Top 18 Habit Tracker Apps for Students & Employees

Top 18 Habit Tracker Apps for Students & Employees-feature image
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Habits play a huge role in our success and failure. While good habits are hard to maintain, bad habits are difficult to get rid of. If you want to truly turn your life around, habit tracker apps can make a huge difference.

Best habit building apps help you remember any number of habits at different time intervals. By tracking your progress, you stay more accountable. There are so many apps that choosing the best app for habit tracking might get confusing. Some of the best habit tracker apps that help you keep up with your schedule on the go are discussed in this blog.

What are Habit Tracker Apps?

Habit tracker apps are a digital way of creating a list of habits, getting reminders, and tracking how well you accomplish them.

It can be hard to maintain numerous habits over a long period of time in a journal and take it everywhere to keep records. Habit tracker apps can be installed on your mobile, accessed over the web, or even be downloaded for Mac, Windows, or Linux devices. While habit tracker websites work on any device, best habit tracker apps are simpler and easy to update. This helps you avoid missing out any days due to your busy schedule.

18 Best Habit Tracker Apps and Software to Stay Organized

Here are the best habit tracker apps to help you follow your routine:

  • Habitify

Best For: Viewing completion rate of timeline based goals


Habitify habit app helps you track and stick to routines through several reminders and in-depth reports on week or month based progress. Habitify has a simple interface. You just need to create a list of habits to follow and it will group them based on their scheduled time of the day. You can get an overview and quickly mark tasks as done to maintain streaks with Habitify’s Today widget.

Supported Platforms: Habit building app for Android, iOS, macOS, Web browser

Is Habitify Habit Tracker Free? Yes, Habitify is a free habit tracker app. In-app purchases start at INR 20 for Android and INR 387.68/month for iOS. Paid options let you track habits and set reminders without any upper limit.

  • Momentum

Best For: Dividing time between habits and other activities with Balance mode

Momentum lets you add and track daily habits easily. It is one of the best habit apps that motivates you through beautiful backgrounds and appealing quotes. You can view your favorite pictures or quotes and customize the dashboard as per your needs. You can also view current weather conditions in your local area.

Supported Platforms: Habit tracker for iOS, MacOS, Web browser

Is Momentum Habit Tracker Free? Yes, it is a free habit tracker to install and use. Pricing starts at INR 465.38/ month for additional features like world clocks and countdowns.

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  • Strides

Best For: Pre-defined customizable habit tracker templates


Strides habit app lets you set unlimited reminders to track good and bad habits on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It offers more than 150 templates to choose from depending on the type of task you are tracking. You can view progress reports and charts with details like success rates, streaks, and so on.

Supported Platforms: Habit forming app for iOS, MacOS

Is Strides Habit Tracker Free? Yes, it is a free habit tracker app. Pricing starts at INR 386.90 for features like data exports, filters, etc.

  • Habitica

Best For: Gamifying life goals and achieving those in a fun way


Habitica lets you input your routine and gamifies your daily goals to help you accomplish what you want. Once you create your avatar and complete your tasks, you unlock skills, items like pets, and more as rewards.

You can form teams with your family and friends to be more accountable. You can also connect with others who have common goals and interests on this app.

Supported Platforms: iOS, Android, Web browser

Is Habitica Habit Tracker Free? Yes, it is available for free. In-app purchases of this free habit tracker app for Android start at INR 76.77 for private chat groups and other benefits like gems.

  • HabitHub

Best For: Including post-midnight habits as part of the day routine


HabitHub lets you set habits or import your habit history from other tracking apps and categorize them for better follow ups. The progress of hourly, weekly, monthly habits is indicated by red, yellow, and green indicators. It offers a reminder system, home screen widget, calendar view for habits, and even different themes.

Supported Platforms: Habit tracking app for iOS and Android

Is HabitHub Habit Tracker Free? Yes, it is free to download and use. In-app purchases of the best free habit tracker app for Android start at INR 76.77. One-time upgrade is available at INR 231.87.

  • Loop Habit Tracker

Best For: Detailed charts & analytics for habit tracking

Loop Habit Tracker

Loop Habit Tracker lets you create simple to-do lists and keep a journal of your progress. Home screen widget lets you directly track your habits without navigating to the app. Loop Habit Tracker lets you snooze or dismiss an activity reminder also.

You can check monthly progress via calendar view, charts, and statistical metrics in detail. You can even export your data to a database or spreadsheets for analysis.

Supported Platforms: Habit building app for iOS and Android

Is Loop Habit Tracker Free? Yes, it is a free habit forming app. Monthly pricing of Loop habit tracker to unlock unlimited habits and go ad free starts at INR 149 for iOS.

  • Streaks

Best For: Offline tracking of incomplete tasks on the consecutive day

Streaks is an easy to use habit tracker that helps you list different types of habits and get reminders to follow the same. You can set the time when you want to get the reminder. Once you complete a task, you can simply tap ‘Yes’ in the reminder notification. With the streak counter, you get the exact duration for which you continue with an activity.

Supported Platforms: Habit tracker app for android

Is Streaks Habit Tracker Free? Yes, you can download it and track up to 5 habits for free. In-app purchases of this best free habit tracking app for Android begin at INR 199 per item.

  • Beeminder

Best For: Managing critical habits


Beeminder helps you in maintaining important goals by adding monetary incentive with the same. It is one of the best habit apps that quantifies your habits and plots the progress in the form of a yellow brick road. If you derail from the road representation or lose your streak, you must pay up the pledged amount.

Supported Platforms: Android & iOS

Is Beeminder Habit Tracker Free? Yes, it is a free habit tracker app to use.


Best For: Coaching and community support for maintaining habits allows users to track habits and stay motivated as well as accountable with external support from the community. You can break down your goals in simple steps and even get personalized schedules from your coach.

It is one of the best apps for habit tracking that helps in improving efficiency. The app also lets you see your progress and milestones. If you have any queries, you can get responses in the app.

Supported Platforms: iOS, Android

Is Habit Tracker Free? Yes, it is a free habit changing app. Hiring a private coach is a paid service.

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  • Notion

Best For: Organizing your work habits and collaborating with your team for projects

habit tracker in Notion

Notion software helps you plan your tasks and workflows with Kanban boards, to do lists, calendars, and more. You can clip information from any website while browsing or drag and drop files to add to your task lists. It supports several different types of content types like to dos, images, etc. You can easily add as many lists as you want and sync it with other devices.

Supported Platforms: Android, Web browser, Windows, Mac, iOS | Notion Alternatives

Is Notion Habit Tracker Free? Yes, it is one of the best free habit tracker apps for personal use and can be shared with 5 other guests. Pricing starts at INR 310.36 for features like habit history tracking and unlimited guests.

  • HabitBull

Best For: Breaking bad habits like drinking and smoking

HabitBull is a highly customizable app that helps in building habits by tracking your schedule. There are graphs to display streaks and success rate for each habit. You also receive quotes for activity in each category to keep you motivated.

There are discussion forums in HabitBull to answer your queries and interact with likeminded people. You can backup HabitBull data on cloud and even export it to spreadsheets.

Supported Platforms: iOS, Android

Is HabitBull Habit Tracker Free? Yes, installation and usage of HabitBull are free. In-app purchases start at INR 231.34 for ad free tracking of over 100 habits in HabitBull.

  • TickTick

Best For: Logging distractions with Pomodoro timer


TickTick productivity app enables users to create nested to do lists and memos, develop habits, collaborate with others, and much more. It also lets you input routines through voice instead of typing. You can add attachments to the tasks and classify them with tags.

This best free habit tracker app integrates with Outlook, Google Calendar, and other third party calendars to provide a clear overview of your habits.

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux (Beta), Web browser

Is TickTick Habit Tracker Free? Yes, it is free to install. In-app purchases start at INR 50 for features like customizable filters and version history.

  • Productive Habit Tracker

Best For: Weekly challenges for improving routines

Productive Habit Tracker app lets you build positive habits and break out of bad habits with smart reminders. It is one of the best habit building apps with an appealing interface that offers presets for customization.

You can add tasks with different colors and icons in the productive habit tracker. Depending on the time of the day, this productive habit building app provides you a summary of pending tasks. You can analyze your progress and stay motivated with statistics.

Supported Platforms: iOS, Android

Is Productive Habit Tracker Free? Yes, you can download Productive Habit Tracker for free. If you want no limit on the number of habits to be tracked, pricing starts at INR 85 per item for in-app purchases.

  • HabitShare

Best For: Tracking habits in groups with messaging option


HabitShare is a privacy centric habit forming app that ensures additional accountability by allowing you to share your habits with your friends. Friends can send messages with motivational GIFs on each other’s progress.

You can sync your habit schedules in HabitShare with different devices for easy accessibility. Apart from reminders, charts and streaks in HabitShare help you keep track of your progress.

Supported Platforms: Habit tracker app for iOS and Android

Is HabitShare Habit Tracker Free? Yes, HabitShare is completely free to install and use.

  • SnapHabit

Best For: Tracking progress with automatic graph generation

SnapHabit lets you schedule habits on a daily, weekly, or specific days basis easily. You can add images and notes to each habit. Graphs and streaks help you track your progress on any number of habits. You can even stay in touch with your friends by sharing schedules , images, and messages for additional accountability.

Supported Platforms: iOS and Android

Is SnapHabit Habit Tracker Free? Yes, this best habit building app is free to download and use.

  • Way of Life

Best For: Tracking both positive and negative habits though a simple interface

Way of Life productive habit tracker

If you’re looking for a simple and user friends daily routine solution, Way of Life is the app for you. It allows users to track an unlimited number of habits and provides detailed analytics about your progress over time. The app also offers features like reminders, notifications, and positive and negative trends tracker.

Supported Platforms: Way of Life app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Is Way of Life Free? Way of life is a free to download. However, it offers in-app purchases.

  • The Done App

Best for: Tracking multiple habits and setting periodical goals

The Done App is a simple and elegant solution for tracking multiple daily habits. The app includes features like reminders, streaks, and the ability to set goals. Additionally, the Done App provides detailed analytics about your progress over time and streaks tracking.

Supported Platforms: The Done App is available for iOS devices only.

Is The Done App Free? Yes, the Done App can be downloaded and used for free.

  • Stickk

Best For: Making contractual commitments and community discussions

Stickk App

Stickk is a unique habit tracking app that allows users to set commitments and goals, and then hold themselves accountable by adding money to the pot – making it extra motivation to stay on track. Stickk offers recurring progress tracking and allows you to set all type of habits by creating commitment contracts.

Supported Platforms: Stickk could be accessed via web and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Is Stickk Free? Users can access the app and web version for free, However, you need to put some money on the line to sign a commitment contract.

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Habit tracker websites and apps can be great if you stay motivated. You can choose any of the already mentioned habit forming apps depending on your device compatibility to get started.


  1. Which habit tracker app is best?

    There is no one best habit tracker app. Different apps offer different features that may appeal to different people. Some of the best habit tracking apps include Strides, Loop Habit Tracker, and Stickk.

  2. How much do habit tracking apps cost?

    Habit tracking apps can vary in price. Some apps, like Strides and Loop Habit Tracker, are free to download and use. Others, like Stickk, require users to put money on the line to sign a commitment contract.

  3. Are there any free habit tracker apps?

    There are many different habit tracking apps available, and some of them are free to use. Some of the best free habit tracking apps include Strides, Loop Habit Tracker, and Habitify.

  4. How do I track my daily habits?

    There are many ways to track your daily habits. Some people use pen and paper, while others use apps or digital tracking tools. If you’re looking for a simple way to track your habits, consider using a habit tracker app. There are many different options available, and some of them are even free to use.

  5. Does habit tracking app work?

    Yes, habit tracking apps can be a helpful tool for individuals who want to improve their health or break bad habits. There are many different apps available that offer a variety of features to meet the needs of different users.

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