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March 21, 2023 6 Min read

A lightning-fast internet connection is the most fundamental requirement of small and mid-size businesses. Whether you run a hardware store in a small town or a prestigious retail chain in the heart of a city, a secure and lag-free Wi-Fi network is the key to accelerating the growth of your business.

A robust Wi-Fi is also essential to support a wide range of mission-critical tasks like billing, record keeping, guest access, inventory management, on premise or remote working and more. However, to accommodate several devices at the same time, you need to install wireless access points at your facility.

Aruba Instant On access points empower your customers to get quick and hassle-free access to the private internet network, and they can move freely within your office without any interruption. Secondly, by going wireless, your business can’t go wrong as it increases the communication among your employees, enhance their performance and increase work efficiency.

But no matter how beneficial and feature rich access points are, the first question that might come to your mind is “which product is right for my business?” That’s why it’s important to choose devices like Aruba Instant On switches and access points that are easy to set up, provide excellent coverage, can be managed from anywhere and offer protection against external threats such as malware attacks and unauthorized users.

Introducing Aruba Instant On

Aruba Instant On ensures smarter, more secure and better Wi-Fi connectivity for small and medium-sized businesses. The range includes outdoor and indoor access points (AP 12, AP17, AP11 and AP11D), and smart switches (1930, 1960, 1430 and 1830 Switch Series) to eliminate traffic and connectivity bottlenecks across various devices.

It also includes a mobile application that empowers you to manage your network from your phone at no extra cost or additional license.

What is Aruba Instant On and Why You Should Choose it for Your Business?

As mentioned in the above paragraph, Aruba Instant On range consists of a user-friendly mobile app, smart switches and access points that open doors for world-class customer experience, better revenue opportunities and increased productivity of your employees. You can enjoy faster speeds, flawless network connection and high level of connectivity to meet the demand of significant number of connected devices across a large physical space.

With the installation of access points and switches, you can make your business ready for future growth. For instance, as your company grows, you’ll see a drastic surge in connectivity requirements. Thanks to scalable access points from Aruba, you’ll easily fulfil the demand without any major changes in your infrastructure.

Aruba Instant On’s ability to manage up to 50 switches and access points makes it a perfect solution for steel or concrete structures and multi floor buildings that need additional access points for seamless coverage. Adding multiple access points strengthens and extends the internet coverage area plus it also increases the device handling capability of your network.

Moreover, the two-factor authentication(2FA) provides you with an extra layer of security. The 2FA feature secures your internet network by authenticating your devices with username & password and as per their physical MAC location. It mitigates the risk of fraudulent logins, ensures failproof security of customer information and avoids phishing or malware attacks.

By using Aruba Instant On devices, you can ensure that all the critical procedures of your business have the appropriate bandwidth for lag free performance. The bandwidth regulation feature allows you to prioritize business critical meetings, video calls or conferences. Lastly, there will be no dead zones in your office premises, as the smart mesh Wi-Fi technology provides consistent connectivity to every nook and corner.

Besides blanketing your whole business with a powerful signal, smart mesh Wi-Fi access points are specifically designed for easy installation and self-configuration, and they can be easily expanded as per business requirements.

What are Some Unique Capabilities of Aruba Instant On

HP Aruba blogs inside aruba instant on device

Aruba regularly collects feedback from partners and customers to enhance the capabilities of Instant On products. The company regularly releases new software versions with more amazing functionalities and attributes. Let’s look at some unique capabilities of Aruba Instant On software.  

Topology View

This view allows you to see all discoverable devices deployed in your current network. IT experts can use this view for checking network architecture and identifying & troubleshooting issues.

Improved User Experience

All Instant On devices are specifically designed with buyers in mind. Therefore, more emphasis is put on improving their customer experience and making sure that products can be easily installed and managed without any additional help from the IT department.

Additional Port Icons

It’s always beneficial to get visual information about the ports. With Aruba Instant On, you get more port icons that indicate connected devices, main PoE status or any fault scenario.

Lock Administrator Accounts

Thanks to the facility of locking admin accounts, customers and partners can maintain much better ownership of their user accounts. This option will prevent non-primary users from transferring and revoking account ownership. Three admin accounts can be created per site and the offered setting is only available for the main administrator account.

Automatic Voice Network

Instant On can automatically detect VoIP phones and with the help of a mobile app, the voice traffic can be segmented to a voice network, thus improving the sound quality. You just have to connect VoIP mobiles to the Instant On switches & you’ll get a separate voice network with more clarity and higher bandwidth for urgent and critical applications.

Easy Troubleshooting with Traceroute and Ping Commands

Network connectivity issues can be easily diagnosed with the help of connectivity detection tests like traceroute and ping. You can use the Ping command to check connectivity from all Instant On devices available on the internet network to any IP address or hostname.

It is used for measuring the roundtrip duration of messages delivered from the host to the receiver. This helps in reviewing the network connectivity condition in terms of fair, good and poor results with total roundtrip time. Moreover, to get the non-ideal connectivity results, the path analysis is done via traceroute command.

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In a Nutshell

Unlike its competitors, Aruba offers a comprehensive range of wireless access points and switches that are highly beneficial for the growth of SMB businesses. The superior networking solutions come with comprehensive security measures, Wi-Fi 6 and 6E certifications, extensible APIs and robust IoT support.

With the help of Aruba’s offered range, you can provide a secured and unified wireless network to your customers, which enables you to outshine all your competitors and take your business to success.

To get started, you just have to give us a brief about your business requirements and the available space, we’ll recommend the best setup that’ll surely give you unparalleled coverage, blazing-fast speeds and a bucket full of benefits without burning a hole in your pockets.

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