Prescription Pad Software – A Boon For Doctors

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May 12, 2023 6 Min read

Writing prescriptions is an innate part of a doctor’s job. As a medical practitioner, you must be writing a number of different prescriptions for patients with different illnesses every day. According to a recent report, India has one doctor for every 1,668 people and on an average, a doctor in a Government hospital attends to 60-65 patients daily.

However, a private medical practitioner attends to approximately 30 patients daily, which means they write 9125 – 10950 prescriptions in a year. And, writing such huge volumes of prescription on a daily basis makes medication errors inevitable.

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Since 1992, over 20,000 medication error reports have been received by FDA. Also, a Harvard Study conducted by Dr Girdhar J. Gyani, Director General, Association of Healthcare Providers shows that 5.2 million medical errors are happening in India annually, which is huge. This is happening because the number of trained doctors as compared to the number of patients is low. As a result, they have to attend to a large number of people. This becomes extremely stressful and they end up committing errors while writing prescriptions.

Besides writing huge volumes of prescription another major challenge both patients and doctors face is attending emergency patients. Since the number of doctors is less, attending to patients during an emergency becomes difficult.

Often situations come up wherein patients require emergency medical help. But the doctor who is currently treating them isn’t physically available. In fact, if patients or their family members reach out to the doctor, the doctor won’t be able to prescribe anything. Memorizing each and every patient’s medical history is humanly impossible.

In such a situation, even if patients are rushed to the hospital, due to lack of trained doctors and nurses the treatment gets delayed, which can at times be life-threatening.

The only way out is to leverage the power of technology and automate the prescription writing process. Prescription Pad by CompuRx Infotech, is first of its kind software in India, which not just assist in writing error-free prescriptions but also records patients’ medical history.

This software also suggests ideal drugs to prevent drug interaction, which can cause irreparable damage. After years of extensive market research and interaction with experts of the healthcare industry and doctors, this software has been developed.

How Doctors Can Benefit From This Software?

Provides Complete Prescription Information

This software contains over 20,000 pages of text information, treatment protocols on 1200 common diseases, and complete diagnostic information on several diseases. It has over 70,000 brands of Indian Pharmaceutical software listed in such a way that makes it easier for you to see and understand the medicines in minutes while writing a prescription.

Provides Full Monograph of Drugs

While prescribing any medicine, it is important to know the composition, indications of the drugs, precautions to be taken, its contradictions, side effects, dosages that should be taken and its mode of action.

This software contains complete monograph of about 3,000 generic drugs and every detail about these drugs are described separately in a way that makes it easy for doctors to go through them at a glance before prescribing any medicine to their patients.

Helps Maintain Proper Records of Patients

In India, prescriptions are a repository of patients’ medical history. But, often you must have come across situations where your patient had misplaced the prescription and you had to go through all the reports again to know the medical history, which is time taking.

In such cases, this software comes handy as it records all the information about the patients you treat. All you need to do is enter the patient’s name or phone number and within no time all the reports, medical history of the patient, medications you advised is in front of you.

And, without wasting any time you can go ahead with the treatment. Also, this software is extremely helpful in case of emergency because, if you aren’t even physically available to a patient, you can check his/her medical history through this software and prescribe emergency treatment.

Provides Complete Diagnostic Information

Diagnosis of any illness can be tricky as many diseases have similar symptoms. To help you make a proper diagnosis, this software is loaded with a list of diagnostic information, differential diagnosis and treatment protocols of over a thousand diseases and details of 600 investigations. This feature will help you make a proper diagnosis and at the same time help suggest you the related investigations that need to be carried out.

Automatically downloads the list of investigations

One of the major challenges faced by the doctors is to think about the investigations that need to be done once a diagnosis is made. This software comes with a feature that automatically downloads the related investigations that you need a prescription to your patients as soon as you enter the diagnosis in the software. It also lets you select or deselect any investigation on the list before giving out the prescription.

Capable of Checking Drug Safety

While writing a prescription, it is important to know whether the drug is safe for the patient. For instance, if the patient is pregnant and she is suffering from diarrhea. You will have to be extra careful while advising any medication because it might affect her pregnancy.

In such situations, this software is helpful. It is capable of checking drug safety at individual disease level as drug interaction can be life-threatening. Also, this software checks for drug allergies, which further helps in prescribing medicines.

Saves Time

Writing a prescription is a time-consuming task as the doctor has to take care of a number of things. While prescribing medication, they have to go through medical history, check if they are allergic to any drug, etc. This is extremely time-taking and prone to errors. Further, this software will save time as it takes just 2 minutes to write an accurate and error-free prescription.

The list of benefits the prescription pad software offers is long. However, these are some major benefits doctors can reap from this software and overcome the challenges they face. Doctors can now quickly write error-free prescriptions. It can be concluded that this software has come as a boon for doctors.

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