Top 10 Websites for Educators and Students

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June 20, 2023 9 Min read

Education is the common right of every human being to achieve higher living standards. However, most of the population is concerned that education can only be achieved through expensive schools and colleges.

Even the students studying in the best educational institutes require some assistance to fulfill the requirements of their academic work.

Understanding, implementing, and writing impacts their grade point and academic performance.
In this article, we are going to be looking at some websites that can help students achieve quality education and better grades in their assignments.

List of 10 Websites for Educators and Students in 2024

We will discuss the features and services of these websites, which can help students and educators to pursue quality education via the internet and mobile devices.


It is convenient to find a versatile platform that provides all the services in one place. provides more than 95 different online tools for bloggers, web developers, students, educators, and academic writers.

This website offers a full suite of writing tools that can be helpful for writing assignments and theses. The following tools are the most beneficial for both students and educators:

  • Plagiarism Checker

If you want to evaluate the quality of your assignment, this tool can provide you with accurate results. Plagiarism checkers are probably the highest in-demand software for teachers.

Teachers can grade assignments based on the plagiarism score. At the same time, the students can use this tool to check the quality of their work before submission.

  • Paraphrasing Tool

Students are always looking to add a sense of creativity to their academic work. The paraphrasing tool by Prepostseo offers various paraphrasing options to write content in different styles.

With the help of a paraphrasing tool, students can expand their knowledge on synonyms and learn more ways to word their ideas.

  • Text Summarizer

Students are often asked to write essays with defined word limits. That’s where the text summarizer tool can be helpful. You can summarize lengthy texts for essay and precis writing by setting the word limit.


Teachers and students are always curious to receive immediate feedback on the educational process.
This website for educators has made visualized understanding of students more accessible than ever.

best websites for students provides a convenient and fun way to establish an education bridge between students and educators.

  • Create Activities

Teachers can create personalized activities for students’ instant quizzes and polls. There is an option to run the activity anonymously, plus teachers can get instant feedback from students in real-time.

  • Automatic Grading

The website provides different formats for teachers to create student activities. Educators can use these templates many times to save time. Plus, the quizzes are graded automatically.

  • Supports All Platforms

Socrative Teacher and Socrative Student applications are available on iOS, Android, and Chrome Webstore. So, there is no restriction on a platform while carrying out your education journey.


Plagiarized assignments are probably the worst nightmare for any A-grade student. Therefore, website is made for your peace of mind.

Students can check lengthy assignments in one go with this freemium plagiarism checking platform.

  • Safe and Secure

No text or file data is saved online, which means your assignments and research work remains safe. The generated reports and scanned texts are deleted instantly as soon as you refresh the website.

  • Multiple Files Support

This website can check up to 2,000 words in one go. Students can upload multiple assignment files in .docx, .doc, .txt and .pdf formats to check plagiarized content.

  • Report Generation

This website provides a descriptive report on unique and plagiarized content with all the matching sources. You can attach the credibility proof of your work to show its uniqueness.

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Join the global network that makes it simple to manage a classroom and teach students to their full potential.


Edmodo provides the most simplified interface to make international education a reality.

  • Best for Teachers

Teachers can interact with students in real-time with the chat box interface. The platform makes it easier to share class material and announcements and add events for the whole class.

  • Useable for Students

For a new interface, students find it challenging to get the hang of things. But that’s not the case with Edmodo. Students can quickly become a part of any online community to enhance their learning experience.

  • Recordings and Webinars

The platform provides recordings of previous workshops and webinars to educate students on what they are missing. So now, you can always stay on track if you miss out on scheduled sessions.


You might’ve heard of traditional desktop notepads, but what if there was a notepad that provides instant file access from any platform, autosave features, and online editing support? All these features can be achieved with online text editor.

online teaching sites

This website for educators and students also offers a range of other tools that can help students evaluate and improve the quality of their assignments. Some of these tools are as follows:

  • Plagiarism and Grammar Checker

This online notepad goes beyond traditional text editing. Students can edit files and check for any errors in their work with the built-in grammar and plagiarism checker tools.

  • Paraphraser

Like Prepostseo, also offers a paraphrasing tool that students can use for learning purposes.
This tool can be used to reword existing content to give it a new look. Students can learn new synonyms in the process.

  • Text to Handwriting Changer

If you want to make things look different from traditional typing, use the integrated handwriting changer to convert text like it’s written in actual handwritten form.


If you’re looking for something that brings collaborative thinking and brainstorming new ideas, then Google Jamboard is the right place for you.

Google sponsors this platform that performs like your traditional classroom whiteboard where you can write, draw, attach images, sticky notes, and paste links.

  • Stylus Support

This platform works with touch screen devices like smartphones and tablets as well. So, if you edit and save a file using a stylus pen, it’ll be visible and editable on any other device, so there is no platform restriction.

  • Insert Images and Videos

Integration with Google means you can directly import images and videos from Google to attach to your Jamboard files. If you’re on a touch screen platform, you can easily drag and resize images with your fingers.

  • Sketch and Draw

In order to make the education process more creative, teachers can draw and highlight anything on Jamboard. The advanced Google image recognition technology can convert any picture into a sketch.


Enhance the sense of creativity in your essays and articles by uniquely paraphrasing your writings.

paraphraser is a website that offers a wide range of options and access controls to make things convenient for students.

  • Creative Paraphrasing Modes

This online tool supports standard, creative, and fluent paraphrasing methods to suit your writing style.
You can create content for essays, assignments, and research papers from one platform.

  • File Upload Option

You don’t have to type in the whole essay as you can conveniently upload the file on the platform with one click. The tool will scan the file for text and enable you to paraphrase without wasting much time.

  • Multiple Language Support

This tool supports a wide range of languages, so you can create unique essays for various linguistic assignments. The tool maintains the level of originality by adding a sense of humanly paraphrased content.


The Animoto website is your professional companion to provide artistic options at your fingertips.


Animoto is a great platform for students who’re looking to give their assignments a creative look with unique images and personalized clips.

  • Stock Free Images

Using, students can stock-free images in their assignments and research papers without worry about copyright.

  • Easy to Use

Customization tools on this website for educators is effortless to access. You can edit images with pre-designed fonts and filters to match the theme of your content.

  • Unlimited Editing Option

All Animoto plans offer unlimited editing options with video creation of landscape and portrait mode. Teachers can create educational videos to make lectures more fun and creative.

  1. is a great tool that students can use for essay and assignment writing.

The summarizer online tool makes it simple to shrink extensive text by highlighting the best sections and reducing the reading time of your text.

  • Easy Summary Setting

With this tool, you can set the length of summarized text from long to short. This feature makes it easy to modify text multiple times until you meet the ideal word count.

  • Summarizes Text into Bullet Points

Large blocks of texts are sometimes hard to read as it becomes challenging to read long paragraphs and sentences.

This summarizing tool features an option to show text in bullet point which features each sentence in one bullet point. Hence it becomes easy to read sentence-by-sentence.

  • Multiple Languages Feature

With this website, you can summarize documents written in languages other than English as well. Select the language before summarizing, and this website for educators will make the text concise to a suitable length in the selected language.


You might have some offline calculators that support a specific type of conversions and calculations.

online teaching websites

But with the website, you can find all math solutions in one place as it says in the name.
This website provides more than 400 types of calculators to cover every level of educational needs.

  • Easy to Use Interface

The interface of this website is straightforward. Once you have selected your required calculator or convertor, you’ll only find the relevant buttons on the interface, unlike offline or actual calculators where you have to look through the whole panel.

  • Versatile

This website features numerous converters and calculators like ASCII to Text converter, AC to DC Calculator, Arc Length Calculator, and Financial Calculators. This extensive range of options means it is designed for every educational field that involves calculation despite the learning level.

  • Free to Use

The best part about this website is that it’s free to access. No registration or trial-based usage is required. Nor is there any limitation to using any calculator.


Learning is a never-ending process, and with the involvement of technology, it becomes fun and creative.
Writing and editing tools are necessary to support the learning process confidently and accurately. Students’ reliance on these tools and websites for educators and them that enhances their abilities to perform well in academics.

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