How Does Vyapar Simplifies Invoicing, GST and Compliance for SMBs

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February 2, 2023 8 Min read

Every business needs to manage invoicing, accounting, and inventory smoothly. As the business grows, small and medium businesses (SMBs) find it extremely difficult to manage everything manually. There are high chances of bookkeeping errors, data entry mistakes.

To solve this issue, SMBs need accounting software. However, in a country like India, businesses have diverse requirements. Therefore, an SMB needs software that has all the necessary features and fits in its budget.

This can be a difficult choice with so many options available in the market. One of the best answers to this dilemma is Vyapar, a GST-compliant, business accounting software made especially for Indian SMBs.

What Makes Vyapar Accounting Software Unique?

Vyapar accounting software is designed for solving the accounting management issues of small businesses. It is easy to learn and can even be used by people who do not have much knowledge of accounting. You can easily access features for business expense tracking, making estimate bills, recording daily sale purchases, generating GSTR and profit/ loss reports.

Vyapar GST invoicing & accounting software works in offline mode too. So, even if you are operating your business from remote locations with limited internet access, the software would help. It offers multiple customization options as per your business for better inventory, sales, purchase and expense management.

To save users’ time, Vyapar accounting software supports different types of invoice formats that are compatible with all major printers. You can also share invoices on WhatsApp to ensure quick payment. In addition, there are options to track unpaid invoices/ bills, send payment reminders, and collect payments online via UPI transaction directly.

How Does Vyapar Accounting Software Help with GST Billing & Invoicing?

Vyapar is a simple and secure billing & accounting software that helps businesses with GST billing and invoicing in the following ways: 

Simplified and Faster GST Billing

Vyapar app has multiple GST billing/ invoice formats that can be customized as per your business requirement. As a result, businesses can generate GST invoices/ bills quickly in the recommended format, both online and offline. 

It is easy to ensure that each transaction is recorded and all bills are accounted for before filing taxes. The app complies with India’s goods and service tax (GST) law, which helps business owners avoid penalties. You can quickly generate GSTR reports such as GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4, GSTR-9 and file GST faster. You can also create backups to prevent data loss in case of a disaster. 

Professional Invoicing

With Vyapar accounting & invoicing software, you can create and send professional invoices reflecting your brand’s identity to parties. There are options to select from a variety of themes and colours. In addition, you can customize by adding a digital signature, UPI QR code for online payments, terms and conditions, among others. 

With the latest feature, you can mark invoice copy as original or duplicate. It is possible to make a proforma invoice within seconds via the Vyapar Invoice software. You get the choice to print in different sizes using both regular and thermal printers as well as share PDFs via mail or WhatsApp Business. 

Vyapar accounting software helps maintain a steady cash flow by sending automated payment reminder to clients. Thus, your clients are likely to pay before the due date.  

Maintain GST Compliance

With Vyapar accounting solution, small businesses can generate GST compliant invoices. The software let you convert your purchase orders into GST invoices in a single click.

You can choose from multiple sales & purchase order formats to quickly accomplish billing & invoicing tasks while staying compliant to the latest GST rules.

Why Should SMBs & SMEs Use Vyapar Accounting Software?

Why Should SMBs & SMEs Use Vyapar Accounting Software

Vyapar accounting software comes with its own set of benefits for small businesses to overcome all possible challenges in hassle-free accounting and cash flow management.

  • Ensures Compatibility with Complex GST Rules

Vyapar accounting software helps SMBs become GST compatible. You can easily deal with different GST rules like reverse charge, additional CESS, finding tax groups, place of supply, e-way bills, and much more. It ensures that composite scheme users are supported too.

  • Accurate Accounting Calculations to Know Your Business Status

Vyapar software can provide a comprehensive view of your business performance instantly. There is no need to go through all account books to know how much you are making or the due payments.

Instead, you can track cheques, cash in/ out, total stock value, receivables/payables, payment reminders, and the like on both desktop and mobile.

  • Helps Get Rid of Unprofessional Paper Bills & Invoices

Vyapar billing module can improve customer satisfaction by replacing paper bills/ invoices with customizable ones. You can choose from different themes, add digital signatures and brand logos, select additional charges, and so on.

You can print these invoices or share them through SMS, email, and WhatsApp as per your requirements.

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  • You Can Work Online & Offline, Pick Your Mode of Work

Vyapar software can work even offline without the Internet. You can manage your business from the remotest areas with poor or no Internet connectivity.

  • Prevents the Shortage or Excess of Stock

With Vyapar inventory management module, businesses receive low stock alerts to order the new batch of items beforehand. In addition, you can track individual quantities of items via batch number, expiry date, among others, for making decisions on the next sales. 

  • Facilitates Timely Payment from Customers

Vyapar invoice software lets businesses manage all parties and customers at a centralized location. You can save time marketing your business by sending bulk messages to all customers on every transaction simultaneously. You can also keep track of receivables and payables. 

  • Your Customers Will Never Forget about Due Credits

Vyapar GST invoice software enables businesses to send reminders to their customers automatically on pending payments of invoices. This helps ensure that payments are made faster.

  • You Can Retain Customers with Timely Service

Vyapar invoice software helps businesses in generating estimates and order forms accurately in an instant. This avoids the need for approximations while creating the forms, and customers do not have to wait. 

  • Tracking Sales is Easy Like Never Before

Vyapar accounting software enables businesses to view profit/ loss reports to get insights into their business performance. You can also view item-wise or day-wise reports to know which items are profitable. Based on the information, you can make better decisions in the coming days. 

  • No More Data Loss Because of Manual Backups

Vyapar’s auto-backup feature enables businesses to backup data on Google drive/ device per week/ month as per the requirement. In addition, it is possible to restore a file’s old version before it was changed or deleted by going back in time. 

  • You Don’t Need to Buy Another Printer for Billing

Vyapar invoice billing software works with most types of printers. You can print estimates, invoices, and other reports in different sizes like A1, A4, and more. You can also use plug-in barcode readers on the go.

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How Does Vyapar Invoice App Help Small Businesses?

Vyapar accounting software can be accessed on both desktop & mobile. Vyapar invoice app for small businesses is completely free for Android devices.

It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to operate, whether you are an expert accounting or a business owner. SMBs can especially benefit from free Vyapar app and create GST compliant, professional invoices on the go.  

Vyapar app for laptop and mobile also helps in tracking payments, sending payment reminders, collect payment online and manage the entire cashflow with detailed business reports.

Other noteworthy features of Vyapar invoice app for desktop and android devices are sales & purchase orders, estimates & quotations, recording expenses and creating data backup.


Vyapar accounting software is a complete solution for any SMB looking to manage invoicing and GST while ensuring compliance. All accounts and books remain up-to-date, and there is no need to hire a permanent accounting employee.

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