How Does RPS Jewel PRO Jewelry Inventory Software Help With Store Management

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January 13, 2023 4 Min read

Manual inventory tracking has always been a difficult task for businesses. And, when your inventory is as precious as silver or gold Jewelry, the risk gets even higher.

You can’t afford to make errors while managing your stock.

So, how can you avoid it?

Implementing a Jewelry inventory software can save you from stock management errors and help you manage your Jewelry stock efficiently.

Let’s understand more about it in detail.

What Is Jewelry Inventory Software?

RPS Jewel PRO inventory software is a system that helps Jewelry store owners to manage inventory. It simplifies the entire process of placing orders, carefully storing, and keeping a track of sold, replaced, or damaged products.

The software automates all these processes while saving your time and effort. In addition to this, it also enables store owners to forecast the demand for the bestselling Jewelry items and identify which items are not being liked by the customers.

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Who Can Use RPS Jewel PRO Inventory Software?

RPS Jewel PRO inventory software can be used by retail jewelry shop owners, Jewelry wholesalers, and owners of an online Jewelry store. It helps them keep a track of their purchased and sold products, and will also send alerts when any Jewelry item is running out of stock.

Benefits of Jewelry Inventory Software Like RPS Jewel PRO

Let’s check out the different benefits that this Jewelry inventory software can offer you.

  • Scale Your Business

Jewelry store owners can connect multiple outlets to one jewelry software, and track inventory for all of them in one place. This helps you to grow your business, and you can easily manage inventories for all your stores from your headquarters or even a remote location.

  • High Access Anytime, Anywhere

Jewelry software allows you and your employees to access the software from anywhere, at any time. A solution like RPS Jewel PRO is compatible with all your devices, Android, iOS, tablets, Windows, macOS, or Linux based systems.

  • Trade Internationally in Multi Currency

This is an additional benefit that comes with this Jewelry software that allows business owners to pay and receive payments in multiple currencies. This enables you to take international orders, expand your customer reach, and work across borders.

  • Provides Complete Security

The inventory information of your store is as precious as your Jewelry. Implementing this software ensures that the data you send, receive, or even store in your system is completely protected from any third party attack and intervention.

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  • Easily Adaptable

This Jewelry software is user friendly and can be easily adapted by you and your employees. You require little to no training to understand the modules of the software, and you are good to go.

  • Quickly Generate Invoices and Bills

You can also use the Jewelry software to generate quick commercial documents like invoices and bills. This helps jewellery store owners to keep a record of the Jewelry items that are coming in and going out of the store.

  • Track Multiple Sales Channels

With a Jewelry software like RPS Jewel PRO, users don’t need to maintain a separate record for sales through multiple channels or stores. You can simply add different sales channels like store, online, affiliate, or others, and keep a track of the aggregate sales.

  • Forecast Future Requirement

Inventory management software can help you forecast the future Jewelry inventory needs for your business. In fact, you can also forecast how much you need to further invest in your stock.

  • Identify Your Best Selling Products

With a Jewelry inventory software you can identify the best selling and worst selling Jewelry items and stock up accordingly. This software will also help you determine the production requirement of any product that needs to speed up, slow down, or completely stopped.

  • Valuate Your Inventory

Jewlery prices continuously fluctuate according to market gold and silver rates. So, regularly updating your inventory in RPS Jewel PRO management software will help you to determine the right pricing for your product.


Managing Jewelry stock can be a heavy task, but doing it efficiently is equally important to avoid any wastage or major loss. So, we recommend you implement the RPS Jewel PRO software, where you can easily track the sold and purchased Jewelry items. It will also help you to forecast what items need to be added and what items are not selling, and you might consider removing them from your shelves.

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  1. How do you maintain Jewelry stock?

    You can use RPS Jewel PRO management software to maintain your Jewelry stock. It can assist you with keeping a record of existing stock, incoming stock, and outgoing stock, and even give you alerts when something is running out of stock. Additionally, it also helps you in keeping a record of replaced, exchanged, or damaged Jewelry items.

  2. How to make a Jewelry inventory list?

    You can make an inventory list in the inventory software for jewellery shops by defining your own metrics. These metrics may include a unique identification number, Jewelry type, features like cut, clarity, carat, color, etc.

  3. How do you stock audit Jewelry?

    To stock audit your Jewelry, you can randomly select a piece of Jewelry and value to match the gross and net quantity. This is done to check the accuracy and quality of the Jewelry item. Also, ensure to look for the hallmark logo while doing the Jewelry stock audit.

  4. Which software is used in a Jewelry shop?

    You can use a jewlery inventory software in your Jewelry shop to simplify the entire process of placing orders, storing, and tracking sold, replaced, or damaged Jewelry items. It can also help you to forecast future demand of different Jewelry items based on their sales.

  5. How do I manage my Jewelry business?

    You can manage your Jewelry business by using inventory management software. It will help you to add a unique identification number to each item, and categorize it based on different factors such as type, size, color, carat, etc.

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