10 Popular Telemedicine Software with Benefits, Features & Applications

10 Popular Telemedicine Software with Benefits, Features & Applications-feature image
June 14, 2023 12 Min read

Doctors and healthcare facilities are increasingly leveraging telemedicine services to optimize patient care while minimizing the spread of viruses. Have you started using telemedicine technology yet? Here’s an insight into its significance in today’s times.

What is Telemedicine Software?

Telemedicine software uses telecommunication technology for the purpose of exchanging medical information between doctor and patient. This is done to deliver clinical information and health care services to patients in a remote setting. 

Telehealth technologies are highly mobile that can be used on any device and easily delivered through mediums such as video conferencing, audio calls, and text messages.

Patients and doctors/ healthcare professionals use telemedicine software open source and paid ones to both deliver as well as avail healthcare services. Some of the core health services offered by this telemedicine software are professional consultations, clinical care, therapy, and medical supervision.  

Applications of Telemedicine Software in Hospitals

Telemedicine Software Applications

Today, telehealth software has become a popular way of delivering healthcare services. Let us now find out which sectors and social segments are benefitting the most with telemedicine software.

  • Virtual monitoring

Virtual monitoring is done by placing a device with an internet connection near the patient for sending immediate updates to the doctor or health care providers.

  • Pharmaceutical care/medication management

Remote dispensing of medicines, prior authorization, drug therapy monitoring, and patient counseling are offered as part of the medication management.

  • Disaster relief

Telehealth applications are used during disaster situations to manage the high demand for health services. This is done by developing emergency response applications for handling the crisis. Also, the usual telemedicine services are made available for free of cost during crisis situations.

  • Ambulance treatment

To improve the efficiency and performance of telehealth software solutions, alternative transportation or ambulance services are integrated within the system to improve the quality of health service. 

  • Chronic disease management

Rehabilitation, trauma care, cardiology and other crucial services are provided by constant processes of observation, monitoring, examining and consultations.

  • Hyper specialty care

Patients can consult with those with the knowledge of a special medical condition, without traveling for miles just to consult them.

  • Eldercare

The ageing population on assisted living facilities can benefit the most from telemedicine software by staying in touch with their family doctors through video calls.

Top Telemedicine Software Features and Capabilities

Telemedicine Software Features & Capabilities

Telemedicine software open source and paid ones use communication channels platform such as telephone media, wireless, internet and satellite to provide telehealth services. It’s important features and capabilities thus are:

  • Instant connections

Distance isn’t a barrier in telehealth services. Connect with even the farthest of specialist doctors or medical professionals through this reliable telemedicine system.

  • Online appointment booking 

Telemedicine software solutions most primarily save a user from spending hours in booking an appointment. All you need to do is register yourself in the secure app, search for the medical professional/doctor, click on next steps and book an online appointment immediately. 

  • Quick access to records

Data such as medical records and literature based on health care gets automatically saved in the portal. This data can be easily accessed from anywhere anytime.

  • Document sharing

Doctors and health care providers can also share the medical records or such documents with other professionals for opinion seeking as well as finding alternative treatment options.

  • Secure platform

Telemedicine software open source or paid, both are highly secure platforms ensuring HIPPA compliance and end to end encryption. Messages, records, data and all user activities are safely secured within the software solution. 

  • Health service ratings

Telemedicine companies ensure to attach to the telehealth software a feature that provides ratings for the health service provider or a doctor. These reviews and ratings are used by users to identify the best available doctor for treatment.

Benefits of Telemedicine Software for Patients

Telemedicine software is also a popular choice amongst patients for the kind of benefits it has to offer. Some of these benefits are:

  • Time/cost saving

It goes without saying that telehealth companies have greatly reduced the amount of time or money a patient has to spend for paying a visit to the doctor. Parking costs, traffic jams or fuel, patients don’t need to spend on these anymore as the consultation can be availed online.

  • Convenient scheduling

You do not have to worry about submitting the application for leave or postponing an important meeting at the workplace just because a doctor’s visit is next on your agenda. 

  • Specialists services

Telemedicine software solutions provide quick access to even specialist doctors just so that you get immediate consultation in emergency healthcare situations. 

  • Avoid catching infections

From the comfort of your home, access telemedicine services and avoid chances of getting a new infection just because you happened to be in a hospital waiting room or any such location.

Benefits of Telemedicine Software for Doctors

Telemedicine benefits extend to both doctors and patients alike. Some of these advantages are:

  • Remote monitoring systems

Doctors can use remote monitoring systems built in within telehealth technologies for remotely monitoring a patient’s blood pressure, evaluating digital X-rays and coordinating with nurses for creating a care plan. 

  • Lectures and discussions

Doctors and medical care professionals need to constantly upgrade themselves about all the latest developments in the fields of medicine. Telemedicine companies offer such forums wherein doctors and medical professionals routinely discuss in detail to uprise each other of such developments. 

  • Added revenue streams

Owing to the convenience of telemedicine services, you are likely to attract more patients. Also, doctors need to spend less time on diagnosing patients through telemedicine technologies than traditional practices.

  • Improved workflow

Telemedicine software helps identify the reason for a patient’s call quickly, thus giving the clinic staff more time in arranging the best facilities for them. Doctors can also provide quick recommendations to increase the satisfaction quotient of patients.

10 Best Telemedicine Software Solutions in India 2022

Telemedicine software solutions in India aim at providing health benefits and services that are of mutual benefit to patients and doctors/ health care providers alike. Check out some of the best telemedicine software in India.

  • Doxy.me

Telehealth services

Doxy.me provides telemedicine services to doctors and patients. Patients use the software for availing health services online whereas doctors use the telemedicine system for providing medical treatment/services. The live chat feature in-built within the software helps doctors and patients communicate easily through the audio/video process.

Key features of Doxy.me:

  • Patient queue

Patient queue to let doctors check if or not patients have checked in already. It is also useful in going back and forth between patients. 

  • Available online

Doxy.me does not require additional installation or downloading for it can be accessed directly from a browser.

  • Waiting room

Customise the waiting room with pictures, video and audio clippings to make the waiting time non monotonous for the patients. 

  • Meeting history

Meeting history option keeps a track of date, time and number of minutes/hours of every meeting. And records the same automatically in the portal.  

  • Compliance

For complete safety and security, Doxy.me telehealth service ensures full compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA and HITECH. 

Pricing: Doxy.me pricing details are available on request on our website. Please get in touch with us for further guidance.

  • AMC Health

Telemedicine services

AMC Health offers telemedicine services for a comprehensive care management program. The remote monitoring system ensures a smooth treatment and check in experience for both patients as well as the doctors/providers.

This telemedicine software solution utilises campaign metrics for engaging, tracking and reporting the performance of your service on timely basis.   

Key features of AMC Health:

  • Patient monitoring

AMC Health software performs adequate patient monitoring, examinations and assessments for ensuring quick recovery

  • Medication reconciliation

Medication reconciliation is for patients suffering from chronic health conditions such as COPD, heart problems, diabetes, asthma, etc.

  • Easy integration

AMC Health improves efficiency by integrating with existing management workflows.

  • AI/BI Data Intelligence

It helps doctors with clinically advanced analytics to ensure data-driven diagnosis and timely care.

Pricing: Please contact the official website for details regarding the pricing structure.

  • ChARM Health

ChARM Health telemedicine system

ChARM Health telemedicine system reduces booking timings and waiting in long queues hassle by providing online booking appointment system. Doctors and medical professionals use the automatic calendar feature to book slots and manage appointments with ease.

Web embed calendar, appointment status, event scheduling and pre-appointment questionnaire are other benefits of using this software. 

Key features of ChARM Health:

  • Online electronic health records

You can easily create patient electric health records and manage them through this telehealth technology.

  • SOAP templates

It provides customised templates for recording patient visits, doctor’s records, general daily activities, etc.

  • Inventory management

The software supports inventory management for tracking the level of available medicine stock and viewing reports on inventory status.

  • TeleHealth Kiosk

There is a kiosk to create health sessions for engaging with patients and motivating them to continue treatment for better recovery.

  • Multi-user telehealth sessions

Sessions through telemedicine software allows multiple medical practitioners to participate in a video/audio call.

Pricing: The minimum amount you would need to pay for monthly subscription is Rs 1904. This ChARM Health telemedicine software cost is also based on the number of consultations done. Connect with the software’s official website for more details regarding the price.

  • Teladoc

Teladoc health telemedicine system provides virtual health care services in the form of medical opinion, advisory services and other telehealth services.

As a remote health care service provider, the platform is available for video conferencing, audio calls and also as a mobile application. Teladoc specialises in six core areas, which are platform and program services, expert medical services, guidance and support, mental health services, integrated virtual care and telehealth. 

Key features of Teladoc:

  • Data extraction

You can extract data for reporting and analysis of health systems through Teladoc system.

  • Marketing support

This is to advertise the offerings of the telehealth software for more brand awareness.

  • Bidirectional exchange

This feature facilitates the integration with existing EHRs (electronic health record) of the health system. 

  • Configurable

TeleHealth Doc is easily configurable and fits into any system available with a patient or doctor.

Pricing: Teladoc telemedicine software price is available on request at their official website.

  • Mend

telemedicine system

Mend telemedicine software offers virtual health care system to patients and doctors alike. Aside from regular features such as fixing appointments, Mend also is used for improving outcomes, resolving front desk bottlenecks, managing new patient lead workflow and enhancing provider capacity.

Key features of Mend:

  • Predictive IQ

This is used for predicting beforehand no-shows and cancellations on the part of patients.

  • Patient appointment reminders

The software provides automatic reminders aside from calendar invites, bulk notifications and patient self-scheduling.

  • Digital patient intake forms

There is a simple click option to complete forms for scheduling or rescheduling a visit.

  • PMS integrations

It ensures PMS integrations in the form of Epic, Allscripts, Nexthgen, Athena and Echo Group. 

  • Patient surveys

You can also run surveys for the patients to know their common health concerns and opinions about your telemedicine service.

Pricing: Mend Telemedicine price is available on our website on request.  

  • AdvancedMD Rhythm

AdvancedMD Rhythm is another popular telemedicine software, which helps with flexible appointment scheduling, electronic medical reporting, billing and charting.

It’s a great boon for doctors who can manage their practice and the patient data from any device and from anywhere.

Features of AdvancedMD Rhythm

  • Appointment Dashboard

Doctors can check appointments at a single platform and start or end any session with just a click.

  • Patient Portal

With this portal, patients can book their appointment, chat with doctors and even pay their bill.

  • Secure Transmission

While patients can share files and images, doctors can capture parts of a session to be kept in the patient record.

  • EHR Scheduling

This feature helps schedule appointments instantly and start a session without any delay.

Pricing: The price of AdvancedMD telemedicine solution is available at the official website on request.

  • Chiron Health

Now, routine visits to the doctors during the COVID scare can be easily dealt with Chiron Health. Patients can pay video visits to the doctors from anywhere and doctors can increase their efficiency while addressing more patients in lesser time.

It integrates easily with the existing systems like practice management tools or EHR at your clinic to ensure practice efficiency.

Features of Chiron Health Telehealth Software

  • HIPAA Compliant

It’s a secure telehealth platform for the doctors and patients to use without any stress.

  • Seamless Integrations

Chiron Health telemedicine software can easily integrate with your practice management system to ensure better data management at your clinic.

Pricing: Chiron Telemedicine is available for independent medical practitioners at around Rs 11K. Large healthcare setups can opt for its Enterprise plan.

Some of the Emerging Telemedicine Software in India During COVID Lockdown

Telemedicine technology in India has grown tremendously over the last few months and is playing a major role in making healthcare accessible to all. 

  • Practo – India Health Hour

It’s a free telemedicine software, recently launched by Practo in association with hundreds of doctors from all parts of the country. At the time of pandemic, patients can avail the best healthcare services by connecting live with doctors from different specialities.

  • TeleVital

In association with ISRO, TeleVital has been instrumental in hundreds of key telemedicine projects across India.

  • Rijuven India

This is another telemedicine software that makes healthcare accessible to people even in rural areas with multi-device compatibility and in-depth health analytics.


  1. What are the requirements for using Telemedicine software?

    To get started with telemedicine, any medical professional would need the following things:

    a. Get the best telemedicine software as per your healthcare setup’s requirement
    b. Stay updated about the latest telemedicine policies in your state/country
    c. Assign roles on the telemedicine software for your staff, depending upon their responsibilities
    d. Provide telemedicine software training to your staff. This will not take more than a few minutes.
    e. Integrate the required medical equipment with your telemedicine software.
    f. Set up the billing procedure.
    g. Create a workflow from taking appointments to manage patient details, provide diagnosis, generate bills, take payments & follow-ups with patients.

  2. What are the different telemedicine types?

    Telemedicine software can be broadly categorized into three types:

    Remote Monitoring: This type of telemedicine solution is majorly used for treating chronic cardiovascular problems where the patient is diagnosed and treated remotely with the help different technological devices.
    Store & Forward: Dermatologists, pathologists and radiologists often use this type of telemedicine software, where reports and diagnostic tests can be reviewed by them remotely through shared images.
    Real-Time Interactive Telemedicine Services: In this type of telemedicine technology, doctors can connect with patients through phone calls, video technologies, etc. and provide immediate advice.

  3. What are some of the most common telemedicine examples?

    a. Dermatologists at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego are using telemedicine software to review images of the patients online. This way, they can handle up to 800 patients per month without any need to see them in person.
    b. Have you ever imagined how the people on a ship that is navigating hundred miles away from the shore get medical treatment? They use the telemedicine technology to connect with specialists and get timely treatment.
    c. Telemedicine technology is widely used by immunologists, gastroenterologists and Ob-Gynaecologists.


It’s time to embrace the benefits of telemedicine services, more so in the times when staying inside the house is the safest and the only option.

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