How to Create a Solid Business Network for SMBs with Smart Network Switches

How to Create a Solid Business Network for SMBs with Smart Network Switches-feature image
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When small businesses are still trying to make ends meet by cost-cutting and efficient resource planning can be expensive and troublesome. Because unlike an enterprise they don’t have a lot to spend.

Here’s when Aruba Instant On Switch Series comes into play. Along with being affordable, it is also secure and easy to deploy. It ensures a future-ready network solution with greater scalability and security along with reliable connectivity for maximizing performance.

As far as networking demands of SMBs are concerned, Aruba Instant On’s 1830 switch series makes a perfect fit. It is an ideal solution for small office spaces, retail stores, and even home offices, as it comes with a smartly managed Layer 2 Ethernet. The easy to deploy Switch Series includes 6 switches that consists of:

  • 2, 8- Port
  • 2, 24- Port
  • 2, 48- Port Models in Class PoE (Power Over Ethernet) and non-PoE Configurations

Let’s further understand how the Aruba Instant On 1830 Switch Series can help SMBs build a solid business network.

How SMBs Build a Reliable Business Network with Aruba Instant On 1830 Smart Network Switches Series?

Aruba Instant On 1830 Switches are the perfect entry-level switches that come with Gigabit connectivity, Layer 2 switching capabilities, highly flexible management modes, and more.

Let’s understand in detail what Aruba Instant On 1830 switches have to offer in different categories like management, connectivity, switching, performance, etc.


  • Allows File Management Configuration

Users can now back up and even restore the settings related to the configuration in case of a firmware upgrade. Moreover, these settings can also be applied to other switches deployed on the network.

  • Offers DHCP Client Mode

This mode enables plug & play operation which connects Aruba Instant On switches directly to the network. However, the switch returns to the static address i.e., its default setting in the absence of DHCP server.

  • Facilitates Secure Web-Management Sessions

The 1830 Switch Series protects and encrypts business management sessions by using HTTP Secure. It prevents any kind of snooping of confidential management data.

In fact, irrespective of whether you manage your 1830 Switch series on the cloud or on the local Web GUI, the information between the management interface and Aruba Instant On switch remains completely secure and encrypted.

  • SNTP, Simple Network Time Protocol

This specific protocol enables automatic synchronization of elements like time and date of the network switch. This further facilitates accurate tracking of events and other schedules that are set by the administrator.


  • 1G Fiber Connectivity

This connectivity feature offers 1G fiber connectivity options for uplinks and different other connections that are built across longer distances. Moreover, the total number of ports available increases with SEP ports that are offered in addition to already available copper Ethernet ports.

  • Port Scheduling

Users can configure up to three schedules for disabling or enabling PoE power delivery or individual ports. The scheduling can be done on some specific switch ports by either choosing a periodic occurrence or a particular time.

  • PoE Scheduling

This connectivity feature enables users to configure certain business hours when they want the Aruba Instant On 1830 smart network switches to supply power to all the connected devices. Business hours can be defined in the form of specific dates and times. Also, connected devices can include access points, surveillance cameras, and more.

  • PoE Class 4 Certifications

PoE is the Power Over Ethernet functionality that supports certain 1830 smart network switches model which are also known as PSE (Power Source Equipment) ports. These ports are responsible for providing power to all the connected devices.


  • Loop Protection

The loop protection feature enables users to detect the loops for which the STP feature has been disabled or the switches that don’t run spanning tree.

  • Link Aggregation

Multiple ports up to 16 trunks can be grouped together through manual grouping or automatic LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol). Here, each trunk consists of a maximum 8 ports. This grouping prevents any bottleneck found in the traffic by creating a high-bandwidth connection for the network backbone.

  • VLAN Support

VLAN support comes with a few benefits for both routing and bridging. VLANs create logical segments by partitioning the network. This further provides better security, multicast traffic management, and administration.

  • Auto Recovery

The auto recovery feature places the ports in a suspended state whenever any error occurs. The auto recovery is further supported by other modules that include port security, storm control, BPDU guard, and more.

  • Flow Control

Aruba Instant On 1830 Switches come with a flow throttling mechanism that is propagated throughout the network. This further prevents packet loss that may occur at a congested node.

  • Port Mirroring

For analyzing and monitoring the traffic on your VLAN or port, the traffic is simultaneously sent and shared with a network analyzer.


  • EEE, Energy Efficient Ethernet

The Aruba Instant On 1830 Switch Series also enables SMBs to save energy, especially during the time of low data activity. This is efficiently done as the switches are compliant with the standard requirements of 8.2.3az.

  • Fan-Less Operations

For silent office environments, the 8 port PoE and non PoE models in addition to the 24 port non-PoE models come with a fan-less design.

  • Auto-Port Shut Down

Aruba Instant On Switches assists small businesses in saving power by automatically shutting down the power of ports that are inactive. However, the inactive ports can be restored once there is a link detection by the port.


  • Session Logging

Businesses can see the active users displayed that are connected to a switch at a particular time. In addition to this, you can also check the client’s IP address, along with the duration of an individual session.

  • Event Logs

The event logs functionality helps users to access detailed information regarding the identification or resolution of any problem.

  • Cable Diagnostic Tool

This diagnostic tool comes with a mechanism that can detect and even report any cabling related issues. These issues may include cable shorts, opens, or any other fault in the cable.

  • Remote Syslog

This feature offers support for every single syslog server that is supported only on the local web. This enables users to store events and redirect them to a remote syslog server.


Aruba Instant On Smart Network Switches are easy to set up, manage, and even monitor. Most importantly, it protects your network from any type of unauthorized access.

Especially, the 1830 Switch Series comes with modules that support different areas of connectivity like management, quality of service, switching, network security, and more.

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