5 New Year Resolutions for Your Restaurant Business

5 New Year Resolutions for Your Restaurant Business-feature image
March 13, 2023 4 Min read

2018 is right around the corner – It’s time to decide on ways to start your new year right! Making resolutions is one of the best ways to boost your mindset for success in the New Year.

However, resolutions don’t always have to be about eating right, staying healthy and socializing more. It can also be a great way for setting your restaurant goals and taking concrete steps towards achieving greater success.

New Year Resolutions for your Restaurant

So, what should be those New Year resolutions for your restaurant? Keep reading to know more.

  1. Make Your Restaurant Staff Awesome

If you want your nicest waiter, swiftest server, efficient chef, and motivating manager to stick around, you need to genuinely appreciate their efforts. To retain top restaurant employees, you need to do more than just paying them well. As they never hesitate from going above and beyond for your restaurant, why you are still shying away from valuing their efforts.

You can wow your staff by providing them real benefits that extend beyond discounted food. Some unconventional yet effective perks for your restaurant staffs can be flexible work shifts, unlimited vacation policies and paid time offs. Health insurance is another perquisite for your restaurant staff to help them get high-quality healthcare while enjoying positive work-life balance.

  1. Adopt Technology Wholeheartedly

Are you still using pen and paper to take orders? If yes, it’s high time to test the tech abundance for the benefit of your staff and guests alike. You can consider using tablets to help guests place food & drink orders and make payments conveniently right from their table. Restaurant billing software can further make day-to-day activities at your restaurant easier – Point of sale, billing, membership management, recipe management, ordering through mobile, and much more. Consider deployment of restaurant billing software seriously to take advantage of breakthrough restaurant management technologies.

  1. Break Monotony of The Food Menu

How long it has been since you tried making changes in your restaurant menu? It’s been a while, I guess!

Consequently, your menu seems monotonous with no new dish being introduced recently.

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An outdated or incomplete menu that doesn’t include gluten-free and organic food items along with regular dishes can play spoilsport and dissuade your guests from making repeated visits. So, why not resolve to do a yearly menu audit before you head into 2018! The audit will help you introduce varieties in terms of current food trends, seasonal ingredients and portion size.

Resolving now to introduce seasonal items at least twice a year will increase your chances of getting appreciation from your guests. Further, when you keep adding seasonal ingredients in your regular dishes, you can ensure that your food doesn’t linger in the walk in.

  1. Don’t Forget to Update Your Cocktail Menu

Now that you are serious about remodelling your restaurant menu, why leave your bar menu unattended. After all, people love to pair food with drinks.

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The same old bar menu may cut down on their choices and leave them disappointed. Some alcohol trends to watch in 2018 are locally brewed beer, organic liquors, brown spirits and IPA (India Pale Ale).

  1. Amp Up Your Social Media Presence

The social media landscape is changing continually –  What worked for your brand in the beginning of 2017 may not give you optimal returns as you head into the next year. So, why not resolve today to keep up with the latest social media trends and make better connections with your prospects in the upcoming year. Try to interact more with your prospects across different social media platforms to build customer loyalty at your restaurant.

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Wrapping Up

Don’t make haste to decide upon New Year resolutions for your restaurant. Sit with your restaurant managers and staffs to know what were the high points of this year, and what all needs improvement. Accordingly, you can resolve together towards a profitable year ahead.

Aren’t you excited to make (and keep) these New Year resolutions for your restaurant? We know, you are!

Have a great year ahead.

Written by Kalpana Arya

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