include ad blockers, file encryption, and even suites of endpoint security tools that provide secure online storage.

  • Android Antivirus Software

A majority of mobile malware targets Android, which is why it is a must for you to install antivirus software on your devices.

Most antivirus software that save your system from threats are available in free as well as paid versions.

Thus, depending on your requirements, you can opt for either paid or free versions of robust antivirus software.

List of 5 Best Free Antivirus Software

Enjoy complete protection from malicious threats by using the best free antivirus software available.

  • Avast Mobile Security

Avast antivirus dashboard

Secure your mobile device with Avast free antivirus. It protects against viruses and other types of malware.

  • You can protect your privacy and keep intruders out, both online and on your device using this powerful software.
  • Additionally, you can receive alerts when spyware or adware-infected apps are downloaded onto your device.
  • Avast Mobile Security protects against phishing attacks from phone calls, emails, SMS messages, infected websites, etc.
  • Access geo-restricted content with VPN and easily hide your online activity. Simply keep your online browsing private and safe by turning the VPN on.
  • Bitdefender Total Security

Bitefender Security powerful, free, and fast software uses cloud scanning technology to protect your Android device against the virus.

  • Apt for all android threats, this software has feather-light performance and guarantees hassle-free operation with autopilot. This smart on-install scanner checks all apps for suspicious activity and threats.
  • Now, you need not worry about your device becoming slow and the battery draining too fast. Simply install Bitdefender Antivirus for free on your Android, and you’re good to go.
  • It is apt for image and video editing, gaming, and resource-intensive applications.
  • It offers unparalleled detection as the software’s autopilot automatically scans all new apps that are downloaded to your Android device to check for viruses.
  • AVG

AVG tool for virus cleanup

Easily install AVG and stop viruses, ransomware, spyware, and all other malware from affecting your device.

  • The antivirus is available for free for Windows, macOS, as well as Android devices.
  • The software has a refreshingly simple design that shows you how you’re really protected.
  • Additionally, AVG includes real-time security updates and scans effectively for both malware and performance issues.
  • It also detects malicious downloads and protects your PC.
  • Basic AVG AntiVirus is free, while you are required to pay ₹ 2,068 per year to avail its paid Full AVG Internet Security plan with all features.
  • Kaspersky

Top-notch antivirus software for PC, Kaspersky Antivirus provides security without slowing you down.

  • This free antivirus scanner and cleaner delivers excellent protection against viruses on your PC and android devices. Not only this, it secures and stores your private documents and passwords safely.
  • Kaspersky Security Cloud keeps your devices secure and auto-analyses real-time data on new threats to protect your PC, tablets, and mobiles against any threats.
  • With its free and automatic updates, you know your antivirus program is updated.
  • The software has free and paid versions. The paid version called Kaspersky Security Cloud – Personal also provides a 30-day free trial to ensure you become familiar with the software.
  • Microsoft Windows Defender

Microsoft Windows Defender

Simple and straightforward, and free – that’s Microsoft Windows Defender for you!

  • This is Microsoft’s built-in antivirus software that protects your computer against pop-ups and security threats caused by spyware and other unwanted software.
  • It offers cloud-delivered protection and guards against slow performance, minimizes interruptions, and helps you stay productive.
  • The antivirus provides real-time protection against viruses, spyware, and malware and other software threats that may appear on apps, email, the cloud as well as the web.
  • Keep hackers away and prevent malicious software from gaining access to your device through a network or the Internet by using Windows Firewall, which is specially designed for this purpose.
  • Another interesting feature of this antivirus software is that it provides easy access so that you can manage your child’s online experiences.
  • You can also control the devices in your household using this software. The best part, it’s free.

List of 15 Best Antivirus Software for Business 2023

So, let’s look at the following list of some outstanding antivirus solutions that should keep you and your business protected as you grow.

  • Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton antivirus software for PC also protects your Mac, Android, and iOS devices against existing malware including viruses and ransomware. Its App Advisor automatically checks all apps to recognize any potential privacy risks.

  • Additionally, it also monitors high battery and data usage or intrusive behaviour of the apps even before these are downloaded.
  • Norton Security and Antivirus is important as it alerts you about Android apps that may pose any threats, even before you download them.
  • Besides cleaning your hard drive to free some space, Norton provides secure VPN and adds bank-grade encryption to help protect you on public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Norton’s Sneak Peek uses the built-in webcam to click a photograph of the person who uses your device. It also protects you from social media scams.
  • Here, you must note that Norton is available for a 30-day free trial.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 14

Symantec Endpoint

Symantec Endpoint Protection software takes on a variety of threats you might be facing, including malware, ransomware and even zero-day exploits that may create havoc on your machines.

  • Also, the software combines device management and multi-layered threat protection along with intuitive cloud-based management.
  • This security software suite includes firewall, intrusion prevention, as well as anti-malware features.
  • Essentially apt for SMBs and firms needing advanced protection to safeguard their assets, Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 is available as a free trial.

Once the trial period is over, you can get the software for approx. Rs.2800 per license per year.

  • Aviras Antivirus Security

This best free antivirus cleaner, password manager, and software updater for Windows protects you in real-time against malware and online threats.

  • Avira safeguards your devices, your searches, your privacy, and personal data, your shopping, banking, and almost everything you can imagine.
  • The software updater continually updates your software and drivers, fixes your hardware’s performance. It frees you from update reminders and ensures that all your updates are clean and have added value.
  • Additionally, the software blocks infected websites, intrusive ads, and browser trackers to secure your surfing, and protect your privacy.
  • Avira offers free updates and a free 30-day trial to explore the software and become familiar with it.
  • VirusTotal


This antivirus software is apt for scanning files that you think may be potentially dangerous. Let’s understand this better with an example.

Let’s say, your potential client sends you a Zip file and you are unsure about whether to trust him. This is where VirusTotal becomes important as it scans the file and reports back its findings.

  • Scan your files periodically and reduce the risk of false or mistaken threat detections.
  • This software ensures periodic scans. This means that files in your private bucket get scanned on a regular basis with the software’s latest antivirus signature sets.
  • Get early warnings as soon as the detections for one of your tracked files changes. These warnings could be because of genuine threats or false threat detections.

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  • Panda Dome

Compatible with Windows, Android, and Mac, this fast and free antivirus provides real-world protection against viruses. It also offers a USB drive cleaner.

  • Basically, Panda includes a rescue USB tool. This tool thoroughly scans and removes all viruses from your hard drive.
  • The software offers secure online browsing and shopping as well as parental controls and call blocker facility.
  • Additionally, the software provides data and password protection to ensure your information is safe.
  • Panda Dome offers a free trial for the first month so that you can use and choose the plan that best suits your requirements.
  • It has three plans Panda Dome Essential available for around ₹ 2100/year, Panda Dome Advanced available for around ₹2800 a year and Panda Dome Complete available for ₹ 4300 per year.
  • Webroot


This lightweight yet powerful software provides full-scale antivirus security to both small and medium-sized businesses at affordable prices.

  • To check your computer efficiently, Webroot takes about 20 seconds which is usually faster than the average scan time taken.
  • The software doesn’t take up space as it is stored in the cloud, allowing it to maintain a small endpoint agent that typically installs fast and scans faster.
  • So, you can now protect yourself from any identity thefts and secure up to 3 Macs or PCs using this software.
  • Offering a 30-day free trial, Webroot is priced at approx. ₹ 10,000 per
  • BullGuard Antivirus

This antivirus software easily blocks malicious URLs and is highly configurable in some areas.

  • The software’s Game Booster optimizes all user processes running on a PC to block pop-ups and other interruptions.
  • So, worry no more about security and performance as you have BullGuard as your performance booster for games.
  • Vulnerability Scanner in the software performs the important task of ensuring safety by blocking access points that hackers may exploit. It then automatically alerts you about connections to insecure Wi-Fi networks.
  • With a 30-day free trial, the software starts from ₹2000 per user per year.
  • Total Defense Antivirus

Total Defense Antivirus

This is an effective antivirus that protects your PC from all kinds of spyware and virus. Not only this, the software offers good rootkit protection as well.

  • The design of this software is the highlight as it is based on an intuitive interface. It provides easy scheduling, quick setup, and robust security to keep your device safe.
  • Enjoy simple, smart, and reliable protection against harmful malware, viruses, and ransomware using Total Defense.
  • Its multi-layer technology and real-time malware scanning engines provide robust protection to your device. Additionally, Total Defense scans files using multiple detection techniques to provide higher security.
  • The software is priced at around ₹ 2100 for three devices.
  • ESET Endpoint Security

Besides providing all security instruments for small business, ESET Endpoint Protection provides tools that identify and block viruses, trojans, ransomware, and malware.

  • This cross-platform software is compatible with different types of OS, including Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and Linux.
  • The software protects against targeted attacks and botnet.
  • It prevents a data breach and file-less attacks and supports the host-based intrusion prevention system.
  • The package of ESET Endpoint Security starts from round ₹ 11,000/year that includes five devices.
  • F-Secure SAFE

F Secure SAFE

F-Secure advanced, easy-to-use protection from viruses, trojans, and ransomware.

  • This advanced internet security software ensures a secure online banking connection and allows you to set limits for internet usage.
  • What’s more? The software provides browsing and banking protection to handle all your online shopping and banking processes without any hassles.
  • Get protection from ransomware and let SAFE monitor your folders to block threats.
  • F-Secure SAFE is available for approx. Rs.4300 for three devices and one year, it also offers a free trial, so you can get accustomed to using it.
  • Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security

TrendMicro software safeguards against web threats, ransomware, and other online dangers.

  • Use this antivirus to protect against the new attacks which encrypt your files.
  • Not only this, you can use the software as it ensures email scam safeguarding and keeps your inbox free from scams.
  • As you browse, Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security blocks all dangerous websites that can steal your data.
  • The software is available for a starting package of ₹675 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Cylance Smart Antivirus


With easy installation and no configuration issues, Cylance is a great antivirus option.

  • It provides hassle-free, intelligent protection and is compatible with Windows and macOS. You can easily download this software for quick and easy protection.
  • Typically considered an intelligent antivirus, Cylance compares files to known threats which have to be updated continuously.
  • This smart artificial intelligence software understands the components of various threats and deals with those.
  • The software offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and starts at around Rs.3500 per year.
  • Sophos Home

The software is non-intrusive and straightforward and offers great cloud-based control of protected devices.

  • Sophos Home uses artificial intelligence to identify and block new malware that was hnology protects your personal files and photographs from be never heard of before.
  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac and facilitates phishing protection and virus detection.
  • It provides parental controls and protects up to 10 PCs. Additionally, the software’s powerful anti-ransomware technology protects your files and photographs from being encrypted.
  • Sophos Home Free is the free version while its paid version called Sophos Home Premium is priced at around Rs.3200 for year one. The paid version also offers a free 30-day trial so you can get used to the product.
  • Emsisoft Anti Malware


Thanks to its antivirus- and anti-malware technologies Emsisoft Anti-Malware uses that helps detect as well as scan using the efficient combination of its scanners.

  • The software provides surf protection. This means that if you unintentionally view a website that spreads any spyware, trojans, or other malicious software, you have Emsisoft. It prevents you from even connecting to the site and getting infected by it.
  • Real-time file guard facility provided by Emsisoft uses its dual-engine scanner to check all downloaded and modified files.
  • This behavior blocker monitors the behavior of all active programs and stops new threats that aren’t even known by signature yet.
  • The software has free as well as paid versions starting at ₹ 2100 per year. It essentially uses a four-layered prevention dual-engine to fight all kinds of malware and viruses.
  • Adaware Antivirus Free

This software not only provides the best free protection for your PC but also provides real-time protection and download protection. To get complete protection against cyber threats, hackers, and malware, simply opt for Adaware. This lightweight antivirus program can run as a supplement to other antivirus programs. It has a silent mode that mutes all notifications and limits the use of resources.

Using Adaware, you can quickly and efficiently scan archive files, email databases, boot sectors as well as files as they move throughout the network.

  • Additionally, it has continuously updated filters against malicious URLs so that it provides anti-malware protection for you.
  • Two-Way protection covered in an antivirus combines with an anti-spyware engine, that’s what Adaware does. This combination is a must to deal with Trojans, bots, hijackers and rootkits.
  • Besides blocking unsafe downloads and detecting email threats, this software keeps passwords for social networks safe.

Adaware Antivirus has both free and paid versions. Adaware Antivirus Pro is the paid version available for approx. ₹2500 and you can upgrade to it as per your requirements


To sum up, antivirus software is comprehensive and includes several layers of security to protect your computer against known and unknown, new and old threats.

The best free antivirus software blocks ads and retrieves all critical information and data in case it gets lost or deleted.

Look at the list of antivirus software mentioned above and get rid of all suspicious threats and unwanted files from the device to enhance your system’s performance.

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