Oracle NetSuite ERP Software Review: Cloud ERP Solution for Your Business Need

Oracle NetSuite ERP Software Review: Cloud ERP Solution for Your Business Need-feature image
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Oracle NetSuite ERP solution is a cloud-based software that enables your organisation to handle different business processes through a single platform. These include financial management, accounts management, solutions for managing inventory and much more.

What works in the favour of NetSuite system is that it works on Software as a service model (SaaS). This means that the most useful software solutions can be accessed from a web browser without the user installing or downloading any additional files.

NetSuite ERP

Oracle NetSuite ERP Software at a Glance

The need for NetSuite implementation services arises for handling different departments within your organisation through a single system. It helps overview the functioning of any modern-day business in terms of HR management, accounting, supply chain, warehouse, order management, production, etc. With NetSuite ERP integration, you can streamline a plethora of business tasks without any hassle. This way, you are left with enough time to take decisions regarding the scaling up of your organisation.

NetSuite ERP modules are driven by built-in business intelligence tools, which provide extensive visual information about the performance of different business sectors.

NetSuite ERP Modules: What’s Included in NetSuite System for ERP

netsuite system

Oracle NetSuite cloud ERP solution has a number of modules dedicated for handling specific business processes. They can be customised as per the need or when your organisation expands.

  • NetSuite Financial Management

This module is useful for managing daily financial transactions and better monitoring of financial activities of a company as well as on an individual level.

  • NetSuite Order Management

With NetSuite ERP’s order management tool, you can automate the entire process right from placement of order till its fulfilment. This module also enables you to create intuitive invoices and ensures timely payments.

  • NetSuite Accounting Management

This module aids in improving the efficiency of your accounting operations. It is also helpful in improving compliance and cutting down back office costs.

  • NetSuite Production Management

With this module, you will get a real time overview of the different stages of the production process. This way you can expedite multiple stages within the manufacturing process such as processing of work orders, scheduling, product costing and more.

  • NetSuite Supply Chain Management

Streamline your supply chain processes spread over different countries and time zones. NetSuite provides on premise supply chain management capabilities to ensure better control over different functionalities.

  • NetSuite Warehouse and Fulfilment

This module helps overhaul warehouse management by keeping a tab on inventory levels and sending an alert when the stock of a particular product goes down a certain threshold.

  • NetSuite Procurement Management

Oracle NetSuite eprocurement software helps manage your company’s procurement process. With this ERP software, you will get the best prices and deals, contracts negotiated beforehand, and real time information about vendor performance and funds spent by your company.

  • NetSuite Customer Relationship Management

With NetSuite CRM module, you can obtain a 360 degree view of the entire life cycle of your customers- right from lead generation to order fulfilment and support.

You can enable better satisfaction rates among existing as well as new customers. NetSuite CRM also comes with a set of knowledge portals for promoting self-service among customers.

  •   NetSuite Ecommerce

NetSuite ecommerce module is suitable for upcoming companies to design a quicker loading and better performing UI. It offers a number of up-sell and cross-sell features along with advance customization capabilities.

  •  NetSuite PSA

PSA refers to Professional service automation. This module comes with an inbuilt OpenAir acquisition feature and is useful for making your business more project oriented.

NetSuite ERP Reviews: What are the Pros and Cons

netsuite erp pricing

Is Oracle NetSuite ERP made for your organisation? Or is it just a fad that has everyone rolling but doesn’t fit your bill? We take a detailed look.

Pros of NetSuite ERP Tutorial

  • With this solution, you can have detailed analysis on frequently occurring issues your business might be facing.
  • NetSuite ERP helps establish certain quality assurance standards for testing of incoming or outgoing items.
  • It offers dedicated WMS solutions which enable you to manage the warehouse of various sizes and spread across different locations.
  • The solution has a centralised dashboard which provides detailed analysis regarding the functioning of different business processes.

Cons of Obtaining NetSuite ERP Certification

  • NetSuite ERP does not have a locked-in pricing model. This means that as your organisation, the price to manage different processes may also grow.
  • NetSuite ERP does not enjoy the same degree of popularity when it comes to payroll solutions. It involves a higher learning curve.  

NetSuite ERP Pricing: Is It a Reasonable Option for SMBs?

The price of the base license of NetSuite ERP is ₹73145.23 per month. Companies that use NetSuite ERP may also need to pay access costs to the tune of ₹7248.63 per user. You can further get a smart deal on NetSuite ERP with

NetSuite ERP Integration & Implementation: How Compatible is this ERP with Other Software

netsuite accounting

NetSuite system offers cloud-based computing solutions not only for ERP but also for CRM and ecommerce services. With its SuiteLife feature, NetSuite can be integrated with yourexisting business solutions and training can be provided to your existing workforce. All NetSuite modules can be up and running within just 90 days.

Once you implement NetSuite system, your business is liable to receive 24X7 customer service on priority and assistance in sorting out configuration related issues.

What’s the Target Market for NetSuite ERP Software?

NetSuite accounting and other such modules are suitable to be adapted by companies and businesses with global as well as regional presence. It also finds a place among companies providing financial services and even advisory firms. NetSuite manufacturing entity can also be used for IT companies, ad agencies, education sector, healthcare sector and hospitality services.

Companies that are Using NetSuite ERP Software

Below we list some of the companies that are benefiting from NetSuite ERP software.

Company Name Industry
Accenture Professional services
Capgemini IT consulting
Cognizant IT consulting
Deloitte Consulting
HCL IT consulting
Infosys IT consulting
Tata Automotive
Tech Mahindra IT services
Wipro Conglomerate
Adooma Accounting 

NetSuite ERP Customer Service: How Useful is NetSuite ERP Tutorial

By making use of NetSuite implementation services, you can benefit from certification courses provided by industry experts as well. NetSuite ERP software tutorial has the following benefits:

  • Significant increase in the end user’s productivity
  • Reduced time to achieve set goals- on a team level and personal level both
  • Increase in the sufficiency of central administrator and users in management of tasks.
  • Improvement in the ownership capabilities of business leaders.

Oracle NetSuite ERP: Why Should You Buy It?

NetSuite cloud ERP can benefit your organisations in a number of ways. We list some of the most prominent advantages-

  • NetSuite has such diverse modules that it can be adopted for companies of various sizes and industries.
  • NetSuite has APIs that make it easy to be adapted with existing solutions within your organization.
  • NetSuite brings forth useful analytics related to different business processes as well as detailed reports for making informed decisions.
  • NetSuite aligns well with SMBs scale up strategy. It supports different currencies and languages.
  • IT service companies no longer have to allocate resources towards maintenance of physical systems. This is because NetSuite offers them a range of integrations. The saved resources can be then diverted towards improving business operations.
  • This solution enables you to set up business in multiple locations across the globe and handle inflow and outflow of money in different currencies.
  • NetSuite is built on the model of promoting self-service that not only speeds up the process cycles but also enhances responsiveness to queries.

Those businesses which are taking the transformation to advanced, automated processes cannot avoid the importance of NetSuite ERP software. NetSuite cloud ERP solutions provides a host of services to boost business growth.

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