5 Tips to Make This Christmas Season a Success for Your Restaurant

5 Tips to Make This Christmas Season a Success for Your Restaurant-feature image
August 2, 2023 4 Min read

It’s Christmas time, and you are quite likely to be deliriously happy with the prospect of more guests coming to your restaurant. And, why not! With more people out and about, it’s the perfect season for dining out together. But, you might miss out on the holiday frenzy if you don’t start preparing your restaurant for it right now. It’s undoubtedly the right time to blast out promotions about your restaurant’s USP in every possible way.

But before that, make sure that everything in your restaurant makes it the flavor of the festive season.

Countdown Begins for The Christmas, Is Your Staff Ready Yet?

The more prepared your staff is, the less stressful it will be for you to handle the holiday rush. Remember that the success of your restaurant largely depends on the warmth that your staff brings to the table.

Talk with your staff beforehand about what is expected from them during the festive season. Some of the valuable tips for your servers can be:

  • Pre-bus tables using bus bins & boxes
  • Suggest special menu offers as soon as guests take the table
  • Quickly give the bill to guests as soon as they’re done eating

Furthermore, make sure the kitchen is ready with the special Christmas menu and adequate stock of ingredients so that your guests don’t catch you off guard. Fortunately, recipe management software can help you with timely and accurate inventory management.

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Christmas Menu: Conventional or Unconventional?

Flex your creative muscles this festive season, and add some seasonal options to your restaurant menu. This is the best way to get into the festive mood and spice things up for the fun days ahead. While the conventional Christmas menu includes puddings and mince pies, some people may find it boring. So, you need to add your own twist on Christmas dishes by trying unconventional options like contemporary European grills and roasts and steamed Christmas puddings. Further, with options like retro prawn cocktail and mixed grill platter on the menu, your guests are quite likely to say ‘yumm yumm’! Once the menu is decided, keep a stock of ingredients ready and manage it with the best recipe management software.

Don’t Forget! People Prefer Pairing Drinks with Dishes

To bring in the joy of the festive season to family get-togethers, you can plan special meal offerings like delectable Christmas brunch and lavish Christmas Eve dinner paired with special festive drinks. Christmas is the time for overindulgence when people love to raise a toast to happiness. While champagne is the glamorous choice for Christmas because of its graceful bubbles and frosty feeling, wine is preferred by those who love to keep it royal.

hotel management

With wine, people may prefer sticking to old favorites, or they may end up experimenting with new flavours. So, keep your bar cabinet stoked and let your guests be spoilt for choice.

Rev Up Restaurant Decor: Jazz It Up for Christmas

Chances are that if your restaurant showcases the exclusive fall or winter decor, you are more likely to attract customers to the door. Decked-up décor creates the perfect setting for restaurant visitors to indulge in the Christmas feel. But, don’t go all-out crazy!

Keep the decor tasteful by shunning the age-old idea of keeping an inflatable Santa at the door and hanging bright decorative balls all over. You can try unique decor styles like shabby chic for a vintage appeal or a modern chic look with a simple color scheme and fewer details like the monochrome setup with golden accents.

Once you are done with remodeling your restaurant interiors, the next step should be of marketing the new look on social media platforms.

Spread the Buzz About Your Restaurant

Consider advertising your restaurant on social media platforms by targeting people in your city. Also, you can approach food influencers on social media platforms like Instagram to generate curiosity among their followers about your special Christmas menu. Inviting food bloggers to your restaurant can also be a good idea, as they can spread the word about your delectable recipes on social media platforms.

At the same time, you can plan to organize interesting events at your restaurant that can help you become the preferred choice of customers. You can offer them the membership opportunity and manage it via membership management software. Also, promote your upcoming restaurant events on your website and social media platforms to draw diners’ attention.

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