C-Zentrix: Ensuring Uninterrupted Customer Support Even with Remote Agents

C-Zentrix: Ensuring Uninterrupted Customer Support Even with Remote Agents-feature image
April 12, 2023 3 Min read

COVID19 aka Coronavirus is creating an unprecedented impact on both, health and economy. The only way to contain the global crisis is to practice social distancing. This makes remote working a common scenario to ensure business support and continuity.

However, remote working has its own set of challenges. There are frequent supervision issues and communication loopholes. At the same time, there are concerns like operational inefficiencies and technological hiccups.

At the time when ‘work from home’ has become the new norm, the smart approach is to look for a partner for your business in ensuring uninterrupted customer service. C-Zentrix is one of these trusted customer support solutions, which ensures remote support for customers through voice, chat, email, SMS and social. It facilitates uninterrupted customer service for your customers, who are associated with your brand.

C-Zentrix Solutions for Managing Customer Support Remotely

C-Zentrix Customer Support
  • CZ Remote Agent

It’s a contact centre solution, which enables support agents to manage both inbound and outbound calls through mobile and landline number. Agents with laptops/desktop or with a mobile phone can use CC Remote Agent solution by C-Zentrix for handling customer calls from anywhere.

C-Zentrix Remote Agent

Features & Benefits of CZ Remote Agent:

  1. Telephony Remote Agent is for TDM and SIP based call centre teams.
  2. SIP uses soft phone over SIP connection, TDM is for mobile/landline-based user interface.
  3. Helps create a virtual office with global presence
  4. Ensures the complete call control and CRM functionalities
  5. Reduces the operational costs
  6. You can also login on Remote Agent as a deskless agent without requiring the internet connectivity.
  • CZ Video Chat

Through CZ video chat and call, businesses can ensure face-to-face online communication with customers from anywhere and faster issue resolution. Using CZ Video Chat, you can easily swap between text and video format and communicate from anywhere.

C-Zentrix Video Chat

Features & Benefits of CZ Video Chat

  1. One-click activation through chat/SMS
  2. Connect to customers across geographies & time zones
  3. Supports screenshots & recordings
  4. Auto mute customers for security
  5. Cross-platform support
  6. Screenshot enabled
  7. You can insert video format
  8. It’s served with mobile SDK
  • CZ Mobile App

Enables your agents to manage all the outbound calls from the comfort of their mobile phones. It has a simple UI with a complete dial list along with the interaction history with every customer. At the same time, supervisors can check the daily performance of agents through call statistics and recordings.

C-Zentrix Mobile App

Benefits & Features of CZ Mobile App

  1. Geo tagging to know the location of your field teams
  2. You can set call reminders
  3. Easy disposition option
  4. Offers multi-lingual support
  5. Can be integrated with ticketing CRM
  6. Monitor agents’ activities and performance from a central location.

During a webinar organized by Techjockey along with the C-Zentrix team on ‘Managing Remote Teams’, Arijit Chatterji addressed the following queries of the attendees. Arijit is the Chief Business Officer at C-Zentrix, with over 20 years of experience in the tech space.


  1. Can we track employee work time with C-Zentrix Customer Support Solution?

    This is widely used by contact centres to manage in-time, out-time, break time and the overall time spent by individual representatives in attending customers’ calls and queries.

  2. Can you use C-Zentrix software for the field service teams?

    As long as your field service team is using a mobile phone with good internet bandwidth and volte 4G connectivity, managing their performance remotely would not be a problem with CZ mobile application.

  3. How C-Zentrix software ensures complete data protection while teams are working from home?

    C-Zentrix software ensures field masking, where admins can mask any field on the CRM through the admin panel. For instance, the supervisors can mask customer contact details in a way that only the last three numbers are visible. To further ensure security, screen and call recording functions are prohibited temporarily during an ongoing call.

  4. What is the maximum limit to the number of participants in a video conference through C-Zentrix?

    C-Zentrix software is not used exclusively for the video conferencing purpose. It’s majorly for the customer support and consultation purpose, where a doctor, a teacher, a customer support agent or any other professional can provide consultation to the end users through video and chat. If you want to use this software for web conference, it will support up to 50 participants.

  5. Is CZ Video Chat applicable on both Android & iOS platforms?

    Currently, CC mobile app is for Android users, as a large number of CZ’s agent population is using the same. However, on iOS platforms, agents can avail the chat feature. The company is soon going to release the video SDK for iOS phones.

  6. Can video chats be recorded through C-Zentrix software?

    All video chats get recorded on the cloud and can be exported on your private network for training and development purposes. There is no limit to the number or duration of videos that can be recorded.

  7. Is CRM integration possible with C-Zentrix software?

    C-Zentrix software comes with CRM functionalities where fields can be customized as per your business nature. Such as, the admin can create custom fields for interested/non-interested leads, cold leads, etc.

  8. How is C-Zentrix software a cost-effective solution?

    CZ contact centre software helps users manage hot leads and route them to the best available agent. Also, action items can be decided for different types of leads. It’s a complete contact centre solution, through which you can manage ACD call routing, call queuing and skill-based mapping.

  9. Can I sync organic leads through the website with CRM?

    You will need APK integration to sync all your website leads with the CRM functionality of CZ contact centre solution.

  10. What factors set your software apart from the competition?

    Firstly, it’s C-Zentrix’s robust data security features on the cloud, as it provides complete contact centre solution for larger contact centres to manage their customers and teams. If you have a smaller team, CZ mobile application is ideal for you.

    Another distinguishing factor is its cost-effectiveness as the company does not impose any hidden charges like charge per minute. C-Zentrix ensures transparency and customization when it comes to pricing.

  11. Can I sync my FB lead campaign?

    Through API integration, it’s possible to integrate your FB campaign leads with the CRM of CZ contact centre solution.

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Wrapping Up

C-Zentrix is an omnichannel solution, which ensures uninterrupted service for your end users through all possible channels, be it chat, voice, SMS, email or phone. So, why compromise on the experience of your customers when the technology is empowering your remote teams!

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