6 Best iPhone Antivirus Apps in 2024

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Summary: Malicious websites have the potential to damage your device and make critical data prone to potential hackers. However, an antivirus app can block these websites and prevent them from entering your system. What else can you do with an antivirus to protect your device? Read on to find out!

iPhone’s iOS operating system is one of the most secure system to keep the device protected against cyber threats. However, it could still become prone to malicious websites, malware, or theft of login credentials. Although iOS devices come with built-in security features, your phone will get additional security layers with an iPhone antivirus.

With iPhone antivirus app, you can stay protected against phishing attacks, unsecure Wi-Fi networks, or any online threats. Further, it can also boost your system’s working through blocking unsafe websites.

Additionally, iOS antivirus apps come with other useful features like monitoring the dark web for data theft or scanning the Wi-Fi-networks for any suspicious activity.

Get more insights on the best antivirus app for iPhone that you can use to protect your device.

6 Best Free iPhone Antivirus Apps in 2024

6 Best iPhone Antivirus Apps in 2023

Most iPhone antivirus applications offer features like web protection, login credentials security, malware detection, password manager, etc., in the free plan. If you want to buy an antivirus app for your device, here are some of the best antiviruses you can consider:

  • Avira Mobile Security


Avira Mobile Security is one of the best iPhone antivirus apps to help you protect your iPhone data from any theft, scam, or threat. With it, you can identify hidden threats, protect the data traffic on public Wi-Fi networks via VPN, block phishing websites, etc. This antivirus also comes with a device analyzer to provide you with information on your mobile storage and memory.

Avira Mobile Security Features

  • Web protection against phishing
  • Contacts backup in multiple drive
  • Online identities protection
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Password manager

Avira Mobile Security Pricing: Free plan available | Premium plan starts from INR 917.00/ annually

To Sum Up: Avira Mobile Security is a great choice as its device analyzer provides data about mobile storage status.

  • Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security lets you protect your iPhone, data, and identity through mobile security and identity protection features. With it, users can easily keep their devices protected against viruses through constant monitoring, identifying any security vulnerabilities, and securing against phishing emails. Further, with the password manager, it can also help in creating and storing login credentials.

Lookout Mobile Security Features

  • Data breach monitoring
  • Malware and virus protection
  • Identity theft protection
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Scan for security

Lookout Mobile Security Pricing: Free to use | Premium subscription starts from INR 8,206.20/ year

To Sum Up: Lookout Mobile Security is a great app if you want to keep your Wi-Fi network secured through scanning.

  • McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security is an antivirus software for iPhone that helps users with protecting their data, devices, and online privacy. It comes with advanced security features like VPN protection, identity protection, protection score, etc., to prevent any type of data breaches.

Further, this iOS antivirus can also be used to block malicious websites, protect the Wi-Fi networks, and for keeping personal data secure with bank-grade Wi-Fi VPN encryption.

McAfee Mobile Security Features

  • Identity monitoring
  • VPN protection for online privacy
  • Password manager
  • Identity theft recovery

McAfee Mobile Security Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 1,399.00

To Sum Up: McAfee Mobile Security is a great option as it offers a lot of features like web protection and identity monitoring in the free version.

  • Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security for iOS enables users to keep their iOS devices protected by automatically blocking malicious websites during internet browsing. It can block ads, track personal data to identify compromised credentials, and remove unsecured Wi-Fi networks for security.

Trend Micro Mobile Security Features

  • Web protection against scams and fraud
  • Malicious sites blocking
  • Digital identities protection
  • Wi-Fi scanner to identify any security issues
  • Built-in secure browser

Trend Micro Mobile Security Pricing: Free to use | Paid plan starts from INR 225 annually for one device

To Sum Up: Trend Micro Mobile Security is a good app to prevent malicious links from emails, messages, and social media posts shared on your phone.

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  • Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus helps users to keep their iPhone protected against viruses, malware, and ransomware attacks. This iphone antivirus free protects the user’s data security and privacy through securing the Wi-Fi network via VPN. Further, it sends alerts if any suspicious file is detected and isolates them from the rest for security.

Avast Free Antivirus Features

  • Block malicious websites
  • Ransomware protection
  • Protection against phishing websites
  • Anti-tracker for hiding the digital identities
  • Wi-Fi network security

Avast Free Antivirus Pricing: Free to use | Paid plan starts from INR 1,599/year

To Sum Up: Avast is a good antivirus as it keeps the data and apps secured with 6 layers of security.

  • Kaspersky


Kaspersky ensures complete protection against different types of online threats with safe browsing without affecting the device speed. It ensures the safety of your digital data and activities by blocking malicious sites and networks, boosting security with two-way firewalls, and removing existing viruses.

Kaspersky Features

  • Device performance optimization
  • Antivirus and malware protection
  • Online payment protection
  • Password manager
  • Stalkware detection

Kaspersky Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 400.00 /year

To Sum Up: Kaspersky comes with one of the best antivirus scanners to ensure protection against cyber threats or viruses.


It is evident that iPhone comes with robust security features to protect your device and data against any cyber threats. However, with the best antivirus for iPhone, you get additional layer of protection to safeguard your device against any fraudulent websites and compromised login credentials.

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  1. What are the best antivirus apps for iPhone?

    There are different iPhone antivirus apps available that comes with features like VPN protection, malware detection, password management, etc. Some antivirus software that offers these features include Norton, Avira Mobile Security, Kaspersky, Trend Micro Mobile Security, and a lot more.

  2. Do antivirus apps work on iPhone?

    Yes, antivirus applications do work on iPhone. These applications can help in protecting your phones against viruses, malware, and phishing attacks. The apps are also helpful in protecting digital identities against any type of identities theft.

  3. Can iPhone apps have viruses

    Yes, iPhone apps can have viruses and malware especially when the phone is jailbroken or in case of a phishing attack. Therefore, you can install an antivirus application to keep your phone protected against any viruses and threats.

  4. Is iPhone antivirus necessary?

    No, iPhone does not require an antivirus to detect and eliminate any type of threats or viruses. However, for additional layer of security and anti-theft protection, you can use an antivirus.

  5. How to run antivirus software on iPhone?

    To run the antivirus software on iPhone, you need to install the app, sign in with your account, and set up the application. Once done, enable the antivirus software to run in the background. After that, the software would run and constantly scan applications for any virus or threats.

  6. Which free antivirus is best for iPhone?

    The best free antivirus for iPhone will provide security features like web protection or online identities protection even in the free plan. Some of the best free antivirus for iPhone include Norton Mobile Security, McAfee Mobile Security for iOS, Avira Free Mobile Security for iOS, TotalAV Mobile Security, and a lot more.

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