10 Best Store Management System Software for Retail & Medical Store

10 Best Store Management System Software for Retail & Medical Store-feature image
January 20, 2023 14 Min read

The efficient management of stores is crucial for retailers, medical store owners, and others to streamline day-to-day business activities and enable growth.

Managing stores manually or using outdated systems does not provide enough visibility in the process flow. In addition, it can lead to losses due to fluctuating customer demands and confusion during staff changes.

Store management software can help boost revenue and improve customer satisfaction. This is possible through end-to-end management of various operations in multilocation stores and receiving reminders about essential tasks.

What Is Store Management System Software?

Store management system software is a computer program that provides features and capabilities for the smooth operation of retail, medical, grocery, jewellery, footwear & apparel or any other store.

Shop management system tracks stock items manages customer contact details & purchase history, suppliers/sales agents’ details, sales & transactions data. and more in a centralized location.

The store information management system provides many customizable modules such as POS (point of sale), inventory and warehouse management, customer relationship management, business intelligence, etc.

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Best Store Management System Software for Retail Stores

  • Invoay Software

Invoay Software helps retail businesses manage end-to-end operations, including employee management, customer management, billing, and much more.

The shop management system supports multiuser operations at different chains and franchise outlets. In addition, customizable mobile apps help improve visibility in the business and enable connecting with customers on the go.

Invoay Software Features

  • Automatic calculation of sales transactions and operator-wise total tracking
  • GST calculation, invoicing, filing, and more
  • Online and offline billing
  • Trends tracking based on customer purchase and staff usage
  • Loyalty management as per customer history
  • Reporting of sales tax, back bar usage, appointments, and more

Free trial: NA/ Interested users can schedule a live demo at Techjockey.

Is Invoay Software Free/Open Source: No, it’s not a free store management system.

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS & Windows and Mac.

Invoay Software Pricing: There are three plans based on the size of the business- Start, Grow, and Expand. The annual subscription of Start edition for individuals and small teams is available at INR 23599 at techjockey.com.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Techjockey sales team.

What’s Unique About Invoay Software: The software can work with several types of POS hardware (touch and non-touch screens) and has all the necessary features to suit different kinds of retail businesses such as supermarkets, fruits and vegetable stores, departmental stores, and more. 

  • Logic ERP

Logic ERP streamlines retail operations such as accepting and tracking sales orders, financial accounting and billing, customized reporting, and more through its module-based approach.

Software for shop management

In addition, different industry verticals like FMCG, pharmaceuticals, electronics and telecom, food and beverages can select the relevant modules and customize them as per their requirements.

Logic ERP Features

  • Unified control and data sync for omnichannel retail   
  • Inventory control with a centralized platform across all touchpoints  
  • Creation of purchase orders based on different constraints  
  • Integration with e-commerce portals  
  • Supports multiple POS payment modes like debit card, cheque, credit card, and more    
  • Loyalty management by defining, tracking, and redeeming customer points  

Free trial: You can get a free demo of this software for shop management at Techjockey.

Is Logic ERP free/open-source: No

Compatible Platforms: Web, Windows

Logic ERP Pricing: The cost of a license for this store’s inventory management software varies based on the number of modules and type of solution you buy.

What’s Unique About Logic ERP: This retail store management system has a user-friendly interface with a unified database to manage complex inventories and dynamic pricing.

  • Marg Retail Management Software

Marg retail management system provides a centralized control system for the end-to-end supply chain management. It has advanced POS billing features like multi-customer handling on one system, return management, item-based search, and so on.

In addition, you can set item-wise, group-wise, or bill-wise discounts. User-wise permissions and the option to freeze ledger transactions are some of the security features of this shop management system.

Marg Retail ERP Features

  • Sales and purchase order management  
  • Supports multiple modes and multi-currency billing  
  • Integrated accounting system   
  • E-mail and SMS facility for connecting with customers  
  • Over 1000 types of easily shareable MIS reports
  • Support for Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and other languages in invoice creation  

Free trial: You can schedule a demo before purchasing at Techjockey.

Is Marg Retail ERP free/open-source: No

Compatible Platforms: Linux, Windows & Android.

Marg Retail ERP Pricing: You can choose from Basic, Silver, and Gold editions. The basic edition is priced at INR 8100.

What’s Unique About Marg Retail ERP: The software is easy to implement and uses menus and popups to manage multiple businesses without remembering codes.

  • Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory software is well suited to both small and large retail businesses. Its innovative dashboard provides an overall view of items, purchases, sales, and other important parameters.

Shop management system

The retail store management system works with various types of barcode scanners, making it easy for vendors to set up a barcode system. The mobile app of this free store management system lets you manage warehouses, integrate with online stores, and do much more on the fly.

Zoho Inventory Features

  • Serial number and batch tracking for stock management  
  • Customization of invoices, orders, payment receipts, and more.  
  • Support for multiple currencies  
  • Inventory, activity, purchase, and sales, reports  
  • Integration with e-commerce platforms, Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, etc.  

Free trial: A free trial period of 14 days can be availed before upgrading to a paid plan.

Is Zoho Inventory free/open-source: Yes, there is a free version, but it is not open source.

Compatible Platforms: Web, iOS, Android

Zoho Inventory Pricing: This software for shop management offers a free version to get started. Paid plans offered include standard, professional, premium, and elite editions.

The standard version starts at INR 14,999 per year for an organization. A 15% discount is offered to non-profit organizations.

What’s Unique About Zoho Inventory: Zoho Inventory free store management software automates the calculation of taxes and is fully GST compliant. In addition, it keeps a centralized record of GSTIN and lets users create e-way bills/ issue delivery challans.

  • ShopKeep Store Management System

ShopKeep software for store management helps retail owners manage and grow their businesses across various channels. For example, you can allow your customers to book appointments for in-store services. With the Lightspeed supplier market, you can manage inventory, purchase and sell stocks.

ShopKeep retail store software

This shop software system supports all popular payment modes like debit, credit, and gift cards. In addition, there are in-built templates that can be used to create and send targeted emails.

ShopKeep Features

  • Customizable POS system   
  • Real-time retail analytics to understand customer behavior, stock requirements, and more  
  • CRM tools for building customer loyalty  
  • Employee attendance and sales tracking  
  • Pre-loaded catalog for ordering stocks  
  • Accounting integrations to prevent data errors  

Free trial: It offers a 14-day free trial.

Is ShopKeep free/open-source: No, it’s not a free store management system.

Compatible Platforms: Web, Mac, iPad, Android

ShopKeep Pricing: You can pick from four paid packages- Learn, Standard, Advanced, Enterprise. Learn edition of this store management software starts at a price of INR 5146.365 per month.

What’s Unique About ShopKeep: You can easily create your SEO-optimized web store to which physical inventories across different locations can be synced. Another feature is the touch screen technology. 

  • Eazy ERP

Eazy ERP is an easy-to-use, customizable ERP solution that allows the automation of workflows in retail businesses. With the sales module, you can manage order placement and scheduling, shipping and billing.

Based on open sales orders and projections, you can easily manage inventory. This software for shop management also provides business reports to help recognize business issues.

Eazy ERP Features

  • Automatic scheduling of vendors  
  • Quality control module for detection of quality variance   
  • HRIS module for HR letters, employee salary slips, and more  
  • Tracking purchase orders and inventory status  
  • Integration with Tally  

Free trial: You can take a demo of this retail management system.

Is Eazy ERP free/open-source: No

Compatible Platforms: Windows.

Eazy ERP Pricing: Price is available on request at Techjockey.com. For more details, please get in touch with our sales team.

What’s Unique About Eazy ERP: Eazy ERP provides early warning signals and accurate information in real-time to help in making better decisions. It also helps in the management of fixed assets to mitigate tax compliance risks.

Best Medical Store Management System


eR4u store management and billing software serve various verticals, including optical and pharmacy. It enables users to push inventory to in-house online stores automatically and receive direct payments.

You can create different schemes and discounts based on customer data to grow your business. It creates masters based on the information of items provided and quickens the entry of further purchases. The mobile app has an in-built barcode scanner.

eR4u Features

  • Analytics for daily and monthly sales  
  • Generation and printing of barcodes  
  • Invoice generation  
  • Automatic identification of GST rate based on a slab for item-wise GST  
  • Inventory and purchase management  

Free trial: You can request a free demo.

Is eR4u free/open-source: No, it’s not a free store management software.

Compatible Platforms: Web, Windows, Android

eR4u Pricing: There are four paid plans- Startup, Premium, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. Pricing for the Startup plan starts at INR 7,000 per year at techjockey.com. For more details, please get in touch with our sales team.

What’s Unique About eR4u: It is easy to migrate to this store management software from your existing system and provides an integrated eCommerce website. A WhatsApp group is available for dedicated support to users.

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  • GoFrugal Pharmacy Software

GoFrugal medical store management software consists of over 50,000 drugs index and helps manage different pharmacy operations like billing and warehouse management.

GoFrugal medical store software

It uses previous sales data to make recommendations to customers for related products, quantity, and more. You can easily set up an online app and manage deliveries of online orders. There are alerts to warn of margins, aging, and short expiry items.

GoFrugal Features

  • Pricing management  
  • Manage tenders, sales agent commissions, and more   
  • GST/ VAT forms and filing  
  • Analytics and reports  
  • Barcode printing and inventory management  

Free trial: Yes, a trial is available on request.

Is GoFrugal free/open-source: No

Compatible Platforms: Web, Windows, Android, iOS

GoFrugal Pricing: The pricing starts at INR 18,000 for a starter pack. You can also choose Standard, Professional, and ERP versions. Cloud software offers 4 plans- Cash Register, Starter, Standard, Professional. Pricing starts at INR 7000 every year for each store.

What’s Unique About GoFrugal Pharmacy Software: The medical store software can automatically block drugs having shorter expiry periods to avoid losses. The standard and professional plans help in the easy management of home delivery to customers.

  • Halemind

Halemind medical store management software helps pharmacies in taking care of patients with easy management of inventory, billing, and other business operations. All the customer records are securely stored and can be viewed with a single click.

It is easy to analyze different performance parameters for making better decisions. Other features include barcode scanning, dynamic homepage, instant printing, multi-store management, among others.

Halemind Features

  • Stock ordering and tracking from suppliers  
  • GST enabled the purchase and sales reports  
  • Simple payment methods for faster billing  
  • Notifications to alert about inventory status  
  • Reports and graphs to understand business performance  

Free trial: You can schedule a free demo of this store inventory management software.

Is Halemind free/open-source: No

Compatible Platforms: Web, Android

Halemind Pricing: You can choose from three plans- Starter, Standard, and Premium. Annual subscription for the Starter plan is available at INR 624 per month.

What’s Unique About Halemind: The software provides in-depth reports on product margins, frequent customers, top-selling drugs, and more.

  • Meddoz

Meddoz is a medical shop billing software that helps in controlling pharmacy processes and provides improved visibility into the business. There are several shortcut keys to speed up data manipulation.

Meddoz medical store management system

This store management software consists of Masters, Reports, and Operations modules. The Masters division lets users manage all the information related to pharmacy operations. The operations section is for all admin-based manual tasks.

Meddoz Features

  • Multi-store management  
  • Barcode scanner for creating invoices, billing, and so on  
  • Expiry returns and complaints management  
  • SMS and email facility  
  • 60+ reports related to store transactions, drug list, sales margins, and more  

Free trial: No, however, you can book a product demo at Techjockey.com.

Is Meddoz free/open-source: No

Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac

Meddoz Pricing: For pricing details, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team.

What’s Unique About Meddoz: The software works for pharmacies of all sizes and comes with more than 1,00,000 preloaded drug details.

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Must-Have Store Management System Software Features for Shops, Retail and Medical Stores

Some of the store management features that software must have regardless of the industry and organization size it is suited to are discussed next.

  • Customer data storage

There is an online repository to securely store and view customer data across all channels and improve their experience. The software can also provide recommendations in some cases based on what the user previously liked and bought.

  • Store Inventory management

Stores catering to business verticals such as retail, medical, and the like need always to keep track of their stock levels. Store management software enables tracking of items from the point of purchase to the point of sale.

As a result, you get real-time information and alerts about inventory levels for making better decisions based on the status of orders, sales, deliveries, and so on. In medical stores, this helps in preventing losses due to wastage of medicines after they expire.

  • Customer relationship management

The software helps store owners understand customer behavior and target the right audience for campaigns that boost sales and help in customer retention.

For example, they can send targeted emails and SMS to increase foot traffic or provide incentives to frequent customers through loyalty programs.

  • Billing and accounting

The software tracks every transaction and manages to bill. A store management software is GST compliant to ease tax filing. If a software does not have necessary accounting features, it provides integration with accounting software like Tally.

  • Data analytics and reporting

A shop management system can sort and analyze data starting from the supply chain to purchase and beyond quickly. This saves store owners and employees time in doing manual calculations and provides an accurate visualization of the business performance.

Then, based on factors like profit margins, consumer buying patterns and so on, they can make better decisions in the future.

  • Web store

Most store information management system software options come with an integrated e-commerce platform that works with your brick-and-mortar business.

For instance, customers can easily view medicine details on the web store before buying and be more informed. Thus, the software ensures an omnichannel approach that improves customer satisfaction.

  • Mobile app

Since most people make purchases online these days, many of the store management software available in the market come with either a mobile app or a web interface to sell their products online.

In addition, they usually come with online payment gateways, barcode scanners, and other such features for easy customer checkouts.

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  1. What is the best store management software?

    Zoho Inventory is one of the best options if you want to start for free. Among paid store management software. Lightspeed Retail, eR4u and GoFrugal are great choices.

  2. What are the benefits of using store management system software?

    They automates manual tasks and saves time. It accurately tracks the status of items, expenses and sales, and other relevant parameters to avoid manual calculation errors.

    As a result, there is improved visibility into your day-to-day process with reduced chances of mismanaged operations and stock-outs. This improves productivity and profits, helping a business grow.

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