6 Best eCommerce Inventory Management Software in 2023

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March 21, 2023 6 Min read

Summary: eCommerce inventory management software has become the need of the hour to manage all your sales channels from one platform. It ensures timely shipment of goods through real-time tracking across multiple channels. Learn more about the ways in which your eCommerce business can benefit from inventory management software.

Ecommerce inventory management software is popular among online retailers, distributors and eCommerce marketplaces for streamlining their warehouse operations. Seamless inventory and order syncing is a prerequisite to efficient business management. Ecommerce inventory software integrates shipping services with sales channels for inventory and order management.

What Is Ecommerce Inventory Management Software?

Established businesses and start-ups require eCommerce inventory management software for looking after their stock levels across multiple channels. eCommerce inventory software is an organized solution to help businesses manage inventory sourcing, storage, tracking and shipment.

The software supports advanced inventory controls for tracking stock levels and forecasting future inventory requirements.

eCommerce inventory management systems also help marketplaces replenish their stock based on purchase order histories as well as manage bundles/variations. You can also set order fulfillment priorities and rules for inventory reorders. The software also allows you to track bin location & aisle.

6 Best eCommerce Inventory Management Software in India

Let us have a look at the best eCommerce inventory management software for managing stock items across multiple locations.


BigCommerce Dashboard

BigCommerce software provides businesses an agile environment for selling products across multiple channels. The eCommerce inventory software supports storefront conversions, flexible API, cross-channel, and headless commerce integration for building a successful eCommerce business.

The software provides multi-currency, multi-language and global CDN support too for cross-border shipping management.

Features of BigCommerce:

  • Feedonomics for the listing of products across channels for a seamless customer shopping experience
  • Powerful APIs for reducing bottlenecks and increasing efficiency
  • Commerce tools for sleek customer checkout experiences
  • Powerful eCommerce engines that offer a high-touch customer experience
  • Single panel with channels toolkit for selling across different channels
  • Theme customization with mobile optimization support
  • Page builder visual editor for launching and editing site pages
  • Faceted search, SEO based URLs and digital wallets for storefront conversions
  • Option to switch between storefronts for cross-channel commerce
  • B2B payment options, quote & purchase order management
  • Customer segmentation support

BigCommerce Price: Price is available on request at techjockey.com


Browntape panel

Browntape is used by retail businesses for managing shipping, inventory and orders. The eCommerce management software automates supply chain orders, logistics, delivery & inventory processes for both online and offline stores. Browntape also offers additional capabilities for auto-posting payments and orders in the correct ledgers.

Features of Browntape

  • Ready integrations with ERP systems, web stores, courier and marketplaces
  • Centralized inventory management for bulk selling
  • Single dashboard for processing eCommerce orders
  • Pick-up scheduling, ready-to-ship triggers for shipping and logistics management
  • Multi warehouse integration with bin/rack/aisle support
  • Simplified tracking system for payments done or received
  • Store order rerouting, hopping, allocations & logistics integration for omnichannel store fulfillment

Browntape Pricing: Price is available on request at techjockey.com


CaptainBiz is a powerful solution used by small & micro businesses for doing regular stock checks and streamlining their daily business operations. The software gives access to a host of power-packed features for real-time inventory tracking and viewing your business’ output-input movements.

Features of CaptainBiz

  • Option to generate tax inclusive & exclusive invoices
  • Easily share invoices with suppliers and customers over email/WhatsApp
  • Built-in barcode scanner for accurate and fast inventory tracking
  • Real-time inventory checks for every purchase and sales made
  • Complete access to the output-input movement of stock items
  • Supplier and customer’s account visibility for viewing outstanding and transactions
  • Tally export for generating company reports
  • Auto update of GSTR reports
  • A single account can be used for managing multiple companies and users

CaptainBiz Pricing: Pricing available on request at techjockey.com

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory Dashboard

Zoho Inventory is a trusted choice amongst businesses for tracking inventory, managing orders and doing GST billing. Zoho Inventory makes it effortless for businesses to track inter-warehouse transfers, attach unique codes for batch tracing, and do item bundling/grouping.

The software helps prevent stockouts and streamlines return procedures. It also simplifies bookkeeping and helps track every transaction with buyers and sellers.

Zoho Inventory Features

  • Customizing, tracking and grouping items for managing multiple warehouses
  • Shipping, packaging, sales order & invoicing management
  • Maintaining purchase order histories for tracking unpaid bills
  • Automatic price listing for vendor management
  • EDI, marketplace and shopping cart integrations
  • Custom functions, and webhooks for modifying URLs
  • SKU generator, reporting and analytics

Zoho Inventory Pricing: Zoho Inventory Price starts at INR 2124/Month for the basic plan. Other plans are Standard: INR 5664/Month, Professional: INR 17464/Month.


Veeqo dashboard

Veeqo inventory management software offers multiple integrations and fulfillment tools for managing sales channels, orders and shipping. The software captures details about backorders, delivery lead times, account lead times & outstanding purchase orders.

Veeqo is an all-in-one fulfillment software that helps with inventory forecasting, multichannel inventory syncing and advanced order management.

Features of Veeqo

  • Inventory forecast tools for data-led decision making
  • Complete audit trails for viewing historic inventory values
  • Data segmentation for preparing location-based reports
  • Helps identify bottlenecks in the fulfillment processes
  • Qualitative reports with financial information & historical stock
  • Full visibility of warehousing operations for checking the product lifecycle
  • Team metrics reports for evaluating the performance of warehouse teams

Veeqo Pricing: The price of Veeqo starts at INR 15564/Month.

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Web-Cart is an eCommerce solution deployed by businesses for managing multiple stores and vendors. You also get access to user-friendly design templates for ensuring an outstanding customer experience.

It also supports multi-store shopping carts for helping merchants manage multiple stores from a single panel. The software helps manage orders, payouts, income and more.

Web Cart Features

  • Option to edit & organize products for catalog management
  • Easy to process and view pending orders
  • Navigable storefront with an option to switch between different stores
  • Fully responsive design for performing quick checkouts
  • Multi-store shopping carts
  • Multiple vendor management
  • Easy to set up multiple payment modes
  • Ajax filtering, pagination for sorting products and setting specification filters
  • SEO settings and user-friendly URLs for search engine optimization

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eCommerce inventory management software is designed to suit the multi-order fulfillment requirements of all business types. The software has been helping business owners and retailers manage their online business from a single panel across multiple locations. Select the best stock management for ecommerce as per your business requirement and start investing in a successful online business.

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  1. What are the best eCommerce inventory management software?

    Some of the best eCommerce inventory management software for multi-channel order fulfillment are Odoo, Square, Zoho Inventory, Delivrd, Inventory Now, Partender, Fishbowl.

  2. How does eCommerce manage inventory?

    eCommerce manages the inventory by analyzing the data in real-time, taking into account seasonality, adjusting the product lifecycle and calculating understocking and overstocking.

  3. What is multi-channel eCommerce inventory management?

    Multi-channel inventory management is used by businesses for tracking orders from different storage locations and sales sources. The process makes use of inventory forecasting for planning inventory turnover and overseeing reorders/stock orders.

  4. What are the best free eCommerce inventory management software?

    RightControl, Stockpile, Sortly, SalesBinder, Boxstorm and ABC Inventory are a few free eCommerce inventory management software.

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