List of SaaS Conferences You Must Attend in 2022-23

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January 18, 2023 12 Min read

In recent times, there is probably no one out there who hasn’t heard of all the buzz around SaaS. It is one of the fastest and biggest growing industries that is projected to reach a value of $171.9 billion by the end of 2022.

SaaS model enables business transformation, which is one of the major reasons that it deserves huge attention right now. The best way to find suitable customers for your SaaS product is through building connection and productive collaboration. This is also the reason SaaS event and conferences are in demand and worth attending.

With so many companies hosting SaaS conferences, you must evaluate your participation on the basis on what meets your interest as well as budget. Here is a comprehensive list of the SaaS tech events that you can add to your calendar.

Top 13 SaaS Conferences and Events in FY 2022-23

Here is a curated list of the best SaaS events (along with event highlights, registration price & other details) that you must attend in 2022 and early 2023!

  1. Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference

Gartner Conference and Tech Event image

When: July 12-13, 2022

Where: Online

Who Can Attend: Technology leaders & marketers

Mode of Gartner Tech Growth SaaS Conference: Virtual

About the Event: Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Centre 2022 is a virtual SaaS event that will cover latest researches, recent trends, and emerging technologies needed to drive innovation for business growth. The agenda boasts famous tracks that incorporate a broad range of topics such as improving the product, marketing and buying experience with innovative trends relevant for technology and service providers.

Highlight of Gartner Tech Growth SaaS Event:

  • Explore latest trends and unique opportunities to accelerate business growth
  • Extract valuable insights from client interactions
  • Know about relevant technology tools to improve customer satisfaction

Gartner Tech Growth Registration Price: Standard price – $1450 and public sector price – 975

  1. PlatCon

When: August 22-24, 2022

Where: Jeju, Korea

Who Can Attend: Computer Science enthusiasts and Research Professionals

Mode of PlatCon SaaS Conference: Offline

About the Event: With its main focus on Platform Technology research topics, PlatCon-22 will be quite an engaging and interactive forum for scientists, professors and students among others. The core areas of focus will be IT, Cyber Security, Computing Technology, Intelligent System, Business & management and more.

Highlight of PlatCon SaaS Event:

  • Recent trends in all relevant service/ engineering areas
  • Unique interest in theoretical and practical research contributions

Gartner Tech Growth Registration Price: Conference registration at EDAS system – To be decided

For further details, check out the official website.



When: September 6 – 9, 2022

Where: Boston & online

Who Can Attend: B2C/B2B startups, SaaS marketers, product managers

Mode of INBOUND SaaS Conference: Virtual & offline

About the Event: Powered by HubSpot, INBOUND is an annual event that brings together industry leaders in SaaS marketing, product management and other business verticals from across the globe. It is being held as a hybrid event for the first time ever. The agenda consists of exciting workshops, Q&A rounds, and networking sessions with top industry leaders, thus presenting numerous opportunities to network both online and offline!

Highlight of INBOUND SaaS Event:

  • Connect with renowned speakers and explore new opportunities
  • Be a part of networking events and establish new business connections
  • Make a schedule as per your availability for INBOUND digital event

INBOUND Registration Price: Starter online – USD $0, Powerhouse digital pass (Tier 4)– USD $89 and Tier 5 – $99 (currently available until sold out). In-person passes – USD $899 (currently available until sold out)

  1. Business of Software

When: September 26 – 28, 2022 (offline), June 8, July 13, October 12 & November 9 for online single day conference

Where: Boston, MA & online

Who Can Attend: Software and SaaS entrepreneurs, CXOs & Founders

Mode of Business of Software SaaS Conference: Online & offline

About the Event: Business of Software is a hybrid, multiple conference event for software and SaaS entrepreneurs to discuss great business ideas and thoughtful networking. With the world’s leading SaaS leaders, you will get a chance to learn how popular software companies and products are built, scaled, and levelled up.

Highlight of Business of Software Event:

  • Interactive event designed to help you learn from experts & your peers
  • Sufficient time for Q&A and chat after sessions
  • Networking breaks
  • Stay on-site (Seaport Hotel) to reduce traveling time and maximize your experience

Business of Software Registration Price: $1595 for offline event while online conference is priced at $316.67.

Please note, you can also opt for bundle tickets.

  1. SaaStr

saastr conference image

When: September 13 – 15, 2022

Where: San Francisco

Who Can Attend: B2B software enthusiasts, Executives, VC

Mode of SaaStr SaaS Conference: Offline

About the Event: SaaStr is a full three-day annual SaaS conference and events that attract SaaS founders and executives to learn, enjoy and have fun. Over 10000+ attendees from across the globe will come together to be a part of 100s of informative workshops and 1000s of productive mentoring session.

Highlight of SaaStr Event:

  • 100+ well curated sessions with SaaS experts
  • Great networking with top industry experts during happy hours
  • Informative and interactive mentoring sessions
  • 250 + speakers from world’s leading SaaS companies

SaaStr Registration Price: Startup Founders & Execs – US$1,443.77, Team Pack Startups – US$1030.97

(For further details, check out their official website)

  1. SaaStock

When: October 17 – 21, 2022

Where: Dublin

Who Can Attend: B2B SaaS founders, VCS

Mode of SaaStock SaaS Conference: Offline

About the Event: SaaStock is a 5-day conference where you will meet and learn from the world’s top SaaS experts on topics as diverse as people operations to tech. You will get exclusive content and valuable insights and meet the right people who will help you grow your SaaS business fast.

Highlight of SaaStock Event:

  • Join 5000+ SaaS founders and investors for an enriching experience
  • Get amazing insights through workshops and sessions
  • Interaction with peer groups
  • Expand your knowledge with informative resources and content

SaaStock Registration Price: General attendee – €849, Forum attendee – €9,999, Founder & your team – €798.06, and Investor – €899 (All ex. VAT @23%)

  1. TechCrunch Disrupt

When: October 18 – 20, 2022

Where: San Francisco

Who Can Attend: Founders, Potential investors, Startup enthusiasts

Mode of TechCrunch Disrupt SaaS Conference: Offline

About the Event: TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 edition is an important event for those who are curious to know what’s happening in the tech space. In addition, it is a great platform to network with focused and like-minded people from the tech ecosystem.

So, whether you’re looking for a co-founder for your growing business or a new job, this is the place to connect with experts and expand your network. And guess what, you can even participate in the Startup Battlefield 200.

Highlight of TechCrunch Disrupt Event:

  • Step up your game and participate in Startup Battlefield 200
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Gain insights from informative content delivered by renowned speakers in tech domain
  • Focused on Founders to convert their big vision to reality

TechCrunch Disrupt Registration Price: General Admission Pass & Investor Pass – $695, Student/ Non-Profit Pass – $195 (Prices for all category increases July 30)

  1. Mind The Product #mtpcon

When: October 13 – 14, 2022

Where: London

Who Can Attend: Product Managers

Mode of Mind the Product SaaS Conference: Online & offline

About the Event: Mind the Product is another famous SaaS event. It is one of the biggest product management conferences worldwide, inviting attendees from across the world. If you have the desire to build better products and learn about its management from the experts, think no more. Join the two days of product inspiration – #mtpcon in London right away!

Highlight of Mind the Product Event

  • Opportunity to network with 1000+ peers
  • A day of optional preconference workshops
  • Get insights on the most current and impactful topics
  • Amazon, Nike, Spotify, Google are just a few renowned names who attend #mtpcon

Mind The Product Registration Price: Early bird price for digital only – £449, General Release for digital only – £499 while Hybrid is priced at £899.

(For further details, check out their official website!)

  1. WebSummit

When: November 1 – 4, 2022

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Who Can Attend: Tech Startup founders, Policymakers

Mode of WebSummit SaaS Conference: Offline

About the Event: The world’s most renowned tech conference – WebSummit is bringing together a team of experts from leading technology companies, fast growing startups & more to discuss a general question “What next”.

With the world experiencing major changes amid the “new normal” caused by pandemic, the main agenda of the event is to discuss where the technology industry should lead from here. One important thing to mention here is that Forbes rates WebSummit as the best technology conference on the planet.

Highlight of WebSummit Event:

  • Notable speakers of Summit include April Koh – CEO, Spring Health, Anna Sainsbury – Co-founder & CEO GeoComply, Herman Narula – Co-founder & CEO Improbable & more
  • Innovative & unparalleled experience for networking
  • Get insights on topics ranging from data science, environment sustainability & more

WebSummit Registration Price: General attendee – €495

(Check out the other ticket type by visiting the official website)

  1. NOAH

When: December 6 – 7, 2022

Where: Zurich & online

Who Can Attend: Digital and sustainable business owners

Mode of NOAH SaaS Conference: Offline & online

About the Event: NOAH conference is a hybrid event platform inviting over 67 stakeholder groups who come up with one common goal of bringing sustainable impact to the world. For the past 13 years, it has brought together entrepreneurs and corporates through physical and digital conferences.

Highlight of NOAH Event:

  • Witness a lineup of over 200 sustainability leaders
  • Build trusted relationships and grow your business
  • Get to know your peers and learn from them

NOAH Registration Price: Startup/ Tech solution & Impact – CHF590.00, Investor & Corporate – CHF1590.00

  1. CES 2023

When: January 5-8, 2023

Where: Las Vegas & online

Who Can Attend: Consumer tech leaders

Mode of CES 2023 SaaS Conference: Virtual & offline

About the Event: CES provides a platform for companies to showcase their brands and latest technologies. After a successful hybrid event edition in 2022, 2023 calls for an even better experience. You can expect over 2300 companies from all over the globe displaying the latest trends in technology space and innovations across digital health, food tech, NFTs, smart home & more.

Highlight of CES 2023 Event:

  • Connect and collaborate with exhibitors & attendees
  • A vast range of product categories including virtual reality, sports, robotics, food technology, education & more
  • Know about industries more relevant issues through thought leaders

CES 2023 Registration Price: $100 Registration from September 13 – December 8 while the charges from December 8 will be $300.

Please note, registration is not yet open.

  1. MWC Barcelona

When: February 27 – March 3, 2023

Where: Barcelona

Who Can Attend: Mobile operator, Technology provider

Mode of MWC Barcelona SaaS Conference: Offline

About the Event: MWC Barcelona is one of the world’s best SaaS events with over 1000+ speakers, 1900+ exhibitors, and attendees from across the world. The 2022 event edition witnessed influential speakers from across industries including fintech, healthcare, entertainment to automotive.

So, gear up for an even more exciting event in 2023 with various big names in the industry like Google, Oracle etc.

Highlight of MWC Barcelona Event:

  • Interactive and engaging content
  • Network with influential speakers
  • Meet industry leaders and get inspired

MWC Barcelona Registration Price: To be decided

  1. SXSW

When: March 10 – 19, 2023

Where: Austin, TX & online

Who Can Attend: Great for anyone interested in tech, music, culture & media

Mode of SXSW SaaS Conference: Online & Offline

About the Event: SXSW 2023 is going to present film festival screenings, conference sessions, world class exhibitions, great learning, and personal development opportunities & more. The experience is going to be even better for all the attendees with special events, live panels, and more exciting activities lined up.

Keynote speakers in 2023 will range from politicians to writers, comedians & musicians. And the best part – you can gain access to SXSW online if you can’t make it to the event.

Highlight of SXSW Event:

  • Unique networking opportunities
  • Witness exciting keynotes, features sessions & more
  • Discussion and celebration with international community of artists

SXSW Registration Price: To be decided

Why Is Attending a SaaS Conference Important?

A SaaS conference is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people, discuss the most relevant topics in your industry, get an insight on success stories, among other things.

Some people only attend events to gain exposure to their product or company or connect with a specific group of people or company. However, it is important to remember here that one must plan beforehand, especially in case of big events.

Which SaaS Conference to Attend in 2022-23? Consider These 4 Factors

Are you confused on how to choose the right SaaS conference to attend? Keep these 4 factors in mind!

  • Analyze your goal – The first step is to make a list of key points that you hope to achieve from attending SaaS conferences in 2022. For instance, you might want to learn about a particular aspect of product management and hence your aim should be to focus on events that showcase expertise in that area.
  • Budget – As all business leaders need to budget, it is another important factor to consider when choosing the right SaaS conference. You must check if a particular conference is worth your time and money.
  • Check the size of the event – It is equally important to conduct quality checks of the event. You don’t want to turn to an event where you find no renowned speakers or no one to network with.
  • Research the background of speakers – Next on the list is to conduct a background check of the various speakers. For this, you can easily find their LinkedIn or Facebook profile online!

So, are you up to exploring the latest SaaS industry trends? Keep your eye on these SaaS conferences in 2022 and early 2023.


  1. How can you build your network at a SaaS conference?

    Attending a SaaS conference provides great networking opportunities with knowledgeable leaders. To build your presence at the event, be well dressed, interact more, and research the latest trends to initiate and win conversations.

  2. Is it a good idea to attend a SaaS conference?

    Attending a SaaS conference is a great opportunity to meet industry peers, learn from thoughtful leaders and get a chance to interact with likeminded people.

  3. Why go to a SaaS conference?

    There are many great reasons to attend SaaS conference. The topmost ones are networking and engaging with peers. SaaS events also help professionals enhance their skills and knowledge by interacting with experts.

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