7 Best Free Homeopathic Software for PC

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July 19, 2023 7 Min read

Summary: Free homeopathic software can help in managing patients’ details like medical history and treatment plans through a separate module. Let’s learn about other functionalities of this software in the article below!

If you are a homeopathic practitioner or student, then you need to manage a lot of data including case details, patient information, medicines details, and so on. Moreover, providing prescriptions based on printed repertories can be tiresome and take a lot of time.

However, with the advancement of homeopathic software, providing prescriptions and managing your patients has become much easier.

With any free homeopathic software, you can manage your cases and patients, study repertories, generate prescriptions, schedule appointments, share case details with others, etc. Let’s explore some of the best software that you can use for managing your homeopathy practice.

List of 7 Best Free Homeopathic Software for PC in India

The best free homeopathic software lets you manage different repertories types in a central database without making a dent in your budget. Here are some of the best software you can use to improve your homeopathic practice:

  1. Hompath Zomeo

Hompath Zomeo screenshot

Hompath Zomeo is designed for homeopathy researchers, practitioners, teachers, etc. This advanced repertory software offers Homeopathic Remedies module, Quick Symptom Recording, Repertorisation, Materia Medica Extract, etc. to analyze the patients’ case and generate prescriptions quickly.

Some other functionalities include Tempraz Practical Repertory, ROH Media Library, Acute Quick Reference, Materia Medica Charts, and so on.

Features of Hompath Zomeo

  • Offers a Physician Earn Report for tracking earnings
  • Provides an appointment schedule to manage patient bookings
  • Analyzes cases via 42 homeopathy repertories and 1250+ homeopathic books
  • Offers a patient management system to manage all info related to patients
  • Provides an in-built Veterinary Module to manage your vet practice.

Free Trial: 30 days

Hompath Zomeo Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 45000

  1. OOREP


OOREP open online repertory designed is used in homeopathy. It is an open-source software, and its source code is available for free that lets you easily customize it. As it is web-based, you can use it on any platform including Windows and Mac. OOREP offers various repositories of medical data to help people who study homeopathy.

OOREP Features

  • Provides multiple repertories and Materia Medicas including Kent and Boger
  • Offers advanced search capability to find relevant info across datasets
  • Clubs several repositories into one
  • Works on all possible platforms because it is web-based

Free Trial: Free to use

Pricing of OOREP: It is a free homeopathic software

  1. OpenRep

OpenRep is a free and open-source software that is very easy to use. Through its drag and drop functionality, you can easily use its features. With it, you can use and manage data repositories, manage and schedule patients, and view several materia medicae. Further, OpenRep can load and save data in XML file format.

Features of OpenRep

  • Provides patient management system to manage patients
  • Supports multiple operating systems
  • Offers advanced search capability to quickly search any information
  • Provides reversed Materia Medica to help you find the right symptoms for a specific remedy
  • Supports data repertorization

Free Trial: It is free to use

OpenRep Pricing: Free homeopathic software for PC

  1. VithoulkasCompass

VithoulkasCompass is an online toolbox that helps you to effectively manage your homeopathic practice and evaluate the success of your practice. It provides statistical analysis of several real-world prescriptions to ensure the best treatment for your patients.

It offers features like advanced expert systems, accurate repertories, acute pathologies expert systems, etc., to help you choose the right remedy and improve your productivity.

Features of VithoulkasCompass

  • Shares prescriptions, cases, patient info, etc., with other members in real-time
  • Continuously updates and refines medical repertories
  • Offers tool to analyze and compare different remedies in the Repertory.
  • Provides acute differential and specific remedy analysis functions
  • Supports Synapse Workflow to manage your tasks
  • Provides online Materia Medicas for your homeopathic research

Free Trial: 7 days

VithoulkasCompass Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan details are available on request

  1. RadarOpus


RadarOpus is a leading homeopathic software offering a suite of tools that help improve and manage all aspects of your clinical practice. Some of its major features include a digital library of Materia Medica, synthesis repertory, case studies of different homeopathic doctors, etc.

It is GDPR and HIPAA compliant to manage patient health information. However, Radar10 will not be available from July’23 to upgrade to RadarOpus.

RadarOpus Features

  • Provides 80+ repertories
  • Offers 100+ Materia Medica and documents
  • Provides several modules to manage patient’s data
  • Supports Veterinary edition to access veterinary symptoms
  • Offers integration with Clificol to manage your cases
  • You can use it in 14 different languages

Free Trial: Available

Pricing of RadarOpus: It offers a free plan | You can buy it or rent it starting from INR 362.72/month

  1. Complete Dynamics

Complete Dynamics Homeopath Tool Dashboard

Complete Dynamics homeopathic repertory software is designed for homeopathic teachers, practitioners, students, etc. The software can help them with managing patients’ cases files, studying available repertories, analysing patients’ symptoms, editing your Materia Medica, viewing detailed remedy information, etc.

It also supports advanced data analysis and filtering options and the representation of graphical repertory rubrics.

Complete Dynamics Features

  • Offers updated repertories
  • Provides several Materia Medica books
  • Provides a case management module
  • Suggests remedies for small rubrics
  • Performs data analyses based on Kingdoms and Families
  • Categorizes repertories based on your selected authors

Free Trial: Available

Pricing of Complete Dynamics: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 600.79/month for its Practitioner Edition

  1. Netripples Homeopathy Clinic Software | Miccant Homeopathic Software

Netripples Homeopathy Clinic Software

Miccant Homeopathic Software provides a comprehensive suite of homeopathic software to help you in improving your homeopathic practice. It can be used for suggesting remedies for diseases, managing patient details and repertories, analyzing acute ailments, etc.

This free homeopathy software for PC also provides various analyzing strategies like eliminating repertorisation and incidences to analyse cases.

Features of Miccant Homeopathic Software

  • Provides repositories of remedies for better prescriptions
  • Helps in analyzing your patients’ cases
  • Represents all the remedies analysis via charts
  • Enables you to provide nutritional tips to your patients
  • Analyzes any case based on Kingdom and Families

Free Trial: Free to use

Pricing of Miccant Homeopathic Software: Free homeopathic software

Features of Free Homeopathy Software

Here are some of the most common features you will find in a free homeopathic software

  • Patient Management: This feature includes storing and managing patient data like their medical records, ongoing treatment plans, diagnoses details, personal info, etc.
  • Homeopathy Materia Medica: The availability of a vast collection of Materia Medica will help you in learning different methods through which medicinal substances help in various treatments in homeopathy.
  • Collaboration: The real time collaboration feature would help you to share the patient case data, related findings, and other materials with members hassle-free.
  • Repertory Management: The software will offer different types of repertories with access to a list of all the symptoms related to a disease and the necessary medications to cure it.
  • Acute Expert System: With this module, you can easily treat patients with acute cases and prescribe prescriptions accordingly.
  • Analysis Module: This module lets you analyze the symptoms of your patients and create a treatment plan accordingly.

Why Choose Open Source and Free Homeopathy Software?

There are several reasons why you should start your journey with open source and free homeopathy software:

  • You can customize the software as per your requirements
  • It provides access to major homeopathy software features for free
  • You can easily download it from official and third-party portals
  • It offers the flexibility scale the software as your business grows
  • Provides a community forum to help you get familiar with software features


Homeopathy software is an indispensable tool for homeopathic practitioners and students as it helps them in managing all the tasks related to their practice effectively.

The database provided by these tools in the form of repertories and Materia Medica can be of great help to understand different types of remedies and prescribe prescriptions to patients accordingly.


  1. What is Homeopathic Software?

    Homeopathic software helps homeopathic practitioners and students to manage their patients and improve their practice. It can help them with repertory management, patient scheduling, case management, remedies data management, data analysis, etc.

  2. How to Use Homeopathic Software?

    To use homeopathic software, you need to login with your credentials. Once done, you can configure its settings and feed in your data. Once completed, you can start using the software.

  3. What is the basic cost of homeopathy software?

    The pricing of homeopathy software depends on multiple variables like supported operating systems, features, modules, users, etc. However, on average, it starts from as low as INR 600.79/month for a single user.

  4. Which is the top free homeopathy software?

    There are several free homeopathy software options available that you can use to manage your homeopathy practice. Some of the best names include Hompath Zomeo, Complete Dynamics, Miccant Homeopathic Software, OOREP, and so on.

  5. Which is the top best homeopathy software for PC?

    You can choose from multiple homeopathy software that you can run on your PC to improve your practice and manage your patients. Hompath Zomeo, OOREP, Open Rep, VithoulkasCompass, etc., are some of the best software you can use on your system.

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