LogMeIn Central: Best Remote Access Solution for SMBs

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LogMeIn Central (LMI Central) is a cloud-hosted remote endpoint management software. Administrators and other users can remotely monitor, manage, and secure their computers, servers, and other IT infrastructure through a centralized dashboard of LogMeIn remote access software for tech support.

This also ensures that all systems are up-to-date and routine tasks are completed automatically. The net outcome is cost reduction and higher output in less time. This remote support software works on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android operating systems.

With a simple LogMeIn Central login, you can select the computer that needs to be remotely controlled. To connect, you can log in with the credentials (username and password) for the computer. For a phone or tablet, you must download the app to connect to other systems. 

Who Uses LogMeIn Central Remote Support Software?

LogMeIn Central remote desktop software is popularly used by small and medium businesses (SMBs). However, it can be used across different industries and business functions.

LogMeIn Central Remote Support Software
  • Internal IT teams 

LogMeIn remote access software for tech support helps in organizing teams with reliable and secure endpoint management. There are inventory reports for better management, and software updates can be done without interrupting users.

  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Meets the needs of MSPs with remote control and update features. A better organization with computer and user grouping. Helps in improving customer satisfaction.

  • Remote Kiosks, POS Systems, and Digital Signage

Teams can control, manage, and maintain terminals and services without having to stay in front of them all the time.

  • Customer Support 

Provide remote support and resolve customer issues.

The main sectors that have been using LogMeIn Central for IT management include:

  • Software industry, Information Technology and Services  
  • Hospitals, Healthcare providers, Pharmaceuticals  
  • Civic and Social organizations  
  • Banking and Finance  
  • Real Estate  
  • Insurance

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What are the Key Features of LogMeIn Central RMM Solution?

The core features of LMI Central remote support software are:

LogMeIn Central RMM Solution
  1. Remote Access, Monitoring and Control

Remotely control any machine, access endpoints from both desktop and mobile, and resolve issues from anywhere.

  • Seamless Remote Control  
  • Unlimited team members  
  • Automated remote installation  
  • 1TB cloud storage for secure sharing  
  • Stream clear sound from the remote PC to your device  
  • Print documents present on a remote computer  
  • Multi-Monitor Display on your local screen  
  • Work on the go with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices  
  • Screen Blanking and Keyboard Locking  
  • Session Recording and reporting
  1. Endpoint and Patch Management

Control, track, update and protect workloads and other IT assets from a central location. Use patches to close vulnerabilities through updates and protect business tools and solutions. Mainly used by IT teams and MSPs.

  • Alerts and Monitoring in real-time for critical issues  
  • Antivirus Monitoring and Management  
  • Automated Task Management  
  • File transfer  
  • Ad Hoc Support  
  • Centrally manage Windows updates for all endpoints  
  • Customized reports for activity tracking and security  
  • Updates for vulnerable third-party applications  
  • Host Preference Packages  

Pros & Cons of LogMeIn Central Network Monitoring Software

LogMeIn remote device management system has its own sets of unique functionalities and drawbacks. Here, we have listed a few of its pros and cons based on user reviews.


  • Centralized access for asset management, hardware and software inventory, and advanced reporting.
  • Easily identify what software is installed on any remote machine for better security, and take immediate action in an emergency.
  • Higher productivity and optimized resource allocation through the automation of routine tasks. This is done via command line and PowerShell scripting.
  • Protection of endpoint infrastructure with updates for Windows and third-party applications.
  • Setup proactive alerts in real-time and make better business decisions.
  • Apply settings and changes to computers like adding new policies for access control, autoblanking a monitor, and more.


  • Needs an uninterrupted internet connection to work.

Why Is LogMeIn Central the Best Remote Desktop Software for SMBs?

Why Is LogMeIn Central the Best Remote Desktop Software for SMBs?

LogMeIn Central meets the critical needs of small and medium businesses (SMBs) effectively. 

  • Saves Time and Money

LMI Central provides a secure and reliable way of connecting to remote systems. This ensures that business teams can collaborate with teams from anywhere and offer immediate support to customers.

There is no complex setup involved. As it is cloud-hosted, businesses pay for only their requirements. You can try LogMeIn Central trial of 14 days before buying the plan.

  • Better Data Security

Users can manage the antivirus software installed in their systems or leverage the built-in LogMeIn antivirus powered by Bitdefender cybersecurity software to protect their IT infrastructure.

Further, LogMeIn Central network monitoring software users can arrange their users and devices into groups to control permissions and extend access.

It is a convenient and easy way to ensure security with features like two-factor authentication, detection, and reporting critical issues in real-time. Automatic patch updates for vulnerabilities further ensures complete data security.

  • Automation of Routine Tasks

With One2Many tool of LogMeIn remote access software for tech support, businesses can focus on automation, machine maintenance, and task delivery for multiple systems at once.

By automating mundane tasks, businesses do not need to hire extra employees. Instead, your teams can focus on important project aspects and complete them in a timely.

  • Work On the Go

Teams can monitor system information on their mobiles and tablets like CPU and memory usage, OS version, CPU type, last boot time, list of installed applications, and more. They can take screenshots of the main monitor and perform tasks like rebooting or shutting down a system and accessing the PowerShell terminal.

Users of the LogMeIn Central remote device management system can troubleshoot issues to any computer from their mobile device at any time without interrupting the end-user.

  • 24×7 Support

Besides help articles, video tutorials, and user guides , the LogMeIn Central support team offers numerous other resources to businesses. For example, you can troubleshoot any issues related to getting started, adding users, creating custom tasks, remote printing, and providing remote device management service.


LogMeIn Central remote control software for IT support is ideal for SMBs. It offers easy to use features to suit their budget and requirements. In addition, it is simple to get started and streamline the management of all IT assets.

This remote control software also reduces the workload of the employees. This way, it is a win-win situation as the customers are satisfied with remote assistance, and employees can focus on more important tasks.

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