10 Best Bookkeeping Apps for Android & iPhone to Manage Small Business Accounting

10 Best Bookkeeping Apps for Android & iPhone to Manage Small Business Accounting-feature image
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Mobile bookkeeping apps are used for simplifying and expediating accounting procedures. Businesses and organizations use paid and free online accounting software for creating as well as sending estimates to prospective customers. Once these potential customers turn into fixed clients, daily accounting apps help with preparing and tracking all future invoices.

Mobile bookkeeping app

You can also use the best bookkeeping apps for processing payrolls, scanning receipts, monitoring finances and other such financial and accounting practices.

Key Features of Accounting Apps for Accurate Bookkeeping

The best mobile bookkeeping apps provide timesheet workflow for efficient project and financial management. Here is a list of essential modules that you would find with popular accounting software for mobile and pc. Aside from multicurrency invoicing and expense tracking, you can also use the best accountancy apps for the following:  

  • Invoicing: Preparing invoices is necessary in case you want your business to get paid for its products and services. Paid and free accounting software for pc and mobile thus fulfils this most important function- creating invoices to make sure you get paid on time.
  • Accounts receivables: Mobile bookkeeping apps offer information related to account receivables so that you are aware of all pending payments. The bookkeeping software generates regular reports for checking payments received so far and the ones that are pending.
  • Bank reconciliations: Accounting apps take direct feeds from the client’s bank account so that end users can review all transactions done on a daily basis.
  • Storing bills & receipts: Mobile accounting apps maintains online bills and receipts for quick storage. You don’t have to maintain records manually and it is possible to access bills and receipts easily any time the need arises.
  • Managing cashflow: Paid and free accounting apps offer powerful dashboard support for managing cashflows. Through these dashboards, you can check your bank balance and monitor your business expenses and the cash inflow.
  • Client bookkeeping: Bookkeeping software solutions help with coding and reviewing code transactions on everyday basis. These are essential for not just doing bank reconciliations but also for tracking your business performance.
  • Expense records: This feature is helpful for attaching expenses to all purchases done. This is essential for calculating profitability margins as well as assessing the true cost of every business activity.

10 Best Mobile Bookkeeping Apps & Free Accounting Software for Small Business

  • FreshBooks

bookkeeping apps

Best for generating customized invoices

Rating on app store: 4.8

Rating on play store: 4.4

FreshBooks mobile bookkeeping app is used by contractors, businesses and other professionals for organizing expenses and managing receipts. Creating and tracking invoices is easy too with this bookkeeping software. As the best accounting app, FreshBooks offers a good number of collaboration tools for managing files, feedback and conversations. 


  • Tracking invoices in real-time
  • Cloud support and easy implementation
  • Customizable templates for managing invoices
  • Automated expense importing


  • This accounting software for mobile gets slow sometimes in case of large data volumes

FreshBooks Pricing: FreshBooks is available as a free online accounting software on trial basis. Paid plans start at a basic rate and is available on our website. Under the plan, this best accounting app for android and iOS offers features that support tracking of unlimited expenses, sending unlimited estimates as well as managing tax reports. 

  • QuickBooks Online

free online accounting software

Best for generating balance sheet reports & profit/loss statements

Rating on app store: 4.7

Rating on play store: 4.1

Organize all your accounting data, create invoices and track sales with QuickBooks online mobile bookkeeping app. As one of the best daily accounting apps, QuickBooks Online offers effective expense management capabilities. Through this feature, you can thus generate data reports, check cashflow statements as well as assess profits earned with ease. 


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Dashboard support for managing financial processes
  • Easy to customize invoices’ format and structure
  • Integration with other apps on your device


  • Navigating in between modules is difficult in the beginning.

QuickBooks Pricing: QuickBooks Online is available as a free accounting app on trial basis for thirty days. Paid plan is available on our website. With the paid plan, you can create purchase orders, send customized invoices as well as track income easily. 

  • Zoho Books

best accounting app - Zoho Books

Best for generating invoices and sales orders

Ratings on app store: 4.6

Ratings on play store: 4.7

Automate all your business workflows with Zoho Books accounting book app. This best accounting app is preferred by businesses big and small for managing finances as well as ensuring GST compliant accounting procedures. Payment reminders, retail invoices or returns filing, all can be handled with ease using Zoho Books accounting software for mobile and pc.


  • Viewing and managing multiple clients is easy with Zoho Books
  • Easy bill management
  • Seamless invoice generation process
  • Set up process is simple and hassle free


  • Payroll module unavailable 
  • Limited storage capacity

Zoho Books Pricing: Zoho Books free accounting software for pc and mobile offers a range of monthly paid plans. You can get the premium version of this otherwise free accounting app for ₹6,000 per annum. Under this plan, you can manage budgets, GSTIN and multi currencies.

  • Wave Accounting Software

free accounting software for pc

Best for running multiple businesses with a single account

Ratings on app store: 4.6

Rating on play store: 4.6

Organize expenses and income into neat categories with Wave bookkeeping software. Wave is considered to be one of the best free accounting software because of its robust report creation capabilities. You can prepare reports for cash flows, bills and overdue invoices with ease with this mobile bookkeeping apps. The best part about using this accounting book app is it offers this double entry system for generating year-end financial statements. 


  • Cloud-based support makes it easy to access this free online accounting software from any location
  • Friendly user interface
  • Accounting management capabilities very helpful
  • Single login for managing multiple businesses


  • The feature for scheduling recurring bills missing

Wave Accounting Software Pricing: This free accounting software for PC offers a good number of features for scanning receipts, tracking sales tax and expenses. The paid plan is also available with advanced features on our website.

  • FreeAgent

Best for sending and tracking both invoices as well as expenses

Ratings on app store: 4.7

Ratings on play store: 4.6

FreeAgent bookkeeping app offers support for managing multiple processes like invoices, bills, expenses, payrolls and mileage. You can also monitor cash flows and track time for keeping a check on tax bills. The accounting software allows end users to manage a project’s performance through its profitability and expense reporting module. 


  • Time recording against ongoing projects
  • Automated dividend voucher creation
  • Excellent customer service support
  • Account dashboard for over viewing yearly targets
  • Automated non-payment reminders


  • The interface is not much user-friendly

FreeAgent Pricing: Aside from a thirty-day free trial version, you can opt for the monthly paid plan by requesting a call back by our product experts. The paid plan offers great support for multi-currency invoicing as well as undertaking sales tax reporting.

  • Xero

accounting app

Best for managing cash flows, account payables as well as tracking bills

Ratings on app store: 4.5

Ratings on play store: 4.6

Xero mobile bookkeeping app is one of the most popular accounting apps for small businesses. As the best accounting app for android and iOS, Xero can be relied upon for automating invoices, reconciling bank transactions as well as managing expenses. You can also use the bookkeeping software for managing contacts to get a complete history of payments, sales, invoices and emails. 


  • Powerful dashboard for checking overdue and outstanding invoices
  • Seamless software updates
  • Uncluttered accounting interface
  • Amazing multicurrency support


  • Customer sales support missing
  • Not possible to make journal entries

Xero Accounting Software Pricing: For capturing receipts, bills and reconciling bank transactions, the accounting book app offers different paid plans. Paid plans start from ₹404. 

  • GoDaddy Bookkeeping

free mobile bookkeeping app

Best for simplifying accounting processes of small businesses

Ratings on app store: 4.8

Ratings on play store: 3.6

With GoDaddy bookkeeping app, you can track expenses, import income and generate invoices with GoDaddy mobile bookkeeping app. Small business owners, contractors and such self-employed professionals use the software for calculating taxes, managing inventory as well as handling bill payments. The unique feature of this daily accounting app is that it can be integrated with e-commerce sites for bookkeeping purposes. 


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to link payments with invoices
  • Quick statements for categorizing expenses
  • Option for uploading transactions from csv highly useful


  • Tax preparation features are a bit complex

Bookkeeping app Pricing: Paid plan starts at ₹366/month. Through this plan, you can track mileage, send estimates and accept payments on mobile devices with ease. 

Best Free Indian Accounting Software for SMBs in 2022

  • Vyapar App

best mobile bookkeeping app

Best for creating GST bills in offline and online mode

Ratings on app store: NA

Ratings on play store: 4.6

Track payment and maintain all cashflows with Vyapar accounting management app. The mobile bookkeeping app for small businesses is best suited for managing multiple procedures like billing, accounting and inventory. Along with seamless invoice creation, you can also use this accounting app for customizing GST compliant invoices. Additionally, you can also depend on Vyapar bookkeeping app for tracking stock items for effective inventory management.


  • Advanced billing features for maintaining cashbooks
  • Option for creating delivery challans is super easy
  • Instant status checks for inventory
  • Module for setting up payment gateways help with efficient payment management
  • Fast syncing between different devices


  • Pricing history option missing
  • Not possible to adjust journal entries

Pricing: Vyapar app offers a one-month free trial version whereas the starting price of its yearly paid plan begins from ₹229. Using this very plan, you can send estimates and quotations, record expenses and track billing quickly. 

  • Akaunting Free Online Accounting Software

bookkeeping app for small business

Best for creating and sending professional invoices

Ratings on app store: NA

Ratings on play store: 2.0

Akaunting free online accounting software is best suited for managing cashflows and finances. Businesses use this free mobile bookkeeping app for managing non-billable expenses. The software is also a reliable solution for managing cash/bank account balances, sending invoices and adding deposits. The best part about using Akaunting bookkeeping app is it makes it easy to set up client portals for efficient customer management.


  • Easy to install Akaunting on a simple web hosting platform
  • Capability to handle multiple currencies is a plus
  • Regular free updates


  • Setting up procedure a little complicated

Pricing: Akaunting is one of the best free accounting software.

  • ProfitBooks

best bookkeeping app for android

Best for GST billing, sending multicurrency invoices & managing inventory

Ratings on app store: NA

Ratings on play store: 1.9

ProfitBooks invoicing and accounting software is an easy-to-use solution when it comes to tracking and managing expenses, invoices and estimates. The software offers roll-based accesses as well as multi-user login for handling both taxation as well as payrolls. You can also use the software for managing inventory and cashflows.


  • Best for managing staff payroll and tracking cashflows
  • Monitoring stock levels is easy
  • Online payment methodology is great for doing accounting entries
  • Detailed history of all past transactions


  • Customer service support services not that good

ProfitBooks Pricing: ProfitBooks offers a free forever single user start-up plan. Paid plans with multi-user support start at a minimal rate on our website.


  1. How does free GST accounting software work?

    Free GST accounting software solutions optimize financial, accounting and taxation procedures of a business. The best bookkeeping apps perform bank reconciliations along with managing general ledgers, accounts payables/receivables and fixed assets. End users can estimate overhead costs too using free and open-source accounting software.

    Also, the popular free accounting apps have invoice generation, printing and sharing capabilities for effective payment/expense management. You can also use accounting software for mobile and pc for handling issues related to understocking or overstocking of inventory.

  2. Which is the best accounting app for startups in 2022?

    Best accounting apps for start-ups are important for looking after complex accounting matters and calculating profitability margins.

    KashFlow, Mint, Intacct, AceMoney and Sage are the best such accounting apps that are scalable, offer cloud-services and support easy integration.

  3. What are the benefits of free online accounting software?

    Creating and sending project estimates with mobile bookkeeping apps is as easy as tracking invoices. The best such apps also let you modify the source code for making the software more suitable to your business. Let us have a look at the key benefits offered by the best invoice and accounting software:

    Enhanced data accuracy: Bookkeeping data needs to be accurate, something which is not always possible when you do it manually. However, mobile bookkeeping apps automatically calculate for you taxes, invoices, estimates and invoices.

    Better mobility: Most of the popular paid and free bookkeeping apps offer cloud support so that you can access these applications while on the go. Here you can categorize expenses, get access to profit/loss statements, create and send invoices/account statements, generate billing reports and capture receipts and attach.

    Financial visibility: Best free accounting software and paid ones too offer support features that provide complete financial visibility for forecasting cashflows. These can also be used for:

    – Tracking billable hours and attaching automated bank feeds
    – Viewing sales and account balances
    – Generating automatic reminders for payments
    – Tracking billable hours along with easy reconciliation of bank statements
    – Accessing, editing and adding of new customer contacts
    – Recording of all transactions in the form of order history
    – Preparing professional estimates

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