11 Best Data Migration Tools List in 2024

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Summary: Before migrating data to a new system, you need to consolidate it from multiple resources, perform assessments to discover vulnerabilities, and identify dependencies. Data migration software can help with all these tasks.

As the business starts to grow, managing and processing big data sets becomes difficult. Moreover, the servers and systems might become outdated and may not be able to manage business data while keeping it secure. Hence, migrating data to a different server or system becomes essential.

Most organizations use data migration tools for handling data transfer processes. With data migration tools, they can consolidate data, identify its dependencies, and load it to the defined destination.

Data migration is a complex process and comprises several elements. Keep on reading to find out what exactly data migration is and some of the most popular tools you can consider for that purpose.

What is Data Migration?

Data migration is the procedure of migrating data from one system to another system, application, or cloud infrastructure. The entire migration process is completed in several steps starting from planning the migration and assessing the database to loading it to the destination.

Managing the entire data migration procedure is quite challenging and requires both time and effort. However, there are several data migration tools available to complete the migration process. The software can help in analyzing the risks associated with migration and formulating strategies for successful migration and much more.

Why Do Businesses Need Data Migration?

best data migration tools

There are plenty of reasons why businesses migrate their data from one system to another:

  • Replacing the existing server or system with the new one.
  • Migrating data between different cloud servers
  • When software updates are installed
  • Decommissioning the current data centers
  • Migrating on-premises infrastructure to the cloud
  • During the application maintenance and upgrade

11 Best Tools for Data Migration in India

There are multiple types of tools available to migrate data across cloud resources, applications or on-premises resources. The best data migration tools come with features for creating data pipelines, transforming data pre-migration, ingesting data from multiple resources, and so on. Here are some of the best software you can consider for migrating your data.

  • Hevo

HIVO tool for data migration

Hevo enables users to easily extract databases from multiple sources into a warehouse, performing data analytics, and using intelligence to take data driven decisions.

This end-to-end data pipeline platform can be used for managing data schema, formatting or standardizing data, and automating key ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes.

Availability: Licensed

Hevo Features

  1. Automated data migration with 150+ sources
  2. Data pipeline creation and management
  3. Preload data transformation for better data loading
  4. Real-time view of flowing databases

Hevo Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 19,685.35/month

  • FiveTran

FiveTran’s automated data movement platform helps users with migrating data out, into, and across multiple cloud data software.

It is used to automate the key ELT tasks with automated schema migration, data ingestion with connectors, and data pipeline creation with pre-built data models.

This data migration software can provide an additional layer of security by encrypting data in transit and at rest.

Availability: License

FiveTran Features

  1. Data extract formatting and mapping
  2. Data transformation orchestration and management
  3. Automated schema drift handling
  4. Role based access control

FiveTran Pricing: Free plan available | Price on request for paid plans

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  • Rsync

Rsync data migration tool is designed for transferring data between different systems. It is a file transfer program that uses the “rsync algorithm” to quickly synchronize data files. This open-source tool migrates data depending on the file size and time stamp.

Availability: Open-source software

Rsync Features

  1. Update the complete directory of data sets
  2. Pipeline management for transferring data
  3. Bulk data system updating

Rsync Pricing: It’s a free data migration tool

  • SnapLogic


SnapLogic is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) designed to club data from on-premises resources, SaaS applications, and cloud infrastructure.

It can help businesses with the procedure of data integration, automation, and orchestration within the organization.

Further, it helps in creating automated workflows for data integration, ingesting databases from different endpoints, and creating end-to-end database pipelines.

Availability: Licensed

SnapLogic Features

  1. Code-free data integration with pre-built connectors
  2. Automated data integration
  3. Supports reverse ELT to send data to the apps
  4. Pipelines creation with multiple templates
  5. Data warehousing analytics

SnapLogic Pricing: Price is available on request on Snaplogic’s official website.

  • Matillion


Matillion helps businesses with loading, transforming, synching, and orchestrating their data into the cloud infrastructure.

With this data migration tool, users can integrate data from various resources, upload it in bulk, and enrich it for different applications.

Matillion can also be used to synchronize data into the operational system through reverse ELT procedure.

Availability: Licensed

Matillion Features

  1. 70+ pre-configured connectors for data extraction
  2. Low code data pipeline creation
  3. Support for data integration and transformation
  4. Data synching with BI and analytics tools
  5. Support for running multiple ELT procedures simultaneously
  6. Real-time data validation

Matillion Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 164.17/ credit

  • Dextrus

Dextrus data migration software can be used to migrate from legacy infrastructure to cloud infrastructure via connectors.

With it, users can migrate data at the individual, schema, and databases level through easy configuration steps.

Additionally, Dextrus can also enrich data to improve its quality before migrating to the cloud infrastructure.

Availability: Licensed

Dextrus Features

  1. Real-time data pipeline creation
  2. Data pipeline orchestration
  3. Anomaly detection during data pre-processing
  4. Data validation

Dextrus Pricing: Cost is available on request on the Dextrus’ official website

  • AWS Data Pipeline

AWS Data Pipeline is generally used to import, process, and transfer data between multiple AWS storage services and on-premises resources.

With this data migration tool, you can handle errors during the data migration process, customize data pipelines, and manage complex information.

Availability: Licensed

AWS Data Pipeline Features

  1. Data pipeline creation and management
  2. Dependency tracking between apps and data
  3. Perform complex data processing
  4. Auto retry activities at the time of failures

AWS Data Pipeline Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 82.21/month for activities running on the AWS.

  • Talend Open Studio

Talend Open Studio

Talend Open Studio is one of the best open-source data migration tools to develop basic pipelines for data migration quickly.

It can be used for easy ETL and data integration procedures, data visualization, and management via an open-source environment.

Talend Open Studio can also be used for data analysis by moving all the data sets into different data warehouses.

Availability: Open source

Talend Open Studio Features

  1. Support for big data integration
  2. Data quality enrichment pre-processing
  3. Data integration from multiple resources
  4. Data pipeline creation
  5. Real-time data replication

Talend Open Studio Pricing: Free to use | Price is available on request for upgrading to premium features

  • Informix

Informix data migration tool

Informix by IBM is a scalable database server that you can use for managing traditional, relational, dimensional, and object-relational databases. It also helps in integrating SQL, JSON, time-series, and spatial data.

With data migration software, you can also do real-time analysis of your workload and create a database copy and easily deploy it to multiple systems.

Availability: Licensed

Informix Features

  1. Automated data management
  2. Application development via APIs
  3. Relational database designing
  4. Data backup and restoration

Informix Pricing: Free plan available | Price is available on request for paid plan

  • Stitch Data

Stitch Data is used for importing, loading, and analyzing different databases. It enables users to replicate historical data, route databases to different locations, and schedule the data extraction time.

Further, with its data orchestration feature, you can get complete visibility of the data when it flows from its source to the destination.

Availability: Licensed

Snitch Data Features

  1. Data import via APIs
  2. Support data orchestration
  3. Database replication scheduling
  4. Data pipeline tracking and management

Stitch Data Pricing: No free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 8,226.24/month

  • AWS Data Migration

AWS Database Migration Services help users to plan, analyze, convert, and migrate big databases to AWS efficiently and securely. With this, the source data stays completely operational during the migration process, hence, reducing the application downtime that relies on these databases.

Availability: Licensed

AWS Database Migration Features

  1. Data migration planning
  2. Data schema assessment and conversion
  3. Support both homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations
  4. Data replication at regular intervals

AWS Database Migration Pricing: Cost is valid for replicating instances and log storage | It starts from INR 1.48/hour for t3.micro instance.

How Data Migration Can Be Done?

How Data Migration Can Be Done

Data migration is a complex procedure that requires preparing data before migration, assessing it for any vulnerabilities, and transferring it to the specific destination. With the data migration software, all these tasks can be automated to boost efficiency and save time.

By using this tool, businesses can easily ingest data from multiple sources, load data into new resources and verify it. The verification ensures that data migration has been successful and data security has not been compromised.

Types of Data Migration Tools

There are three different types of data migration tools available for migrating your databases, such as-

  • Storage Migration Tool: These data migration tools help in migrating data from the old storage system to the new one. It is used to move data to disks or tapes in the new system or to the cloud.
  • Cloud Migration Tools: With these tools, the data is migrated from the on-premises resources to the cloud, or from the existing cloud infrastructure to the new one.
  • Application Migration Tools: Application migration tools are used to migrate business applications to different data centers, cloud infrastructure, or to the on-premises resources.

Challenges Faced in Migrating Data

Challenges Faced in Migrating Data

Migrating data to a new environment is a time-consuming task and may also come with a lot of challenges. Some of the challenges that users might face during the data migration process include-

  • Data consolidation becomes difficult as it remains scattered in different locations.
  • Businesses might not properly plan their data migration impacting the data quality and delaying the migration procedure.
  • The data must be properly formatted during the migration and failing to do so might make the data inaccessible in the new system.
  • Maintaining poor security protocols during the data migration might lead to data and security breaches.
  • Analyzing and choosing the right migration methodology is essential for a successful migration. Not doing the same may lead to inefficient data migration.
  • Proper understanding of data dependencies is essential, else it will be difficult to transform data to the new environment.

Comparison of Top 5 Tools for Data Migration

ProductFree TrialPricingDeployment
HevoAvailableINR 19,685.35/monthWeb-based
FiveTranAvailablePrice on requestWeb-based
rsyncFree to useFree to useWeb-based
MatillionAvailableINR 165.18/creditWeb-based
DextrusAvailablePrice on requestCloud-based


Extraction databases from multiple systems and loading them into a different system or cloud environment is a difficult task. At the same time, converting databases to suit the new environment needs time and resources. However, with a data migration tool, you can effectively plan the entire migration procedure and complete the process faster.


  1. What are data migration tools for SAP software?

    There are several data migration tools available for migrating data to and from SAP software. Some of the best software you can use for this purpose include LSMW tool, the SHDB Tool, MASS Tool, Fiori App, etc.

  2. How to do data migration?

    You need a data migration tool to streamline the data migration procedure. With these tools, you can import data via connects, enrich its quality before migration, and route it to the destination. Further, with analytics, users can get complete visibility into the data transferring procedure and make necessary changes into the data migration procedure.

  3. How to use data migration tool?

    To use the data migration tool, you can buy it or download it from its official website. Once you install it, you can start using it after signing up in the application. It offers you features like data assessment or integration to make the data migration procedure easy.

  4. How to install data migration tool?

    To install a data migration tool, you need to download the set-up file from the software official website. Once done, you can open this file and click on the installation option to install the file. After that, you can open the software and start using it by signing up.

  5. Why is data migration important?

    Migrating data securely to different applications, systems, or clouds could bring positive impact on the business. It makes it easier to update the applications, maintain regulatory compliance, reduce maintenance costs, and data exchange between different resources.

  6. What are the best data migration tools?

    There are different types of data migration tools available to upload, synch, and analyze different data sets. Some of the best tools you can consider include Dextrus, IRI NextForm, Integrate.io, DBConvert Studio, AWS Data Migration, Informix (IBM), etc.

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