16 Twitter Alternatives for Social Media like Reddit and Mastodon

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Twitter is one of the most famous platforms globally for microblogging and social networking. Since its inception in 2006, it has become a popular microblogging application that allowed users to post short content, comment on posts, share funny memes, etc.

However, it is not the only social networking application people use these days, there are multiple Twitter alternatives available for users. This has become evident especially when true when there have been a lot of changes in the twitter policies recently by Elon Musk.

Many Twitter users are planning to switch to some of the best Twitter alternatives because of recent layoffs, account verify charge, account impersonation rules, change, etc.

Here are the top 16 Twitter alternatives you can consider if you want to switch from Twitter.

Best Twitter Alternatives That Are Worth Considering

  • Discord


If you wanted an app to hang out with your friends virtually, Discord is the right choice. It is an instant messaging and free communication platform to chat with friends and communities. Choose from communities available or create your own with moderation tools. With Discord, you can even create your custom emojis with images. Hanging out with friends on group channels and through private messaging has become easier with Discord.

Download: iOs | Android

  • You can create private community channels
  • Easily customize all the members access in the community
  • You can communicate in multiple languages such as Dutch, English, Portugues, and more
  • Watch members stream videos with screen share feature.
  • Video chat frequently blurs out or freezes.
  • Voice chat feature does not work properly with Bluetooth device
  • Reddit

Reddit is a community networking and discussion site. You can easily follow any community from sports, music, and entertainment, and start participating in discussions. By creating an account and following certain communities, you can chat, comment, post, and share content with the members.

  • You can use it in multiple languages
  • Upvote and downvote content to highlight relevant content
  • Chat with the community or engage in one-on-one secure conversation
  • Run ads on your account to reach your target audience.
  • Poorly organized website layout
  • Too much information makes it difficult to navigate through the content.

Download: iOs | Android

  • Minds


Minds is an open-source social networking platform that promotes free speech. If you are a creator, it is a good platform to grow your presence through monetization. Join any community that you find interesting to express yourself without any fear of censorship. Furthermore, remove all the boosted content from your timeline for an ad-free experience. What else? You can be paid for posting the most popular posts on the platform.

  • Create your own blogging website with sub or custom domain
  • You can upload videos with up to 95 minutes duration
  • It lets you earn by monetizing your content
  • You earn a batch to improve your brand image
  • Account tracking and analytics feature is not available in the free version.
  • Access to exclusive content is restricted.

Download: iOS | Android

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  • Aether

Aether is another twitter alternative you can consider for your networking. It is a good choice for creating open source and ephemeral public communities with auditable moderation and moderator elections. Users can elect their own community members and content moderators with mutual agreement. The best thing is that you can create various anonymous accounts to post in different communities.

  • Posts remain secured as they are not tied to any IP address.
  • You can create your own forum and edit posts
  • Communities can elect and remove their community leaders
  • You can privately use it through pseudonyms.
  • Posts lasts only up to 6 months
  • No mobile application available

Download Web: Aether

  • Gab

Gab is a micro-blogging and social networking site that promotes free speech and free flow of information. You can use it to post different content types as you do on Twitter. You can also schedule your posts and get your account verified to improve brand visibility with Gab.

  • Create groups for communities with similar interests.
  • It lets you use its prominent features without registration
  • Create private room chat with end-to end encryption
  • You can run ads on your account to improve brand visibility
  • Live video conferencing feature is available for pro users only
  • No monthly plan available
  • Too many ads while surfing.

Web: Gab

  • Amino

Amino Twitter Alternatives

Amino is a social network media to create or join communities with similar interests. With it, you can not only just post content but also create Q/A sessions and polls for your community members. Furthermore, you can perform community health analytics to measure your online community’s performance.

  • You can customize your community with logos and themes
  • Use the platform in 6 different languages
  • You can chat with the community members
  • It lets you to moderate community guidelines
  • Too many pop-ups and notifications
  • Loading issue when the window reloads

Download Amino: iOS | Android

  • Mastodon


Mastodon is a popular open-source software to create your own social networking site like Twitter. It lets you create, run, and host your own community. You can also set different policies for different communities created with Mastodon.

Mastodon allows you to attach content warnings for all the sensitive content you want to post. Furthermore, you can also add or move your account to a new server.

  • Create posts with 500-character limit.
  • Receive notifications when someone mentions or comments on your post.
  • Set expiration date for your posts.
  • It offers multiple servers or communities to connect with.
  • You will lose your followers when the account is moved to a different community.
  • A bit complicated to use.

Download Mastodon: iOS | Android

  • Parler

Parler is a free speech social media platform to interact openly and freely with people globally. It lets you share content with 1000-character limit easily. You can express yourself freely without any opposition from tech giants or censorship issues etc., with Parler. Furthermore, you can add emojis to the post responses and reply to a comment to keep the conversation going.

  • Personal data is encrypted for security and protection.
  • Filter content as per your preferences through moderation tools
  • Get all the content in a chronological order just like Twitter.
  • Limited emoji responses
  • Frequent technical glitch.

Download Parler: iOS | Android

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  • Plurk


Plurk is a microblogging application and can be considered one of the best apps similar to Twitter. You can quickly post updates regarding any topic through short content or links. With Plurk, you have the freedom to post anonymously without revealing any information.

  • It offers different batches for specific achievements.
  • You can use the QR code to share your Plurk ID
  • Plurk offers various layouts to customize your profile
  • You can post content with up to 360 characters.
  • Plurk coins are needed for using additional features.
  • You cannot upload pictures in HD quality without Plurk Coins.

Download Plurk: iOS | Android

  • Micro.blog

Micro.blog is an open networking platform that lets you post and see blogs from other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon, etc. You can use it to post micro blogs, share links, view followers’ posts, etc.

With Micro.blog , you can create your own site with your blogging domain. Whether you want to post short or long posts, podcasts, videos, etc., Micro.blog is the right platform for you.

  • Customize your microblogging site with built in themes
  • Create a microblogging site with your own site domain
  • Post from other blogging websites with RSS feeds
  • You can upload video files with up to 45 mb file size.
  • Subscription is required to access all the advanced features
  • No official app for android devices

Download Web: Micro.blog



GETTR is a social media platform that promotes free speech. It lets you share news, thoughts, or information with your friends globally. One of the best things about this alternative of Twitter is that you can live stream for 60 minutes easily. You can also post longer videos with 3 min duration on GETTR.

  • You can edit and add filters to your images.
  • Helps post long content with 777-character limit
  • Easily attach 6 images in a single post.
  • Chat with the members with end-to end encryption.
  • Video quality is not up to the mark.
  • Group creation for a specific topic is not available.

Download GETTR: iOS | Android

  • Cohost

Cohost is an ad-free social networking site that shows all the content posted in the timeline vertically just like Twitter. Its interface is similar to twitter and Facebook. However, it is the least alternative of Twitter because it is mostly used for microblogging while Cohost is more of a blogging platform like Facebook.

  • No tracking of personal data
  • Helps post long content with 777-character limit
  • No character limit on content posting.
  • Create your own pages for blogging
  • No mobile application is available as of now.

Web: Cohost

  • WT.Social

WT.Social is a networking site that lets you discover and share news. It is used generally to post news rather than personal updates like we see on Twitter or other similar applications.

  • You can upvote posts to highlight them
  • It provides users with proper resources and citation
  • All the ambiguous links can be edited and flagged
  • It lets you hide your comments on public posts.
  • It is difficult to find all the modules at one place
  • Slow loading time witnessed by the users

Web: WT.Social

  • Peeks Social

Peeks Social is an online streaming and social networking website to broadcast live video streams and follow streamers. The free and public streaming are available for the audience aged 14 and above. While paid and private streaming videos are only for adults. This Twitter alternative app offers live streaming option especially for gamers.

  • You can chat during the live stream with members in real-time.
  • Content is restricted for age appropriateness.
  • Peeks Social lets you monetize your gaming videos.
  • You can receive direct tipping to your account during the live streaming.
  • Subscription plan is available only for accounts with 4.0 ratings
  • Limited payment options available for coins purchasing.

Web: Peeks Social

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  • CounterSocial

CounterSocial is a social networking site that is free from advertisements, promotions, abusive posts, or any type of bot attacks. It takes tolerance stance against bot accounts, misinformation, propaganda news, trolls, and more. You can create your own community based on your preferences. Further, it encrypts the private chat messages with OTR Encryption

  • It lets you create watchlists for different topics or hashtags
  • With AI, it automatically detects fake news or content
  • Sends alerts to users in case of identity breach taking place.
  • You can also create private or public chat rooms in a virtual reality environment.
  • Battery draining issues
  • Bad gateway messages appear frequently while loading the windows.

Download CounterSocial: iOS | Android

  • Raftr

Raftr is a community building platform designed for corporations, universities, schools’ unions, NPOs, etc. You can use it to create, manage, and track your own digital communities. This alternative for Twitter allows you to create communities in certain niche industries such as education, NPOs, corporate businesses, etc.

  • Consolidate and auto curate the content to the feed of every member.
  • Customize your community interface for brand visibility.
  • Create customized community pages without any code
  • Connect with members and admin through real-time chat.
  • Windows load slowly at the time of sign up.
  • Limited options to manage user permissions.

Download Raftr: iOS | Android


If you are planning to switch to twitter alternative apps, then this blog might be helpful for you. Before choosing any alternative, make sure to understand what you want in a microblogging application in terms of features. However, based on the detailed comparison in the blog, Mastodon and Reddit are very similar and the biggest twitter alternatives available as of now.

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  1. What is a good substitute for Twitter?

    The best twitter alternative or substitute would offer similar features like Twitter. Some of the Twitter substitutes you can consider for social networking include Plurk, GETTR, Mastodon, Reddit, etc.

  2. What is Mastodon and why are people leaving Twitter for it?

    Mastodon is also a social networking site similar to Twitter and is considered as the best twitter alternative by users. The reason people are switching to it over Twitter is that it represents posts in chronological order than based on algorithms. Further, it has open-source coding, making it easier to modify it unlike Twitter. Moreover, it has a 500-character limit than twitter with 280 characters.

  3. Who competes with Twitter?

    There are many micro blogging and social networking sites that are competing with Twitter by offering similar features such as micro-blogging, verified account creation, etc. Some popular social media alternatives to Twitter are Raftr, Peeks Social, Cohost, Mastodon, Reddit, and more

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